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Evaluation of chromium, nickel, iron and manganese content in wheat, flour, bran and selected baked products

References 1. Alomary A. Wedian F.: The Influence of Baking Fuel Types on the Residues of Some Heavy Metals in Jordanian Bread. JJC, 7(1), 2012. 2. Ambroziak Z.: Piekarstwo i ciastkarstwo, Wydawnictwo Naukowo Techniczne, Warszawa 1988. 3. Brüggemann J., Dorfner H. H., Heckt H. et al.: Status of Trace Elements in Staple Foods from Germany 1990-1994. FAO REH Technical Series 49, 1998. 4. Concise Statistical Yearbook of Poland 2012. 5. Grembecka M., Kusiuk A., Szefer P.: Content of

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Evaluation of cadmium, lead, zinc and copper levels in selected ecological cereal food products and their non-ecological counterparts

References 1. Cozma-Petruţ A. Loghin F. Miere D. Dumitraşcu D.L. Diet in irritable bowel syndrome: What to recommend, not what to forbid to patients! World J Gastroenterol. 2017;23(21):3771-3783. 2. Schützendübel A. Schwanz P. Teichmnn T. Gross K. Langenfeld- Heyser R. Godbol DL. et al. Cadmium-induced changes in antioxidative systems, hydrogen peroxide content, and differentiation in Scots Pine roots. Plant Physiol. 2001;127:887:898. 3. Hęs M. Nadolna J. Evaluation of chosen heavy metal contents in instant

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Selenium and manganese in depression – preclinical and clinical studies

. Contents of essential and toxic mineral elements in Swedish market-basket diets in 1987. Br J Nutr. 1991;66(2):151. 5. Banikazemi Z, Mirzaei H, Mokhber N, Mobarhan MG. Selenium Intake is Related to Beck’s Depression Score. Iran Red Crescent Med J.2016;18(3):e21993. 6. Benton D, Cook R. The impact of selenium supplementation on mood. Biol Psychiatry. 1991;29(11):1092. 7. Bouabid S, Delaville C, De Deurwaerdere P, Lakhdar-Ghazal N, Benazzouz A. Manganese-Induced Atypical Parkinsonism Is Associated with Altered Basal Ganglia

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