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Physician Appraisals: Key Challenges

:// Kanellopoulos, D. (2012). Comparative approach at the European level of the human resources management of the health system. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46, 5274-5279. Kemper, M., Linke, J., Zahnert, T., & Neudert, M. (2014). Peer teaching and peer assessment are appropriate tools in medical education in otorhinolaryngology. Laryngorhinootologie, 93(6), 392-397. Klass, D. (2007). Assessing doctors at work -progress and challenges. The New England Journal of Medicine, 356(4), 414

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Analysis of the opportunities to implement the BIZ-TRIZ mechanism

for the commercial resolution of problems encountered by entrepreneurs, so that the university would be able to increase its share in the implementation of research work for local companies. Acknowledgements The research presented in this article was carried out under the Grant No 1/S/IESO/17 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland “Increasing operational effectiveness of complex technical systems by the systematic development and implementation of innovations using novel materials and modifying the object’s structure” implemented at the

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Influence of personal variables on entrepreneurial intention: A comparative study between Poland and Spain

Introduction The literature confirms the need to identify and strengthen the factors, on which the process of creating new companies depends, due to the high influence that entrepreneurship has on the economic growth and development of countries ( Urbano, Aparicio & Audretsch, 2018 ). In the studies developed by researchers and the reports and documents prepared periodically by the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), it is confirmed that these factors are eminently contextual and personal ( Busenitz et al., 2014 ). Although the contextual factors of

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Influence of Modern Process Performance Indicators on Corporate Performance — the Empirical Study

to management based on enterprise search and analysis from the point of view of business activities and activities performed by managing staff. The basic idea of the process approach is that low business performance is caused by ineffective internal processes which should be changed, aiming to increase efficiency and higher added value for the customer. For many authors, process management is the most substantial breakthrough of the 20th century. Process management presents systems, procedures, methods and tools for sustainable maximised performance and continuous

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Smart city concept in the light of the literature review

Sadeghpour, S., Jaseemuddin, M., & Kharbish, S. (2019). Cluster-based cache placement in 5G network . Proceedings - 20th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications, 16th International Conference on Smart City and 4th International Conference on Data Science and Systems, HPCC/SmartCity/DSS 2018, 457-465. doi: 10.1109/HPCC/SmartCity/DSS.2018.00091 Sadeghpour S. Jaseemuddin M. & Kharbish S. 2019 Cluster-based cache placement in 5G network. Proceedings - 20th International Conference on High Performance Computing and

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

meetings with top management about budgeting and reviewing strategies to meet overall goals and objectives, work with ERP and MRP systems, risk management, financial management, business strategy, standards (accounting, taxes...), work closely with financial institutions and stakeholders. KPI 8 is the calculation of a business unit or a company’s earnings, prior to having any interest payments, tax, depreciation, and amortisation subtracted for any final accounting of income and expenses. EBITDA is typically used as a high-level indication of the current

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Reduction of defects in the lapping process of the silicon wafer manufacturing: the Six Sigma application

Introduction The semiconductor industry consists of companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductor devices, which form the foundation of modern electronics. The industry began in the 1960s and currently accounts for about 0.5% of the global GDP ($299.5 billion). It also enables the generation of approximately $1200 billion in the electronic systems business and $5000 billion in services, representing close to 10% of the global GDP, thus gaining the recognition for its critical role in the supply chain of the electronics industry ( Kazmierski

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Benchmarking of contributory organisations within the framework of technical efficiency

-hours and client-hours, client satisfaction rates, number of employees and their attendance, occupancy rate of facilities. According to Malíková (2011) , several methods and techniques can be used to measure the quality and efficiency of social services such as quality standards of social services; supervision, intervision; TQM (Total Quality Management); ABC (Activity Based Costing), Balanced Scorecard; controlling; benchmarking; complaints; self-assessment and others. The methods range from simple metrics to complex metrics such as Balanced Scorecard. This is a system

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MCDM, operational research and sustainable development in the trans-border Lithuanian–German– Polish co-operation

Erhan Kozan and Martin Skitmore from the Australian Queensland University of Technology, which appeared in 1997 in the journal “Construction Management and Economics” (Taylor & Francis). According to the review, the book initiated a new era of scientific research in construction concerning MCDM methods. Articles by Prof. Zavadskas were published in 84 journals referenced in the Clarivate Analytics database. Many of them were published in Q1 (High Quality Publications) of the Elsevier publishing company, such as “Applied Soft Computing”, “Expert Systems with

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