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The Strategic Assessment Model (Stratam) Studying and Preventing Strategic Failure

Accidents: Living with High-Risk Technologies. New York: Basic Books, 1984. Philipp, Peter. “Informationskrieg um Gaza: Die Medien sind eine Front.” Deutsche Welle, 6 January 2009.,,3924354,00.html (accessed 9 January 2012). Porter, Elias. Manpower Development: The System Training Concept. New York: Harper and Row, 1964. Putz, Ulrike. “Gaza-Krieg - Wie die Hamas die Bilder des Krieges kontrolliert.” Spiegel Online. 10 January 2009.

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The moderating influence of self-efficacy on interoceptive ability and counterintuitive decision making in officer cadets

, we extended this line of research in a high-performing sample of cyber officer cadets and investigated the interaction of intuitive decision-making tendency as a personality factor (interoception) with subjective SSE in a specific task. The applied cognitive reflection task requires the inhibition of “System 1” cognition for successful task execution, which means that intuitive and seemingly correct obvious answers are wrong, whereas deeper reflection and counterintuitive thinking are required to identify the correct response. The results of this study suggest an

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Bayesian belief network for assessing impact of factors on army’s lean–agile replenishment system

.1287/mnsc.46.3.436.12069 Chen F. Drezner Z. Ryan J. K. Simchi-Levi D. 2000 Quantifying the bullwhip Effect in a simple supply chain: The impact of forecasting, lead times, and information Management Science 46 3 436 443 Chiou, C. (2008). Trans-shipment problems in supply chain systems: Review and extensions. In: Vedran Kordic (ed.) Supply Chain – Theory and Applications . I-Tech Education and Publishing, Vienna, Austria, p. 558. Chiou C. 2008 Trans-shipment problems in supply chain systems: Review and extensions. In: Vedran Kordic (ed.) Supply Chain – Theory and

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Predictors of Gaming Behavior among Military Peacekeepers – Exploring the Role of Boredom and Loneliness in Relation to Gaming Problems

particular risk factors for developing gaming problems ( Lemmens et al. 2009 ; Rehbein et al. 2010 ). A study from the US found that 40% of Military Academy cadets reported moderate-to-heavy game playing ( Orvis et al. 2009 ). However, another study reported that the frequency of video game use was lower among soldiers compared to that in the general population and suggested that cadets may be a special population ( Orvis et al. 2010 ). Third, sensation seeking has been found to be related to risk-taking behavior, and high levels of sensation seeking have been found in

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Organizational challenges and leaders’ coping strategies: a qualitative study of Swedish military staff organization

Larsson 2017 ; Alvinius 2013 ; Coser 1974 ). Theoretically derived indicators are based on the above statement and thus comprise high demands posed by the organization regarding perseverance, engagement, loyalty and the balance between competing greedy organizations. 2 Method 2.1 Characteristics of the Swedish Armed Forces – strategic leadership level The Swedish Armed Forces is one of the largest authorities in Sweden and is headed by a Supreme Commander. This authority is subject to the Swedish parliament and the Swedish government. The central command of

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War as nothing but a duel: war as an institution and the construction of the Western military profession

unpredictability and high stakes inherent in organized violence, it should hardly be surprising that even this kind of interaction has been institutionalized. Following Seumas Miller, institutions involve differentiated and repetitive actions performed by different actors, which furthermore comply with systems of conventions and social norms ( Miller 2010 : 23–24). Focusing on international institutions, Kalevi Holsti in turn emphasizes historical change and sees that they “represent patterned (typical) actions and interactions of states, the norms, rules, and principles that

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