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Physiology and Biochemistry of the Tobacco Plant. 2. Physiological Malfunctions: Mineral Nutrients - Physiologie und Biochemie der Tabakpflanze: 2. PhysiologischeStörungen: Mineralstoffe

: Mineral deficiency symptoms displayed by tobacco grown in the greenhouse under controlled conditions; Univ. Puerto Rico Agric. Exp. Stn. Tech. Pap. 23, 1957. Clarke, B. B., und E. Brennan: Tobacco leaves accumulate cadmium from root applications of the heavy metal; Tob. Sci. 27 (1983) 28-29. Crooks, W. M., J. G. Hunter und G. Vergane: The relationship between nickel toxicity and iron supply; Ann. Appl. Biol. 41 (1954) 311-324. Elliot, J. M.: Production factors affecting chemical properties of

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Nutrient Concentration Changes in Oriental Kabakulak Tobacco during the Growing Season

position and leaf portion; Tob. Sci. 12 (1968) 91-94. 4. Dirks, B., and F. Scheffer: Z. Pflanzenern., Düngung und Bodenk. 1933, 428. 5. Eck, H. V., and J. T. Musick: Plant water stress effects on irrigated grain sorghum, 11. Effects on nutrients in plant tissues; Crop Sci. 19 (1979) 592-598. 6. Gopalachari, N. C., M. C. Manga Reddy and K. L. Narasaiah: Dry matter production and nutrient uptake by flue-cured tobacco at different stages of growth in representative. light and heavy soils of Andhva Pradesh; Tob. Res. 4 (1978) 6

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Study of Growing Flue-cured Tobacco in Croatia under Various Conditions of Irrigation and Nitrogen Nutrition

.C. Manga Reddy, and K.L. Nara-saiah: Dry matter production and nutrient uptake by flue-cured tobacco at different stages of growth in representative light and heavy soils of Andhra Pradesh; Tob. Res., India 4-1 (1978) 6-11. 13. Ismail, M.N. and R.C. Long: Growing flue-cured tobacco to prespecified leaf chemistries through cultural manipulations; Tob. Sci. 24 (1980) 114-118. 14. Lolas, P.C: Growth characteristics of flue-cured varie-ties in Greece; Bul. Spéc. CORESTA, Symposium Kallithea 1990, Cooperation Center for

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The Chemical Components Identified in Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke Prior to 1954: A Chronology of Classical Chemistry

-causing benzpyrene obtained from tobacco tar]; Z. Krebsforsch. 49 (1939) 588–597, see Biol. Abstr. 14 (1939) 16122. 179. Cooper, R. L. and A. J. Lindsey: The presence of polynuclear hydrocarbons in cigarette smoke; Chem. and Ind. (London) (1953) 1205. 180. Heffer, W. and Sons: Bibliography of the more important heavy metals occurring in food and biological materials; Cambridge, England (1934) pp. 1–30. 181. Gabelya, Y. O. and G. I. Kipriyanov: The content of pectin in tobacco; Ukrainskii Khem. Zhur. 4 (1929) 37–43. 182. Vickery, H. B., G. W. Pucher, A. J. Wakeham, and C. S

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