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Assessment of the quality and irrigation purpose suitability of alluvial water in Erfoud, Morocco

many factors, i.a., climate zone, anthropogenic environmental pressure, biological productivity, and mineralization. In the dry zone, the availability of freshwater is usually very limited, and surface water and shallow groundwater are characterized with high salinity ( El Mandour et al. 2008 , Ammar et al. 2016 , Fakharian, Narany 2016 ). In hot, dry areas, the high content of mineral salts in water is related to low precipitation and intensive evaporation. The amount of water used for agricultural, animal breeding and industrial purposes has increased recently

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Humusica: Soil biodiversity and global change

.1016/j.apsoil.2017.06.023 . GADD G.M., 2007, Geomycology: biogeochemical transformations of rocks, minerals, metals and radionuclides by fungi, bioweathering and bioremediation. Mycological Research, 111, 3–49. DOI: . GADD G.M., 2004, Mycotransformation of organic and inorganic substrates. Mycologist, 18: 60–70. DOI: . GADD G.M., SARIASLANI S., 2017, Advances in Applied Microbiology, Advances in Applied Microbiology. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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Sediment origin and pedogenesis in the former mill pond basin of Turznice (north-central Poland) based on magnetic susceptibility measurements

. Environmental Pollution, 143: 34-45. BARANOWSKI B., 1977, Polskie Młynarstwo. Zakład Narodowy im. Ossolińskich, Wrocław-Warszawa- Krakow-Gdańsk. BRÜMMER G., HERMS U., 1983, Influence of soil reaction and organic matter on the solubility of heavy metals in soils. [in:] Ulrich B. (ed.), Effects of accumulation of air pollutants in forest ecosystems, Pankrath J.D. Reidel Publishing Company, Dordrecht: 233-243. BRYKAŁA D., 2005, Rekonstrukcja retencji zbiornikowej zlewni Skrwy Lewej w ciągu ostatnich 200 lat. Przegląd Geograficzny

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Sandstone Geomorphology of South-West Jordan, Middle East

References Abdelhamid G., 1990. The geology of the Jabal Umm Ishrin area (Wadi Rum). Bulletin, Geology Directorate, Amman 14. Abu-Safat M., 1987. Verwitterung and Hangabtragung im “Nubischen Sandstein” Südjordaniens. Mitteilungen der Fränkischen Geographischen Gesellschaft 33/34: 129-256. Adamovič J., Mikuláš R., Cílek V., 2006. Sandstone Districts of the Bohemian Paradise: Emergence of a Romantic Landscape. Geolines 21: 1-100. Amireh, B.S., 1994. Heavy and clay minerals as tools in solving

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Urban Geomorphology in Coastal Environment: Man-Made Morphological Changes in a Seaside Tourist Resort (Rapallo, Eastern Liguria, Italy)

., 1996. An approach to theory and methods of urban geomorphology. Chinese Geographical Science 6 (1): 88–95. Cimmino F., Faccini F., Robbiano A., 2004. Stones and coloured marbles of Liguria in historical monuments. Per. Mineral . 73 (Special Issue 3: a showcase of the Italian research in applied petrology): 71–84. Città Metropolitana di Genova, 2015. Piano di Bacino Ambito 15, piano stralcio per la tutela dal rischio idrogeologico di cui all’art. 1, comma 1 del D.L. n. 180/1998 convertito in Legge n. 267/1998 e s.m.i. Available at: http

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Review of Polish contribution to snow cover research (1880–2017)

Niemczech w latach 1950/51-1999/00. In: K. Piotrowicz, R. Twardosz (eds), Wahania klimatu w różnych skalach przestrzennych i czasowych, IGiGP UJ, Kraków: 215–223. Bednorz E., 2008a. Synoptic conditions of snow occurrence in Budapest. Meteorologische Zeitschrift 17(1): 39–45. Bednorz E., 2008b. Fluctuations of snow cover depth in Central European Lowlands under Northern Hemisphere circulation patterns. Quaestiones Geographicae 27A: 5–18. Bednorz E., 2008c. Synoptic reasons for heavy snowfalls in the Polish – German lowlands. Theoretical and Applied

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An assessment of urban habitat contamination with selected heavy metals within the city of Katowice using the common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Web.) as a bioindicator

-258. Ciepał R. 1999. Kumulacja metali ciężkich i siarki w roślinach wybranych gatunków oraz glebie jako wskaźnik stanu skażenia środowiska terenów chronionych województw śląskiego i małopolskiego . Pr. Nauk. UŚ w Katowicach, nr 1774, Wyd. Uniw. Śl., Katowice. Czarnowska K., Milewska A. 2000. The content of heavy metals in an indicator plant (Taraxacum officinale) in Warsaw. Pol. J. Environ. Stud ., 9(2): 125-128. Davis T.A., Volesky B., Mucci A. 2003. A review of the biochemistry of heavy metal biosorption by brown algae. Water Res ., 37(18): 4311

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Contamination of soil and vegetation at a magnesite mining area in Jelšava-Lubeník (Slovakia)

References Act No. 220/2004 (2004). Coll. of laws on the protection and use of agricultural land. Bratislava: National Council of Slovak Republic. Adriano, D.C. (2001). Trace elements in the terrestrial environment. Springer: New York. Baluchová, B., Bačík, P., Fejdi, P. & Čaplovičová M. (2011). Mineralogical research of the mineral dust fallout from the years 2006−2008 in the area of Jelšava (Slovak Republic). Mineralia Slovaca , 43, 327−334. Banásová, V. (2004). The unique vegetation on old mining dumps (in Slovak). Chránené Územia

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Preliminary Assessment of Silting and The Quality of Bottom Sediments in A Small Water Reservoir

of the construction of reservoir on the Lubianka River]. Kielce. ŚZMiUW. Manuscript pp. 25. Kostera E., Jaworski J., Rybak H. 1986a. Projekt techniczny regulacji rzeki Lubianka [Technical design of the regulation of the Lubianka River]. Kielce. ŚZMiUW. Manuscript pp. 50. Kostera E., Jaworski J., Wolańczyk B. 1986b. Plan realizacji „Lubianka - zbiornik” [Plan of realization „Lubianka - reservoir”]. Kielce. ŚZMiUW. Manuscript pp. 17. Kyzioł J. 1994. Minerały ilaste jako sorbent metali ciężkich [Clay minerals as a sorbent for heavy metals] Prace i Studia IPIŚ

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The Effect of Cd, Zn and Fe on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Wheat and Bean

References Acharya, S. & Sharma D.K. (2014). Study on the effect of heavy metals on seed germination and plant growth on Jatropha curcas . International Journal of Agricultural Science Research , 3(3), 031−034. Araujo, A.S.F. & Monteiro R.T.R. (2005). Plant bioassays to assess toxicity of textile sludge compost. Sci. Agric. (Piracicaba Braz .), 62(3), 286−290. DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162005000300013. Arora, A., Sairam, R.K. & Srivastava G.C. (2002). Oxidative stress and antioxidative system in

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