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Aspects Of Multicriterial Mathematical Modeling And Of The Fuzzy Formalism For The Hierarchization Of Study Programs Based On Several Quality Characteristics

8. References 1. Voinia, C.S.; Tuşa, Ana; Simion, Carmen, Quality Assurance Systems in Education and Training in Europe, Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis – Technical Series, Vol. LXIV, No. 1, pp.94-97, (2014). 2. Bucur, Amelia, Modeling as a Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Problem and Simulation, for the Hierarchization of Programs of Study, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Advances in Automatic Control Modelling and Simulation , ACMOS’13, pp.338-343, Braşov, Romania, (2013). 3. Negoiţă, C.V., Mulţimi vagi şi aplicaţiile

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Exploring Factors Influencing of Project Management Success in Public Building Projects in Nigeria

(ICCIDC-1)”Advancing and Integrating Construction Education, Research and Practice, ., 2008 Karachi, Pakistan, 392-404. [18] Idoro, G. I., Patunola-Ajayi, J. B. ‘Evaluating the strategies for marketing project management system in the Nigerian construction industry’, Nordic Journal of Surveying and Real Estate Research, 6 (2009). No.2, pp.25-36. [19] Ogwueleka, A. The Critical Success Factors Influencing Project Performance in Nigeria. International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, 6. (2011) No.5, 343

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A Review of the Properties, Structural Characteristics and Application Potentials of Concrete Containing Wood Waste as Partial Replacement of one of its Constituent Material

; (assessed 12 - 01 - 2018) [4] RAE. (2017) 2017 (assessed 6- 10 - 2017). [5] MEHTA, P. K. (2002). Greening of the concrete industry for sustainable development. Concrete International Vol. 24, No. 7, pp. 23 - 28. [6] OCHSENDORF, J A. (2005) Sustainable engineering: the future of structural design, Structures. ASCE [7] SUHENDRO, B. (2014). Toward green concrete for better sustainable

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Laser borided composite layer produced on austenitic 316L steel

83 (2009) 1442-1447. [4] Li Y., Wang Z., Wang L., Surface properties of nitrided layer on AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel produced by high temperature plasma nitriding in short time, Applied Surface Science 298 (2014) 243-250. [5] Frączek T., Olejnik M., Jasiński J., Skuza Z., Short-term lowtemperature glow discharge nitriding of 361L austenitic steel, Metalurgija 50 (3) (2011) 151-154. [6] Sun Y., Li X., Bell T., Structural characteristics of low temperature plasma carburised austenitic stainless steel

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