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Barbara Cichorska, Marcin Komosa, Leszek Nogowsk, Paweł Maćkowiak and Damian Józefia

References Alexander F., Hickson J.C.D. (1970). The salivary and pancreatic secretions of the horse. In: Physiology of digestion and metabolism in the ruminant, A.T. Philipson (ed.). Oriel Press, Newcastle Upon Time, pp. 375-389. Barriere Y., Riboulet C., Mechin V., Maltese S., Pichon M., CardinalA., Lapierre C., Lűbberstedt T., Martinant J.P. (2007). Genetics and genomics of lignification in grass cell walls based on maize as model species. Genes Genomes Genomics, 1: 133-156. Bergero D., Peiretti P.G., Cola E

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Jarosław Łuszczyński and Magdalena Pieszka

References Friker J., Dias D.P., Zeiler E. (2006). Breeds-based differences in age determination in Thoroughbred, Arab, Trotter and Belgian Draft. Wien. Tierarztl. Monat., 93: 218-225. Gáspárdy A., Rieden S., Simonyi Z., Szemere B., Bodó I. (2009). Characterization of age dependent alterations of the cup of the incisor on the basis of data from Hungarian and German Horses. Berl. Munch. Tierarztl. Wochenschr., 122: 132-139. Lowder M.Q., Mueller P.O. (1998). Dental embryology, anatomy

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Ewa Walkowicz, Olgierd Unold, Henryk Maciejewski and Paweł Skrobanek

References Agresti A., Franklin C. (2007). Statistics: the art and science of learning from data. Pearson Prentice Hall. Association of Breeders of Oldenburg horses. Der Oldenburger. Cholewiński G., Cothran E.G., Walkowicz E. (1998). Genetic analysis of major sire lines within the Silesian horse breed from Poland. Anim. Genet., 29 (Suppl.), p. 16. Detkens S. (1965). Present situation and abilities of

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Witold Kędzierski and Zbigniew Bełkot

References Buff P.R., Dodds A.C., Morrison C.D., Whitley N.C., Mc Fadin E.L., Daniel J.A., Djiane J., Keisler D.H. (2002). Leptin in horses: Tissue localization and relationship between peripheral concentrations of leptin and body condition. J. Anim. Sci., 80: 2942-2948. Buff P.R., Morrison C.D., Ganjam V.K., Keisler D.H. (2005). Effects of short-term feed deprivation and melatonin implants on circadian patterns of leptin in the horse. J. Anim. Sci., 83: 1023-1032. Cartmill J.A., Thompson Jr D.L., Gentry L

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Iwona Janczarek, Witold Kędzierski, Anna Stachurska and Izabela Wilk

References Birke L. (2008). Talking about horses: Control and freedom in the world of “natural horsemanship”. Soc. Anim., 16, 2: 107-126. Birke L., Brandt K. (2009). Mutual corporeality: Gender and human/horse relationships. Women’s Studies International Forum, 32: 189-197. Brown D. (1984). Personality and gender influences on human relationships with horses and dogs. In: Anderson R.K., Hart B.L., Hart L.A. (Eds) - The pet connection: Its influences on our health and quality of life, pp. 216

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Wiesław Krumrych, Ryszard Gołda, Marcin Gołyński, Hanna Markiewicz and Mateusz Buzała

References Adamson E.J., Slocombe R.F. (1995). Flow cytometric studies of equine phagocytes following strenuous exercise. Equine Vet. J., 18 (Suppl.): 37-42. Art T., Lekeux P. (2005). Exercise-induced physiological adjustments to stressful conditions in sports horses. Livest. Prod. Sci., 92: 101-111. Aurich C., Aurich J.E. (2008). Effects of stress on reproductive functions in the horse. Pferdeheilkunde, 24: 99-102. Bayly W.M. (1987). The interpretation of clinicopathologic data from the equine

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Jadwiga Topczewska and Wanda Krupa

References Albertsdóttir E., Eriksson S., Näsholm A., Strandberg E., Árnason Th. (2008). Genetic correlations between competition traits and traits scored at breeding field-tests in Icelandic horses. Livest. Sci., 114: 181-187. Budzyńska M., Krupa W., Kamieniak J., Sapuła M., Gancarz J. (2003). Exterior and utility characteristics of Hucul horses attending breeding championship. Annales UMCS, sectio EE, vol. XXI, 1: 327-332. Colleau J.J. (2002). An indirect approach to the extensive calculation of relationship

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Tomasz Próchniak, Iwona Rozempolska-Rucińska and Grzegorz Zięba

References Clayton H.M., Barlow D.A. (1991). Stride characteristics of four Grand Prix jumping horses. Equine Exercise Physiol., 3: 151-157. Gómez M.D., Cervantes I., Bartolomé E., Molina A., Valera M. (2006). Genetic evaluation of show jumping performances in young Spanish sport horse breed. Proc. 57th Annual Meeting of the EAAP, Antalya, Wageningen, pp. 17-20. Janczarek I., Próchniak T. (2010). Malopolski horse breeding development in the light of its changes in the Lublin region. Annales UMCS, XXVIII: 25

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Anna Czech, Martyna Kiesz, Adrian Kiesz, Tomasz Próchniak, Paweł Różański and Kamila Klimiuk

selected hematological parameters of blood in horses. Med. Weter., 67: 418–421. Bis-Wencel H., Lutnicki K., Rowicka A.Z., Nowakowicz-Dębek B., Bryl M. (2012). Effort of varying intensity as a factor influencing the variability of selected biochemical blood parameters of jumping horses. Bull. Vet. Inst. Pulawy, 56: 225–229. Bosco R., Leeuwenburgh S.C.G., Jansen J.A.,vanden Beucken J.J.J.P. (2014). Configurational effects of collagen/ALP coatings on enzyme immobilization and surface mineralization. Appl. Surf. Sci., 311: 292–299. Brzóska F., Strzetelski J

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Grażyna Polak

References Biederman G., Clar U., Finke A., Bickel M. (2002). Analysis of the population of Rhenish German Draught horses. Züchtungskunde, 74: 237–249. Budzyński M., Gancarz J. (1999). Characterization of reproductive and biometric performance, taking into account inbreeding of mares in Horse Stud Udórz (in Polish). Ann. UMCS Sec. EE, 17: 191–197. Budzyński M., Kamieniak J., Budzyńska M., Sapuła M., Sołtys L., Krupa W. (2000). Evaluation of the relationship between reproductive indices and in the thoroughbred mare in Horse Stud Rzeczna (in