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Where the geographical expanse ends – Space education in primary school. Implementation of inquiry based science education (IBSE) in geography lessons in Polish school

Introduction In the general Polish education system, nature education plays an important role and is represented by such school subjects as biology, chemistry, physics, geography and nature. Despite the constant increase in natural science knowledge, the fact that the number of hours devoted to nature education is declining is becoming worrying. The organisational change of the school system that we are currently witnessing mistakenly emphasises a return to the previous education system. Despite the restoration of the eight-year primary school cycle, the

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European Spatial Research and Policy
The Journal of University of Lodz
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Acta Palaeobotanica
The Journal of W. Szafer Institute of Botany of Polish Academy of Sciences
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Miscellanea Geographica
Regional Studies on Development
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Tourism; The Journal of University of Lodz
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Spatiotemporal visibility characteristics impacted by forest and land fire over airports in sumatera and borneo Island, Indonesia

dominance of plane crashed was the flight with VFR rules tend to continuing to operate the flight while conditions were below the minimum VFR weather, entering IMC criteria, Instrument Meteorological Conditions (Goh, Wiegmann 2002 , Wiegmann et al. 2002 ). Violation by continuing VFR into IMC conditions specifically caused by a pilot had high confidence even not trained to deal with IMC (not having IFR flight certificate) ( Jackman 2014 ). Spatial Characteristics of Smoke Visibility Severity Index (VSI) in Mid-End 2015 Smoke impact on visibility was quantified

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Mapping India since 1767: transformation from colonial to postcolonial image

satellite remote sensing. This is the nodal agency for the procurement and distribution of aerial photos and satellite images. Since the advent of indigenous satellite systems, mainly Indian Remote Sensing Satellites (IRS) , mapping and cartography in India has significantly entered into digital mode. High resolution Satellite images along with existing analogue maps are now used for planning, research, defence and administration. The IRS series satellite images are also used by diferent countries for similar purposes. Since 2005, diferent series of Cartosat satellites

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Assessment of the quality and irrigation purpose suitability of alluvial water in Erfoud, Morocco

many factors, i.a., climate zone, anthropogenic environmental pressure, biological productivity, and mineralization. In the dry zone, the availability of freshwater is usually very limited, and surface water and shallow groundwater are characterized with high salinity ( El Mandour et al. 2008 , Ammar et al. 2016 , Fakharian, Narany 2016 ). In hot, dry areas, the high content of mineral salts in water is related to low precipitation and intensive evaporation. The amount of water used for agricultural, animal breeding and industrial purposes has increased recently

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