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Algerian Sport High School as Comprehensive Approach for Improving Public Education System

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Effect of Applied Health-Oriented Exercises in Physical and Sport Education on Musculoskeletal System of Female Students

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Match Load of Soccer Players in Defensive Formation and Its Impact on the Level of Speed Abilities

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Anthropometric and Cardiovascular Variables of Elite Athletes

physiological profile of Iranian junior elite gymnasts. Acta Universitatis. Series Physical Education and Sport. 11(1), 35-41. 4. ARRIAZA, E., C. RODRÍGUEZ, C. CARRASCO, C. MARDONES, L. NIEDMANN & A. LÓPEZ-FUENZALIDA, 2016. Anthropometric characteristics of elite rhythmic gymnasts. Int. J. Morphol. 34(1): 17-22. 5. AVILA-CARVALHO, L., P. KLENTROU, M. L. PALOMERO & E. LEBRE, 2012. Body composition profile of elite group rhythmic gymnasts. Science of Gymnastics Journal 4(1):21-32, 2012. 6. BALDARI, C. & L. GUIDETTI, 2001. VO2max

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