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The Relationship between Service Quality Dimensions and Brand Equity: Higher Education Students’ Perceptions

:// Farquhar, P. (1989). Managing Brand Equity. Marketing Research : 24–33. Gbadamosi, G. and de Jager, J. (2008). Measuring service quality in South African Higher Education: Developing a Multidimensional Scale . Spain: Global Business and Technology Association: 8–12. He, H. and Li, Y. (2011). Key service drivers for high-tech service brand equity: The mediating role of overall service quality and perceived value. Journal of Marketing Management , 27 (1–2): 77–79. Hemsley-Brown, J. and Goonawardana, S. (2007

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Students’ Team Project Experiences and Their Attitudes Towards Teamwork

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Leadership Competences Among Managers

. San Diego. Clark, P.G. (2013). Toward a transtheoretical model of interprofessional education: Stages, processes and forces supporting institutional change. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27(1): 43-49, Dvir, T., Kass, N. and Shamir, B. (2004). The emotional bond: Vision and organizational commitment among high-tech employees. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 17(2): 126-143, Fiedler, F.E. (2002). The curious role of

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Entrepreneurship in Virtual Economy: the Case of Currency One SA

References Afuah, A. and Tucci, C.L. (2000). Internet business models and strategies: Text and cases. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Afuah, A. and Tucci, C.L. (2003). Biznes internetowy. Strategie i modele. Kraków: Oficyna Ekonomiczna. Andries, P. and Debackere, K. (2007). Adaptation and performance in new businesses: understanding the moderating effects of independence and industry. Small Business Economics, 29(1): 81-99, Appel, W. and Behr, R

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Disruptive Innovation in Automotive Retailing

, business, and the global economy . San Francisco: McKinsey and Co. Markides, C. (2006). Disruptive Innovation: In Need of Better Theory. Journal of Product Innovation Management , 23 : 19–25, Maxwell, J. (2000). Causal Explanation, Qualitative Research, and Scientific enquiry in Education. The Sciences , 2(March): 3–11. McKinsey and Co (2016). Automotive revolution – perspective towards 2030. Stuttgart: McKinsey and Co. McKinsey and Company (2014). McKinsey’s 2013 Retail Innovation Consumer

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Managerial Discretion and Constraints: A Bounded Leadership Model

.1177/1548051809334190 Federici, R.A. (2013). Principals’ self-efficacy: Relations with job autonomy, job satisfaction, and contextual constraints. European Journal of Psychology of Education , 28 (1), 73–86, Fischer, T., Dietz, J. and Antonakis, J. (2017). Leadership process models: A review and synthesis. Journal of Management , 43 (6), 1726–1753, Fishbein, M. and Ajzen, I. (1975). Belief attitude, intention, and behavior: An introduction to theory and research. Reading, MA: Addison

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Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship: A Theoretical Approach

, firm emergence and growth . Elsevier, Oxford. Davidsson, P. (2005). The types and contextual fit of entrepreneurial processes. International Journal of Entrepreneurship Education , 2 (4), Davidsson, P. and Henrekson, M. (2002). Determinants of the prevalence of start-ups and high-growth firms. Small Business Economics , 19 (2): 81–10, de Meza, D. and Southey, C. (1996). The Borrower’s Curse: Optimism, Finance and Entrepreneurship. Economic Journal, Royal

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Inequality in Economics: The Concept, Perception, Types, and Driving Forces

-750X(00)00110-8 El-Osta, H.S., Bernat, G.A. and Ahearn, M.C. (1995). Regional Differences in the Contribution of Off-Farm Work to Income Inequality. Agric. Resour. Econ. Rev. , 24 : 1–14, Feenberg, D.R. and Poterba, J.M. (2000). The Income and Tax Share of Very High-Income Households, 1960-1995. Am. Econ. Rev. , 90 : 264–270, Fehr, E. and Fischbacher, U. (2002). Why Social Preferences Matter – The Impact Of Non-Selfish Motives On Competition, Cooperatives and

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