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in the Health Professions, 33(1), 54-62. Schumacher, D. J., van der Vleuten, C. P. M., & Carraccio, C. L. (2016). The Future of High-Quality Care Depends on Better Assessment of Physician Performance. Journal of the American Medical Association. Paediatrics, 170(12), 1131-1132. Stausmire, J. M., Cashen, C. P, Myerholtz, L., & Buderer, N. (2015). Measuring General Surgery Residents’ Communication Skills From the Patient’s Perspective Using the Communication Assessment Tool (CAT). Journal of Surgical Education, 72(1), 108-116. Taveira-Gomes, I., Mota-Cardoso, R

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). Intergenerational Equity and the Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainability , 10, 3836. Spijkers O. 2018 Intergenerational Equity and the Sustainable Development Goals Sustainability 10 3836 Stirpe, L., & Zárraga-Oberty, C. (2017). Are High-Performance Work Systems Always a Valuable Retention Tool? The Roles of Workforce Feminization and Flexible Work Arrangements. European Management Journal , 35, 128-136. Stirpe L. & Zárraga-Oberty C. 2017 Are High-Performance Work Systems Always a Valuable Retention Tool? The Roles of Workforce Feminization and Flexible Work Arrangements

in the engineering school after finishing a high school at the age of 17. Based on the results, the engineering education could be described as a male-dominated sector. So, the study results could be generalised to males as more than 82% of students in the engineering schools are males. 3.2 Ranking and RII for competencies This section aims to rate the value of the competency elements by their degree of relevance. The RII is a simple but effective approach that has been widely used to determine attitudes to the factors being assessed. Respondents were asked to rate

22 141 157 Soltani, Z., Zareie, B., Milani, F. S., & Navimipour, N. J. (2018). The impact of the customer relationship management on the organization performance. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 29 , 237–246. 10.1016/j.hitech.2018.10.001 Soltani Z. Zareie B. Milani F. S. Navimipour N. J. 2018 The impact of the customer relationship management on the organization performance Journal of High Technology Management Research 29 237 246 Tsou, H. T., & Huang, Y. W. (2018). Empirical Study of the Affecting Statistical Education on Customer Relationship

statistical methods minimises the impact of these errors on our knowledge. But in many cases, it is not possible, and then, the knowledge has a high degree of uncertainty ( Magruk, 2017 ; Bukowski, 2019 ). The problem of knowledge imperfection has become particularly important as a result of the increased use of vast data amounts, called “Big Data” ( Corrigan, 2013 ). For these reasons, one of the key problems in the effective use of smart systems based on data streams, such as Logistics 4.0, is the objective assessment of the reliability of this data and the quality of

adaptation (statements 4, 8, 10 and 14). Respondents with high-school education preferred Instagram and YouTube (statements 16 and 17). The second recommendation is to pursue good content on the website, use the same content on Facebook, target women, of 46–55, with higher education. Although the preferences for content on the website were not overly positive, they were still rather positive, and the content was still incredibly important. Because of the age, gender and education structure, it was clear that it does not need to be young and flashy, but can rather be about

upon the high-quality implementation of innovative systems and the need to gain public confidence and acceptability through active involvement and action ( Banister, 2008 ). Goldman and Gorham identified four emerging areas of innovation: new mobility, city logistics, intelligent system management and livability ( Goldman and Gorham, 2006 ). According to Richardson, physical, psychological and social needs are primary influencers of sustainable transportation indicators for passenger transport ( Richardson, 2005 ). Tab. 1 shows some of the main differentiating

governments to provide better public services to citizens. However, the impact of the use of digital technologies depends on improvements of the business climate, the efficiency of the education and healthcare systems and the existing management practices. These circumstances contribute to changes in roles performed by each participant of economic relations, including the state, in the process of economic transformation ( World Development Report, 2016 ). In 2017, Russia took action to form and develop the information society at the federal level, within the framework of

impact of BIZ-TRIZ implementation on specific recipients, the main stakeholders, directly related to the BIZ-TRIZ implementation, were identified and summarised in Tab. 2 . Tab. 2 Main stakeholders in the implementation of the BIZ-TRIZ mechanism S ymbol S takeholder I1 The Ministry of Science and Higher Education — the Government of the Republic of Poland I2 A recognised TRIZ training and research Centre (e.g. ETRIA Berlin Institute) I3 A high-class specialist(s) of TRIZ, e.g. the TRIZ MASTER I4 A supplier of TRIZ training materials I5 Institutions of the business