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Oleksandr Shelekhan and Oksana Lifantii


This article is devoted to horse bridle details. They are made from horn and belong to the Scythian time. Artefacts and associated materials are analysed in complex. The supposition of their local production is proposed.

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Tomasz Goslar, Michał Jankowski, Aleksander Kośko, Maria Lityńska-Zając, Piotr Włodarczak and Danuta Żurkiewicz

Bronze Age. In: M. Levine, C. Renfrew, K. Boyle (Eds) Prehistoric steppe adaptation and the horse, 269-286. Cambridge. Chyleński M., Juras A., Żurkiewicz D., Jankowski M., Włodarczak P. 2017 Preservation of ancient DNA in human bones from Bronze Age Ukraine. Baltic-Pontic Studies 22: 54-63. Colledge, S., Conolly, J. (Eds) 2007 The Origins and Spread of Domestic Plants in Southwest Asia and Europe. Walnut Creek. Conolly J., Colledge S., Shennan S. 2008 Founder effect, drift, and adaptive change in domestic crop use in

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Liudmyla V. Litvinova, Sylwia Łukasik, Danuta Żurkiewicz, Marta Gwizdała, Maciej Chyleński, Helena Malmström, Mattias Jakobsson and Anna Juras

., Moiseyev V., Paja L., Palfi G., Pokutta D., Pospieszny Ł., Price T.D., Saag L., Sablin M., Shishlina N., Smrčka V., Soenov V.I., Szeverenyi V., Toth G., Trifanova S.V., Varul L., Vicze M., Yepiskoposyan L., Zhitenev V., Orlando L., Sicheritz-Ponten P., Brunak S., Nielsen R., Kristiansen K., Willerslev E. 2015 Population genomics of Bronze Age Eurasia. Nature 522(7555): 167-172. Anthon D.W. 2007 The Horse, the Wheel, the Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes the Modern World. Oxford. Baker B.J., Dupras T.L., Tocheri M

Open access

Arkadiusz Marciniak, Yevheniya Y. Yanish, Oleh Zhuravlov, Aleksander Kośko, Piotr Włodarczak and Danuta Ż Żurkiewicz

Quantitative paleozoology. Cambridge. Mallory J.P. 1981 The ritual treatmentof the horse in the early kurgan tradition. Journal of Indo-European Studies 9: 205-226. 1982 I ndo-European and Kurgan Fauna I: Wild mammals. Journal of Indo-European Studies 10: 193-222. 1984 Proto-Indo-European and Kurgan Fauna II: Fish. TheJournal of Indo-European Studies 11: 264-279. 1989 In Search of the Indo-Europeans. London. 1991 Kurgan and Indo-European Fauna III: Birds. Journal of Indo-European Studies 19: 223-234. Manzura I.V., Klochko E.O, Savva E.N. 1992