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CRM influence on organisational performance — the moderating role of IT reliability

. Navimipour N. J. 2018 The impact of the customer relationship management on the organization performance Journal of High Technology Management Research 29 237 246 Tsou, H. T., & Huang, Y. W. (2018). Empirical Study of the Affecting Statistical Education on Customer Relationship Management and Customer Value in Hitech Industry. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics , Science and Technology Education , 14 (4), 1287–1294. Tsou H. T. Huang Y. W. 2018 Empirical Study of the Affecting Statistical Education on Customer Relationship Management and

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Integration of digital technologies in the field of construction in the Russian Federation

governments to provide better public services to citizens. However, the impact of the use of digital technologies depends on improvements of the business climate, the efficiency of the education and healthcare systems and the existing management practices. These circumstances contribute to changes in roles performed by each participant of economic relations, including the state, in the process of economic transformation ( World Development Report, 2016 ). In 2017, Russia took action to form and develop the information society at the federal level, within the framework of

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Operationalising Responsible Research and Innovation – tools for enterprises

Technology Studies Business Ethics / CSR Philosophy of Management Innovation and Technology Management Systemic dimension micro meso macro Sectoral dimension Industry/Business Public Administration/Policy Bodies Universities and Research Institutions Organisational dimension Micro (individuals in an organisation) Meso (teams) Macro (organization as a whole) Place in innovation ecosystem Input Throughput Output Innovation type Low-tech innovation High-tech innovation Source: author’s elaboration on

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Development of intelligent agents through collaborative innovation

paper also presents some research questions, the answers to which are based on the preliminary qualitative study. Finally, conclusions are offered. 1 BVA in Business Interactions Research on Artificial Intelligence concerns any device that perceives its environment and takes actions to maximise its chances to successfully achieve its goals ( Russell and Norvig, 2009 ). Contemporary Artificial Intelligence is a discrete system that performs selected functions in one of three areas: interactions based on natural language, image recognition, biometrics and learning

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Managerial reporting by food production companies in Slovakia in 2017

transportation, loading and disposal or further processing of animal waste based on a contractual relationship. Similarly, different waste, such as paper, glass, cardboard, plastic and rubber packaging, is transported by subcontractors authorised to process, recycle and recover such waste. The enterprises conformed to the waste policy by implementing waste management systems that focused on correct sorting and high level of waste recovery. Sugar factories classified in SK NACE under 10810 — “Manufacture of sugar”, can be taken as an example of waste recovery, which is used by

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“Appreciate me and i will be your good soldier”. The exploration of antecedents to consumer citizenship

. Tab. 1 presents basic information about survey respondents. Tab. 1 Profile of survey respondents S pecification S ample [%] 1. Gender   a. Female 53.3   b. Male 46.7 2. Age   a. 18 – 25 years 40.0   b. 26 – 35 years 11.4   c. 36 – 45 years 13.38   d. 46 – 55 years 15.2   e. 56 – 56 years 10.5   f. 66 years and more 9.5 3. Education   a. Primary and junior high school 2.9   b. Vocational 14.3   c. Secondary general 33

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Physician Appraisals: Key Challenges

:// Kanellopoulos, D. (2012). Comparative approach at the European level of the human resources management of the health system. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 46, 5274-5279. Kemper, M., Linke, J., Zahnert, T., & Neudert, M. (2014). Peer teaching and peer assessment are appropriate tools in medical education in otorhinolaryngology. Laryngorhinootologie, 93(6), 392-397. Klass, D. (2007). Assessing doctors at work -progress and challenges. The New England Journal of Medicine, 356(4), 414

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Modal Competition and Complementarity: Cost Optimization at End-User Level

. [4]. A. KORZHENEVYCH, N. DEHNEN, J. BRÖCKER, M. HOLTKAMP, H. MEIER, G. GIBSON, A. VARMA, V. COX: ” Update of the Handbook on External Costs of Transport “, Ricardo - AEA, European Commission – DG Mobility and Transport, MOVE/D3/2011/571, 2014 . [5]. P. HEYNE, P.J. BOETKE, D.L. PRYCHITKO: “ The Economic Way of Thinking ” (13th Ed.), Pearson Publishing, 2014 . [6]. Ş. RAICU: ” Transport Systems ”, Ed. AGIR, Bucharest, 2007 . ( In Romanian ) [7]. J. PERLOFF: ” Microeconomics ”, Pearson Education, 2012 . [8]. R.S. PINDYCK, D.L. RUBINFELD

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Influence of personal variables on entrepreneurial intention: A comparative study between Poland and Spain

Introduction The literature confirms the need to identify and strengthen the factors, on which the process of creating new companies depends, due to the high influence that entrepreneurship has on the economic growth and development of countries ( Urbano, Aparicio & Audretsch, 2018 ). In the studies developed by researchers and the reports and documents prepared periodically by the GEM (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), it is confirmed that these factors are eminently contextual and personal ( Busenitz et al., 2014 ). Although the contextual factors of

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