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Assessment of Production Process Capability in the Serial Production of Components for the Automotive Industry

”. Measurement , vol. 96, pp. 24-33, Jan. 2017. [4] P. Bozek, P. Pokorny, J. Svetlik, A. Lozhkin and I. Arkhipov. “The calculations of Jordan curves trajectory of the robot movement”. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , vol. 13, Oct. 2016. [5] D. de-Felipe and E. Benedito. “Monitoring High Complex Production Processes Using Process Capability Indices”. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies , vol. 93, pp. 1257-1267, Oct. 2017. [6] J. Dobránsky, A. Panda and D. Manduľák. Quality Monitoring in Production of the Parts in

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Possibilities of Pressure Die Casting of Iron Alloys

continuous casting of steel In: Ironmaking & Steelmaking , 2013, pp. 304-309 [9] Bialy, W., Ruzbarsky, J.: Breakdown cause and effect analysis. Case study, In: Management Systems in Production Engineering , Vol. 26, Issue: 2, 2018, pp. 83-87 [10] Gaspar, S., Pasko, J.: Technological Aspects of Returnable Material Introducing within Die Casting Technology. In: Tem journal-technology education management informatics , Vol. 5, Issue: 4, 2016, pp. 441-445 [11] Dobransky, J., Ruzbarsky, J., Mandulak, D. et al.: Monitoring of the Production Process in Mass

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Effect of Steel Cord Tension During the Lapping on Steel Cord Straightness After Lapping

REFERENCES Bely, V. D. and Goncharenko N. K. (1971), Issledovaniye NDS kanatov seriynogo izgotovleniya posle predvaritel’noy deformatsii [SSS research of serial production ropes after preliminary deformation] «Stal’nyye kanaty», vol. 8 - K., Tekhnika. p. 310; Blazhej, R. Jurdziak, L. Kozlowski, T. Kirjanow A. (2018), The use of magnetic sensors in monitoring the condition of the core in steel cord conveyor belts. Tests of the measuring probe and the design of the DiagBelt system, Measurement, Volume 123, pp. 48-53; Bobarikin, Yu. L. and

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Load-carrying capacity of the GFRP and CFRP composite beams subjected to three-point bending test – numerical investigations

1 Introduction Composite structures are one of the most commonly used structural materials that have been increasingly used in the recent years with significant developments in the aviation, automotive, wind power, sport equipment and transport industries. This is due to the growing demand for lightweight and high-strength materials in order to meet the stringent requirements of modern industry. In fact, however, the rapid development and the use of composite structures began truly after the production of synthetic resins whose adhesion properties are the

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Development of Learners’ Creativity Potential

of the high school. Revista Conrado, 13(58), pp. 158-161. Malakhova, N.N. (2014). Creative personality and creative activity in the system of productive relations in innovative economy (in Russian: Творческая личность и творческая деятельность в системе производственных отношений инновационной экономики). Philosophy of economy (in Russian: Философия хозяйства), 2(92), pp. 235-243. Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2012). Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation” no 273-FZ (in Russian: Федеральный закон «Об

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Building an Ecosystem for a New Engineering Program

References [1] S. Cai and W. Grebski. “Improve Retention through Implementation of »Toy FUN« Projects into Fundamental Engineering Classes”, in Proc. IAJC-ASEE, Joint International Committee, 2011. [2] W. Grebski and M. Grebski. “Keeping Technical Education Aligned to the Needs and Expectations of Industry. Management Systems in Production Engineering, vol. 22(2), pp. 77-80, 2016. DOI:10.12914/MSPE-01-02-2016. [3] W. Grebski and S. Cai. “Partnership with STEM High School as a Recruiting Tool for Engineering

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Student Apprenticeships of Course-of-Study and Diploma-Related Types as an Element Used for Raising the Professional Competences of Engineers Educated for the Needs of Maritime and Inland Shipping Industry

for future metrologists. Measurement, 84, pp. 1-6. Ryan, G., Toohey, S. & Hughes, C. (1996). The purpose, value and structure of the practicum in higher education: A literature review. Higher Education, 31(3), pp. 355-377. Euler, D., Germany’s dual vocational training system: a model for other countries? Downloaded April 2, 2018 from < >, 2013. Göhringer, A., University of cooperative education – Karlsruhe: the dual system of higher education in Germany, (2002), Asia-Pacific J. Cooper. Educ., 3 (2), pp 53-58.

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The Influence of Chemical Composition of Tough-to-Machine Steels on Grinding Technologies

REFERENCES [1] V.B. Dementyev and T.N. Ivanova. “Investigation of the surface layer structure of high-chromium and high-strength steels at the variation of the heating temperature”. Materials Science Forum , vol. 870, pp. 431-436, 2016. [2] T.N. Ivanova and A.M. Dolganov. “ Up-to-date equipment in the technology of diamond face grinding of flat surfaces ”. Yekaterinburg: The Institute of Economics Press, Ural Branch of RAS, 2007. [3] T.N. Ivanova. “Opportunities of abrasive tools in 21st century technology”. Materials Science Forum “Advanced

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