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Nasiya Daminova

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Arestis, George. “Fundamental rights in the EU: three years after Lisbon, the Luxembourg perspective.” Research Paper in Law No. 2/2013 (2012): 1-13 // . 2. Arnull, Anthony. “The Principle of Effective Judicial Protection in EU Law: An Unruly Horse?” European Law Review No. 36 (2011): 51–70. 3. Benvenisti, Eyal, and George Downs. “The Premises, Assumptions, and Implications of Van Gend en Loos : Viewed from the Perspectives of Democracy and Legitimacy of International Institutions.” European

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Julija Kalpokienė and Ignas Kalpokas

.” Communications Law 17 (1) (2012): 14-18. 38. Klimburg, Alexander. “Mobilising Cyber Power.” Survival: Global politics and Strategy 53 (1) (2011): 41-60. 39. Koops, Bert-Jaap. “The Internet and its Opportunities for Cybercrime”: 735-754. In: M Herzog-Evans, ed. Transnational Criminology Manual . Nijmegen: Wold Legal Publishers, 2010. 40. Lessig, Lawrence. “The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach.” Harvard Law Review 113 (1999): 501-546. 41. Libicki, Martin C. Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar. Santa

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Wolfgang Polasek and Richard Sellner

Foreign Investment, Human Capital and Geography. In Eisen R. et al. (eds.). Trade, Integration and Institutional Reforms in Latin America and the EU, 65-90. Frankfurt: Lang. Torrisi, C. (1985). The Determinants of Direct Foreign Investment in a Small LDC. Journal of Economic Development, 10, 29-45. UNCTAD (1999). World Investment Report. Geneva: UNCTAD. Zwinkels, R. C., Beugelsdijk, S. (2010). Gravity Equations: Workhorse or Trojan Horse in Explaining Trade and FDI Patterns across Time and Space? International Business

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Ana Pantea

(16+1), Bucharest, October 11, 2017, (accessed December 2, 2017). [35] For further reference, please see Richard Turcsányi, "Central and Eastern Europe’s courtship with China: Trojan horse within the EU?", in EU-Asia at a Glance, European Institute for Asian Studies, January, 2014, (accessed April 12, 2017); and Dragan Pavlićević, "China in Central and Eastern Europe: 4 Myths", The Diplomat, June 16, 2016, https