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Modelling of Vane and Rotor Blade Rows in Simulations of Gas Turbine Performance

References [1] Mattingly, J. D., Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion (AIAA Education Series) , AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics), 2005. [2] Bugała, P., Deviation Angle Models In Off-Design High-Pressure Turbines , Journal of KONES Powertrain and Transport, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp 69-74, 2018, ISSN: 1231-4005, e-ISSN: 2354-0133, DOI: 10.5604/01.3001.0012.2778, 2018. [3] Craig, H. R. M., Cox, H. J. A., Performance Estimation of Axial Flow Turbines , Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Vol. 185 32/71, 1970

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Binary Valves in Analog Control

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Knowledge management in production enterprises

. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, vol. 65, pp. 153-69. 15. K rynke M., M ielczarek K. 2016. Problems concerning product quality enhancement, Production Engineering Archives, pp.17-20. 16. L in R., C he R., T ing C h . 2012. Turning knowledge management into innovation in the high-tech industry. Industrial Management & Data Systems, vol. 112 Issue 1, pp. 42-63. 17. M as M achuca M., M artínez C osta C. 2012. A study of knowledge culture in the consulting industry. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2012, vol. 112 Issue 1, pp

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Acceptability testing and development of a novel wood lathe balanced rest

. É ., Bléron, L ., Ratle, A ., & Marchal, R . (2007). Online control of wood peeling process: Acoustical and vibratory measurements of lathe checks frequency. Annals of Forest Science, 64(5), 569-575. Retrieved from [4] Etcuban, J.O ., Campanilla, B.S ., & Horteza, A.D . (2019). The use of Mathcad in the achievement of Education students in teaching College Algebra in a university. Int Elect J Math Ed. 2019;14(2), 341-351. Retrieved from [5] Fang, C. H ., Mariotti, N ., Cloutier, A

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Assessment of Production Process Capability in the Serial Production of Components for the Automotive Industry

”. Measurement , vol. 96, pp. 24-33, Jan. 2017. [4] P. Bozek, P. Pokorny, J. Svetlik, A. Lozhkin and I. Arkhipov. “The calculations of Jordan curves trajectory of the robot movement”. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , vol. 13, Oct. 2016. [5] D. de-Felipe and E. Benedito. “Monitoring High Complex Production Processes Using Process Capability Indices”. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies , vol. 93, pp. 1257-1267, Oct. 2017. [6] J. Dobránsky, A. Panda and D. Manduľák. Quality Monitoring in Production of the Parts in

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Possibilities of Pressure Die Casting of Iron Alloys

continuous casting of steel In: Ironmaking & Steelmaking , 2013, pp. 304-309 [9] Bialy, W., Ruzbarsky, J.: Breakdown cause and effect analysis. Case study, In: Management Systems in Production Engineering , Vol. 26, Issue: 2, 2018, pp. 83-87 [10] Gaspar, S., Pasko, J.: Technological Aspects of Returnable Material Introducing within Die Casting Technology. In: Tem journal-technology education management informatics , Vol. 5, Issue: 4, 2016, pp. 441-445 [11] Dobransky, J., Ruzbarsky, J., Mandulak, D. et al.: Monitoring of the Production Process in Mass

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The method of improvement of quality of life of older people as users and maintainers of technical means in Smart City . Data odczytu: 1.02.2008. [Accessed 1 February 2008]. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2019). Analysing the Utilisation Efectiveness of Mining Machines Using Independent Data Acquisition Systems: A Case Study. Energies, 12, 13 (2505), pp. 1-15 Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Analysis of Methane Hazard Conditions in Mine Headings. Published on HRČAK: Tehnički vjesnik – Technical Gazette, 25(1), February 2018, pp. 271-276. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Determination of the Zone with a Particularly High Risk of Endogenous Fires in the Goaves of a Longwall with

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CRM influence on organisational performance — the moderating role of IT reliability

. Navimipour N. J. 2018 The impact of the customer relationship management on the organization performance Journal of High Technology Management Research 29 237 246 Tsou, H. T., & Huang, Y. W. (2018). Empirical Study of the Affecting Statistical Education on Customer Relationship Management and Customer Value in Hitech Industry. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics , Science and Technology Education , 14 (4), 1287–1294. Tsou H. T. Huang Y. W. 2018 Empirical Study of the Affecting Statistical Education on Customer Relationship Management and

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Influence of technology on regional brands in Czechia

, the more educated people, the more they agreed with more information, more options and more adaptation (statements 4, 8, 10 and 14). Respondents with high-school education preferred Instagram and YouTube (statements 16 and 17). The second recommendation is to pursue good content on the website, use the same content on Facebook, target women, of 46–55, with higher education. Although the preferences for content on the website were not overly positive, they were still rather positive, and the content was still incredibly important. Because of the age, gender and

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Logistics decision-making based on the maturity assessment of imperfect knowledge

calculations, the level of knowledge maturity is insufficient to meet the required condition. To meet it, the levels of both the Data Veracity Value and the Information Utility Value have to increase to the “high” level. This was done by improving the ICT system, which has been achieved by better “Accuracy”, “Traceability” and “Realisation compliance”. As a result of these treatments, the knowledge maturity rank increased to 64, which corresponds to the “high” level. After these changes, the decision was made to accept the planned expansion of the supply network for

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