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A Template For Enhancing The Impact of The National Academy of Sciences’ Reporting on Forensic Science

of Forensic DNA Evidence (1996). published two reports on the forensic use of DNA technology. In these reports, the NAS encouraged the criminal justice system to harness DNA technology—when conducted according to approved procedures—due to its evidence-based high reliability. Id . Subsequently, federal bodies commissioned the NAS to report on the probative value of other, non-DNA forensic science techniques. The report, The Polygraph and Lie Detection (2003) was commissioned by the United States Department of Energy, Forensic Analysis: Weighing Bullet Lead

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A Legacy Diminished: President Obama and the Courts

enhanced as a consequence of its entanglements with the judicial system. II Courting Liberalism The Supreme Court’s move in a conservative direction contrasted with the reputation the court had developed in the post war period. In the third quarter of the twentieth century the Supreme Court made a series of decisions that expanded rights in ways that mostly coincided with liberal preferences, even if they were not always causes that liberal political actors publicly embraced at the time. These cases ranged from civil rights in Brown v. Board of Education in 1954

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Adventures in Higher Education, Happiness, And Mindfulness

at NYU with 100% faculty dependent tuition remission. I would have been able to live at home attending Columbia. Princeton was the choice because it was the highest ranked of the accepted set and known for its world class mathematics department. I did not graduate from Horace Mann because New York state law requires taking health and sex education to graduate and one had to be at least age 16 to take health and sex. I thus left Horace Mann without a high school diploma. Because I never took a General Educational Development (GED) test, GED Testing Service, https

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Cleaning the Muck of Ages from the Windows into the Soul of Tax

sole Commonwealth responsibility. Id . This confirmed the process of centralization of power into the hands of the Federal Government that was occurring within Australia from the time of Federation and which was boosted by the Second World War. Id . This centralization was further reinforced by the demands for and expansion of the welfare state after World War II. So too was the expansion of the income system. While the original Federal Income Tax applied only to high income earners, over time the tax expanded its reach to include the wages of ordinary working

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Free Trade Agreements With The United States: 8 Lessons For Prospective Parties From Australia’s Experience

dismantled and the AUSFTA would not lead to increased drug prices. After the treaty’s conclusion, however, drug manufacturers expressed delight with the implications for prices, profits and investment. Whereas the PBS uses health economics and therapeutic referencing systems, AUSFTA promotes pharmaceutical reimbursement. Paragraph (d) of the Agreed Principles to AUSFTA suggests a compromise as follows: The Parties are committed to facilitating high quality health care and continued improvements in public health for their nationals. In pursuing these objectives, the

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Solving Child Statelessness: Disclosure, Reporting, and Corporate Responsibility

, with respect to a number of employment considerations; Id . while further provisions address housing, Id . at Art. 21. public education, Id . at Art. 22. public relief, Id . at Art. 23. and labor standards and social security. Id . at Art. 24. The 1961 Convention for the Reduction of Statelessness (the “1961 Convention”) provides for the “acquisition of nationality for those who would otherwise be stateless and who have an appropriate link with the State through factors of birth or descent.” U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Objectives and Key

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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): The Devil in Disguise or a Golden Opportunity to Build a Transatlantic Marketplace?

would it be a “mixed agreement” which has to be ratified by all EU Member States? – What impact would TTIP have on the multilateral trading system in general and developing countries in particular? II Basic Idea Behind TTIP In November 2011, the European Union and the United States established a high level working group on jobs and growth (HLWG). European Commission’s Memorandum (Feb. 13, 2013), supra note 14. The HLWG was asked to pinpoint “policies and measures” that would increase transatlantic trade so as to stimulate economic growth, create jobs

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“To Promote the General Welfare”: Addressing Political Corruption in America

system of legalized gift exchange, in which politicians respond to organized interest groups that are collectively unrepresentative of the public as a whole.” F UKUYAMA , supra note 5, at 35-36. The vast majority of legislation involves low-salience issues or low-salience riders to high-salience bills. Low-salience legislation is most likely to reflect corrupt influence and to have adverse welfare or equity effects. Eric Lipton and Kevin Sack describe an illustrative instance of apparent low-salience corruption in the New York Times . Here is the lead: Just two

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Posner’s Folly: The End of Legal Pragmatism and Coercion’s Clarity

heavenly Father is perfect,” Matt. 5:48, Id . and the obscure “[B]e wise as serpents and innocent as doves,” Matt. 10:16, Id . have natures that would make them hard for any legal system to enforce in a rational and just manner if left at their high levels of generality—fortunately, they are not meant to be enforced by secular authorities using their methods. When a typical believer seeks to follow them with consistency in her actions, she must translate them into clearer and more concrete concepts from which she can derive clear rules to follow. For example, she

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