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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

gain high influence. The constructed model can be further developed to an influence prediction system. When a new microblog entry is generated, the system can automatically determine its influence level in real time. The emergency management departments can evaluate its potential risk and respond in advance to avoid future problems. The management departments may also use the prediction system to estimate the influence of the microblog entries that they are going to post and find the best way to serve the public in terms of emergency response. The limitation of

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

language diversity in research assessment, evaluation, and funding systems . Make sure that in the process of expert-based evaluation, high quality research is valued regardless of the publishing language or publication channel. _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ Make sure that when metrics-based systems are utilized, journal and book publications in all languages are adequately taken into account. Helsinki Initiative on Multilingualism in Scholarly Communication has been prepared by the

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A Longitudinal Analysis of the Effect of Alphabetization on Academic Careers

programs. Therefore, we repeated this procedure 8,070 (1,345´6) times to attain 8,070 text files. The procedure was easy and fast if the printing quality of the course catalogs was high. If the printing quality was low, an optical character recognition (OCR) program was used to copy information from course catalogs. It was easier to record information manually than copying by OCR if the printing quality was very poor. The next step was to combine all these text files into a single text file. Programs in Perl were used to clean and unite text files. First names of the

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Big Data in Health Care: Applications and Challenges

different organizations, such as cloud-based PACS and cloud-based EHR systems ( He et al., 2010 ; Joshi & Yesha, 2012 ; Kanagaraj & Sumathi, 2011). Cloud security requires in many aspects, including data security, application security, system security, network security, and physical security, a high-quality of security management platform. Additionally, novel techniques have been proposed to improve the quality of HIS. For example, in order to achieve data-level interoperability, an adaptive AdapteR Interoperability ENgine (ARIEN) mediation system was proposed ( Khan et

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

within their environments as a means of gaining legitimacy. The usefulness of the institutional theory in understanding the adoption of specific technological innovations is well exemplified in the existing literature ( Cavusoglu et al., 2015 ; Liang et al., 2007 ). Butler (2003) , for example, uses the institutional theory to show that a high degree of established commitments and maintaining existing relationships are the two institutional factors that influence the development of web-based systems in organizations. Cavalluzzo and Ittner (2004) reveal that the

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Smart and Connected Health: What Can We Learn from Funded Projects?

Cluster6 decision, treatment, data, artificial, ai, system, model, intelligence, methods, behavioral, diagnostic, clinician, practice, software, prediction, processing, platform, software, assessment, exploratory Cluster7 ultrasound, image, behavior, therapy, visualization, high-dimensional, medicine, adaptive, 3-d, modeling, imaging, processing, telemedicine infrastructure, device, signal – Cluster0 is about the smart and connected health related education and academic activities. Its content includes the doctoral consortiums, annual conferences

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A Three-way Interaction Model of Information Withholding: Investigating the Role of Information Sensitivity, Prevention Focus, and Interdependent Self-Construal

1 Introduction With the rapid development of Web 2.0 technologies, social network services (SNSs) have become increasingly popular in the past few years. SNS refers to a web-based platform that allows individuals to “construct a public or semi-public profile within a bounded system; articulate a list of other users with whom they share a connection; and view and traverse their list of connections and those made by others within the system” ( Boyd & Ellison, 2007 , p. 211). As a convenient way to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships without the

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Structural Analysis of Medical-Terminology Hashtag versus Lay-Language Hashtag Tweet Collections: An Information Theoretical Method with Entropy Matrix

evaluate the level of predictability ( Miller, 1953 ), redundancy ( Hayes, 1993 ), and degree of randomness/complexity/uncertainty ( Ritchie, 1986 ) in a well-defined system. The concept of entropy in information theory ( Shannon, 1948 ) provides researchers with a means to examine a variety of combinations of typical components in a tweet. Healthcare professionals face challenges when communicating campaign messages to the general public on Twitter by leveraging the limited space (140-character limit) to deliver an efficient message. The trade-off is that assigning

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When Econometrics Meets Machine Learning

: Econometrics and machine learning depend on each other My job is to give everybody a quiz. Take the bank lending process as an example. Assume there are eight individuals with different features, such as height, income, and education level. One person is a tall guy, with high income and high school education. Another person is a tall guy, with low income and undergraduate education. The third one is a tall guy, with medium income and undergraduate education. Therefore, we just want to find out the logical relationship behind the data. Is height relevant with income? Is

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