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Quality Management Evolution from the Past to Present: Challenges for Tomorrow

: Harvard Business School Press. Hanna, J. (2007). Bringing ‚Lean‘ Principles to Service Industries. Harvard Business School: Research and Ideas, pp. 1-2. Hellsten, U., & Klefsjo, B. (2000). TQM as a management system consisting of values, techniques and tools. The TQM Magazine, 12 (4), 238-244. Hill, Y., MacGregor, J., & Dewar, K. (1996). Nurses’ access to higher education: a quality product. Quality Assurance in Education, 4 (2), 21-27. International

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Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship between Human Resource Development and Organizational Effectiveness

-8551.2010.00718.x Jacob, A. D. (2003). Validation of a short questionnaire to assess the degree of complexity and structuredness of PBL problems. Medical Education , 37, 1001-1007, Lado, A., & Wilson, M. (1994). Human resource systems and sustained competitive advantage: a competency-based perspective. The Academy of Management Review , 19(4), 669-727, Lee, S.-M. T.-S. (2014). The effect of knowledge management capability and dynamic capability on organizational performance

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Journal of Intercultural Management
The Journal of Spoleczna Akademia Nauk
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Stochastic analysis of the main macro-economic indicators characterizing higher education in Romania during 2001-2016

Area in the new decade , Leuven and Louvain-la-Neuve, 28-29 April. Cristache, S.E., Vuta, M., Gruiescu, M. (2011). “ Model to characterize the Romanian educational system between 2001 – 2010 ” presented within the International Conference GEBA, Iasi, 540-554. European Union, DG Education and Culture. (2011). Erasmus - Facts, Figures & Trends; The European Union support for student and staff exchanges and university cooperation in 2009/2010 , Bruxelles. INSE Romania (2012/2013), Social Trends , Bucharest, . INSE Romania

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The Heterogeneous Accentuation of Economic Content In Vocational Education: A Starting Point for Occupation-Specific Human Resource Development

Education (2004). Lehrplan für das Berufskolleg in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Bankkauffrau/Bankkaufmann. Fachklassen des dualen Systems der Berufsausbildung. Retrieved November 3, 2014 from German Ministry of Education (1996): Durchführung empirischer Untersuchungen und Befragungen in Schulen, vom 20.06.1997. In: Bereinigte amtliche Sammlung der Schulvorschriften des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, 10 - 45 Nr. 2. Retrieved from http

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Financial Education of Children and Youth

References 1. Bernarke B. S. (2010). Welcoming Remarks at the Federal Reserve System Town Hall Meeting with Educators. Retrieved from . 2. Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) (2016). Training Course on: Fostering National Financial Education Strategies. Podgorica: CYFI and GIZ. 3. Godfrey, N. S. and Edwards, K. (2006). Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees – A Parent Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children . New York: Fireside Book. 4. Investopedia. (2016

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Markov Analysis of Students’ Performance and Academic Progress in Higher Education

Journal of Science and Engineering , 29 (2), 25–40. Al-Awadhi, S. A. & Konsowa, M. (2007). An application of absorbing Markov analysis to the student flow in an academic institution. Kuwait Journal of Science & Engineering , 34 (2A), 77–89. Al-Awadhi, S. & Konsowa, M. (2010). Markov Chain Analysis and Student Academic Progress: An Empirical Comparative Study. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods , 9 (2), 584–595. Arias Ortiz, E. & Dehon, C. (2013). Roads to Success in the Belgian French Community’s Higher Education System: Predictors of

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Influence of Entrance Exams Results on Foreign Students in Economics Studies at University of Economics, Prague

Czech Economy, IDIMT-2012 – ICT Support for Complex Systems , (pp. 123-133). Linz: Trauner Verlag. Heick, T. (2014, November 4). 6 Factors of Academic Performance . Retrieved September 17, 2017 from Herbst, M., & Wojciuk, A. (2017). Common legacy, different paths: the transformation of educational systems in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. Compare-a Journal of Comparative and International Education , 47(1), 118–132,

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Interest in Currency Trading Learning – Preferred Methods and Motivational Factors

.eswa.2014.06.009 Pintar, R. (2013). Development of Information System for simplification of Foreign exchange value trading. Smart organization: high potentials, lean organization, internet of things; 32nd International Conference on Organizational Science Development. Kranj: Moderna organizacija, 827-835. Pintar, R., Jereb, E., Vukovič, G. & Urh, M. (2015) Analysis of Web Sites for e-Learning in the Field of Foreign Exchange Trading, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 197, 245-254, http://10.1016/j.sbspro.2015

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