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FGB -455 G>A and GP IIIa PIA1/A2 polymorphisms in a group of Romanian stroke patients

Abbreviations EU- European Union GP- glycoprotein IHD- ischemic heart disease FGG- fibrinogen gamma FGA- fibrinogen alpha FGB- fibrinogen beta CVD- cerebrovascular disease vWF- von Willenbrand Factor PCR-RFLP- polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism χ 2 - Chi-square test OR- odds ratio CI- confidence interval SNP- single nucleotide polymorphism References 1. Ohman EM, Bhatt DL, Steg PG, Goto S, Hirsch AT, Liau CS, et al. The Reduction of Atherothrombosis for Continued Health (REACH) Registry: an

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Abnormal platelet count correlates with poor survival in hepatocellular carcinoma

1 Introduction Liver cancer is the sixth most prevalent cancer and third most common global cause of cancer-related deaths [ 1 ]. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) constitutes >80% of primary liver cancers and is a major public health problem [ 2 ]. In Asia, approximately 80% of HCC cases, which are most commonly derived from chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, develop in the presence of liver cirrhosis [ 3 ]. In recent years, the incidence of HCC in Asia–Pacific regions has had a significant increase [ 4 ]. Despite improvements in the screening and

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