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Self-Access Learning in Medical English (ME)
A Two-Year Edmodo Project

enhance second language learning among Japanese and American college students. Accessed via Research Gate from:[Date access: 30 August 2017]. Thongmak, M. 2013. Social network system in classroom: antecedents of Edmodo © adoption. Journal of e-Learning and Higher Education . Retrieved from: . White, C. 2011. Inside independent learning: old and new perspectives. In: B

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U.S. and China: Hard and Soft Power Potential


The United States, as a leading world power, has to face China – an emerging powerful rival. The potential of both states’ power is measured by universal indicators. On a military level, these indicators are: military expenditure, soldiers/reserve/soldiers abroad, offensive weapons, nuclear warheads.

On an economic level: GDP value, reserve currency/public debt to GNP, direct investment home and abroad. With regard soft power, six categories have been taken into consideration: diplomacy, socio-political, socioeconomic, education, high and popular culture. All of the three researched levels were correlated with both states’ political system specificity and the character of the international arena’s relations. It allowed for the assessment of the current levels of both states’ power as well as their future prospects.

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The Peculiarities of the Use of Information Communication Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching/Learning Process

:// (Retrieved on 28/12/2018). 5. Fotos, S., & Browne, C. M. (2004). New perspectives in CALL for second language classrooms . Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum. 6. Howe, K., & Moses, M. (1999). Ethics in educational research. Review of Research in Education , 24, 21-59. 7. Hubbard, P., & Levy, M. (Eds.) (2006). Teacher education in CALL . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 8. Yunus, M. (2007). Malaysian ESL teachers’ use of ICT in their classrooms: expectations and realities. RECALL: The Journal of EUROCALL, 9(1), 79-95. 9. Johansson, P., & Gärdenfors, P. (2012

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