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The method of improvement of quality of life of older people as users and maintainers of technical means in Smart City . Data odczytu: 1.02.2008. [Accessed 1 February 2008]. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2019). Analysing the Utilisation Efectiveness of Mining Machines Using Independent Data Acquisition Systems: A Case Study. Energies, 12, 13 (2505), pp. 1-15 Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Analysis of Methane Hazard Conditions in Mine Headings. Published on HRČAK: Tehnički vjesnik – Technical Gazette, 25(1), February 2018, pp. 271-276. Brodny, J., Tutak, M. (2018). Determination of the Zone with a Particularly High Risk of Endogenous Fires in the Goaves of a Longwall with

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Demand for Competences of Industrial Engineering Graduates in the Context of Automation of Manufacturing Processes

Master Studies - The Issue of Teaching Methods, System Safety: Human - Technical Facility – Environment 1(1), , pp. 661–669 Nitkiewicz T., Z. Ayen 2018. Identifying key criteria in development of Industrial Engineering education. MATEC Web of Conferences , 183 , pp. 259–268, Prifti L., M. Knigge, H. Kienegger, H. Krcmar, (2017). A Competency Model for ‘Industrie 4.0’ Employees, in Proceedings der 13. Internationalen Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2017) , pp. 46

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Land Forces Academy Review
Review of the NICOLAE BALCESCU Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, Romania
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Keeping Higher Education Aligned with the Requirements and Expectations of the Knowledge-Based Economy

AND APPLICATIONS (ISDA 2016), Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 800-810. Grebski, W., Grebski, M., 2016. Keeping Technical Education Aligned to the Needs and Expectations of Industry . Management Systems in Production Engineering, 2(22), 77-80, DOI: 10.12914/MSPE-01-02-2016. Grebski, W., Cai, S., 2012. Partnership with STEM High School as a Recruiting Tool for Engineering Program . in Proc. The 10 th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Industry, Panama City, Panama

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Development of Learners’ Creativity Potential

of the high school. Revista Conrado, 13(58), pp. 158-161. Malakhova, N.N. (2014). Creative personality and creative activity in the system of productive relations in innovative economy (in Russian: Творческая личность и творческая деятельность в системе производственных отношений инновационной экономики). Philosophy of economy (in Russian: Философия хозяйства), 2(92), pp. 235-243. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2012). Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” no 273-FZ (in Russian: Федеральный закон «Об

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Continuous Quality Improvement of an Engineering Program as a Requirement for Abet Accreditation

. (2014). “Recruitment of Engineering Students through Community-Based Programs”, in Proceedings: The 12th Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Engineering and Industry, Quayaquil, Ecuador. Grebski, W. (2015). Teaching Mathematics as a Global Challenge for Engineering Education. In Proceedings: ICIE Conference, 2015. Grebski, W. and Cai, S. (2012). Partnership with STEM High School as a Recruiting Tool for Engineering Program. In Proceedings: The 10th Latin American and Caribbean Conference for Engineering and Industry, Panama City

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Student Apprenticeships of Course-of-Study and Diploma-Related Types as an Element Used for Raising the Professional Competences of Engineers Educated for the Needs of Maritime and Inland Shipping Industry

for future metrologists. Measurement, 84, pp. 1-6. Ryan, G., Toohey, S. & Hughes, C. (1996). The purpose, value and structure of the practicum in higher education: A literature review. Higher Education, 31(3), pp. 355-377. Euler, D., Germany’s dual vocational training system: a model for other countries? Downloaded April 2, 2018 from < >, 2013. Göhringer, A., University of cooperative education – Karlsruhe: the dual system of higher education in Germany, (2002), Asia-Pacific J. Cooper. Educ., 3 (2), pp 53-58.

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Tests of an Innovative Controller Designed to Control the Powered Roof Support

). Application of neural-fuzzy system in prediction of methane hazard. The First International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance ISPEM 2017 pp.151-160. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-64465-3_15. Palka, D., Brodny, J. and Stecula, K. (2017a). Modern means of production and the staff awareness of the technical in the plant of the mining industry. CBU International Conference Proceedings 2017: Innovations in Science and Education, Vol. 5, Prague, p. 1190-1194. DOI: 10.12955/cbup.v5.1094. Palka, D., Hąbek, P. and

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