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Non-integrated Universities and Long-standing Problems The Universities of Zagreb and Belgrade in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Today

Science and the Three New Institutionalisms’. Political Studies , (44)5: 936-957. Mandić, P. D. (1992) ‘Yugoslavia’ in Clark, B.R. and Neave, G. (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Higher Education (Vol. 1: National Systems of Higher Education ), pp. 811-820. Oxford: Pergamon Press. Maretić-Požarnik, B., Lapajne, Z. and B. Mihevc (1989) ‘Higher Education in Yugoslavia: Present Situation, Policy and New Tendencies’ In Šoljan, N. (ed.) Higher Education in Yugoslavia , pp. 57-69. Zagreb: Andragogical Centre. National Employment Service (2013) Monthly Statistic

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Employment Prospects of Young Adults With Mental Disorders

7 References Abbott, Andrew. 1995. Sequence Analysis: New Methods for Old Ideas. Annual Review of Sociology 21: 93–113. Alexander, Karl L., Doris R. Entwisle, and Carrie S. Horsey. 1997. From First Grade Forward: Early Foundations of High School Dropout. Sociology of Education 70(2): 87–107. Allmendinger, Jutta. 1989. Educational Systems and Labor Market Outcomes. European Sociological Review 5(3): 231–250. Andersen, Jorgen Goul. 2002. Coping With Long-Term Unemployment: Economic Security, Labour Market Integration and Well

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The Work and Life of Corporate Expatriates: New Patterns and Regimes of Mobility in the Knowledge Economy

Europe’. Information, Communication & Society , 5:70-89. GMAC (2008a) Global Relocation Trends Report: Energy Industry Spotlight . — (2008b) Global Relocation Trends Report: Finance Industry Spotlight . — (2008c) Global Relocation Trends Report: High-Tech Sector Spotlight . — (2008d) Global Relocation Trends: 2008 Survey Report . Harvey, D. (1989) The Condition of Postmodernity: An Inquiry Into the Origins of Social Change . Oxford: Blackwell. Kaufmann, V., M. Bergman & D. Joye (2004) ‘Motility: Mobility as Capital

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Costs, Risks and Responsibility. Negotiating the Value of Disabled Workers Between Disability Insurance and Employers

Hümbelin. 2012. Eingliederung vor Rente. Evaluation der Früherfassung, der Frühintervention und der Integrationsmassnahmen der Invalidenversicherung. Bern: BSV. Bösl, Elsbeth. 2009. Politiken der Normalisierung: zur Geschichte der Behindertenpolitik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Hamburg: Transcript. Bourguignon, Annick and Eve Chiapello. 2005. The Role of Criticism in the Dynamics of Performance Evaluation Systems. Critical Perspectives on Accounting 16(6): 665-700. BSV (Bundesamt für Sozialversicherungen). 2014

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The impact of transnational co-authorship on the scientific quality of academic researchers-Case Studies: Slovenia, Poland and Romania

. Scientometrics , 86(3), pp.629-643 Adams, J. (2012). The rise of research networks. Nature , 490(7420), pp.335-336 Adams, J., Black, G., Clemmons, J. and Stephan, P. (2005). Scientific teams and institutional collaborations: Evidence from U.S. universities, 1981–1999. Research Policy , 34(3), pp.259-285 Adams, J., Gurney, K. and Marshall, S. (2007). Patterns of international collaboration for the UK and leading partners (Summary report). [online] Available at:

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No Measure without Concept. A Critical Review on the Conceptualization and Measurement of Environmental Concern

Probleme der Theorie rationalen Handelns im Umweltbereich’ In Diekmann, A. and C. C. Jaeger (eds.) Umweltsoziologie, 89-118. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag. Diekmann, A. and P. Preisendörfer (1992) ‘Ecology in everyday life. Inconsistencies between environmental attitudes and behavior’. Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie , 44 (2): 226-251. Diekmann, A. and P. Preisendörfer (1998) ‘Environmental consciousness and environmental behavior in low-cost and in high-cost situations. An empirical examination of the low-cost hypothesis

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