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Application of Coal Thermal Treatment Technology for Oil-Free Firing of Boilers

Republic of Kazakhstan. 15. Zhang, D. Thermal Decomposition of Coal. Coal, Oil Shale, Natural Bitumen, Heavy Oil and Peat , 1 . Encyclopaedia of Life. Available at 16. Messerlea, V.E., & Ustimenko, A.B. (2016). Plasma gasification of coal with the extraction of valuable components of the mineral mass. Engineering & Technologies , 9 (8), 1311–1313. 17. Zhao, Y., & Wang, S. (2017). Analysis of thermoelectric generation characteristics of flue gas waste heat from natural gas boiler. Energy

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Musculoskeletal Outcomes from Chronic High-Speed High-Impact Resistive Exercise

-impulse device evoked large and significant gains in left leg’s calcaneal bone mineral content (+29%) and density (+33%), as well as a significant decline in osteoclast activity ( Caruso et al., 2018 ). Such results hold much promise, as the calcaneus incurs among the largest in-flight losses that are exacerbated by heightened osteoclast activity (Heer et al. 2005; LeBlanc et al., 2007 ). The high-speed high-impact device, called an Inertial Exercise Trainer (IET; Impulse Technologies, Newnan, GA), has a mass sled that traverses its 1.9-m track parallel to the Earth

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Physiology and Biochemistry of the Tobacco Plant. 2. Physiological Malfunctions: Mineral Nutrients - Physiologie und Biochemie der Tabakpflanze: 2. PhysiologischeStörungen: Mineralstoffe

: Mineral deficiency symptoms displayed by tobacco grown in the greenhouse under controlled conditions; Univ. Puerto Rico Agric. Exp. Stn. Tech. Pap. 23, 1957. Clarke, B. B., und E. Brennan: Tobacco leaves accumulate cadmium from root applications of the heavy metal; Tob. Sci. 27 (1983) 28-29. Crooks, W. M., J. G. Hunter und G. Vergane: The relationship between nickel toxicity and iron supply; Ann. Appl. Biol. 41 (1954) 311-324. Elliot, J. M.: Production factors affecting chemical properties of

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The natural radioactivity of the Carpathian national parks and radon evaluation

-series geochemistry Rev. Mineral. Geochem. 52 1 1 21 9. Dragović, S., Mihailović, N., & Gajić, B. (2008). Heavy metals in soils: distribution, relationship with soil characteristics and radionuclides and multivariate assessment of contamination sources. Chemosphere, 72 (3), 491–495. Dragović S. Mihailović N. Gajić B. 2008 Heavy metals in soils: distribution, relationship with soil characteristics and radionuclides and multivariate assessment of contamination sources Chemosphere 72 3 491 495 10. Krmar, M., Slivka, J., Varga, E

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Nutrient Concentration Changes in Oriental Kabakulak Tobacco during the Growing Season

position and leaf portion; Tob. Sci. 12 (1968) 91-94. 4. Dirks, B., and F. Scheffer: Z. Pflanzenern., Düngung und Bodenk. 1933, 428. 5. Eck, H. V., and J. T. Musick: Plant water stress effects on irrigated grain sorghum, 11. Effects on nutrients in plant tissues; Crop Sci. 19 (1979) 592-598. 6. Gopalachari, N. C., M. C. Manga Reddy and K. L. Narasaiah: Dry matter production and nutrient uptake by flue-cured tobacco at different stages of growth in representative. light and heavy soils of Andhva Pradesh; Tob. Res. 4 (1978) 6

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Iron-containing phases in metallurgical and coke dusts as well as in bog iron ore

steel metallurgy as the source of soil contamination by technogenic magnetic particles, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Chemosphere, 138, 863-873. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2014.11.077. 4. Szuszkiewicz, M., Magiera, T., Kapička, A., Petrovský, E., Grison, H., & Gołuchowska, B. (2015). Magnetic characteristics of industrial dust from different sources of emission: A case study of Poland. J. Appl. Geophys., 116, 84-92. DOI: 10.1016/j.jappgeo.2015.02.027. 5. Heller, F., Strzyszcz, Z., & Magiera, T. (1998). Magnetic

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Ricinus communis L. (Castor bean), a potential multi-purpose environmental crop for improved and integrated phytoremediation

. Mater., 2011b, 196: 230-237. 60. Dakora FD, Phillips DA. Root exudates as mediators of mineral acquisition in low-nutrient environments, Plant Soil, 2002, 245: 35-47. 61. Jones DL, Dennis PG, Owen AG, van Hees PAW, Organic acid behavior in soils-misconceptions and knowledge gaps, Plant Soil, 2003, 248: 31-41. 62. Rajkumar M, Ae N, Prasad MNV, Freitas H. Potential of siderophore producing bacteria for improving heavy-metal phytoextraction, Trends Biotechnol., 2010, 28 (3): 142-149. 63. Romeiro S, Lagoa

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Study of Growing Flue-cured Tobacco in Croatia under Various Conditions of Irrigation and Nitrogen Nutrition

.C. Manga Reddy, and K.L. Nara-saiah: Dry matter production and nutrient uptake by flue-cured tobacco at different stages of growth in representative light and heavy soils of Andhra Pradesh; Tob. Res., India 4-1 (1978) 6-11. 13. Ismail, M.N. and R.C. Long: Growing flue-cured tobacco to prespecified leaf chemistries through cultural manipulations; Tob. Sci. 24 (1980) 114-118. 14. Lolas, P.C: Growth characteristics of flue-cured varie-ties in Greece; Bul. Spéc. CORESTA, Symposium Kallithea 1990, Cooperation Center for

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Influence of natural radium contamination of barium chloride on the determination of radium isotopes in the water samples using α/β liquid scintillation spectrometry

. Basyigit, B., & Tekin-Ozan, S. (2013). Concentrations of some heavy metals in water, sediment and tissues of pikeperch (Sander Lucioperca) from Karatas lake related to physico-chemical parameters, fi sh size and seasons. Pol. J. Environ. Stud., 22(3), 633-644. 9. Poggi, C. M., de Farias, E. E., Silveira, P. B., Filho, C. A., de Franca, E. J., Gazineu, M. H., & Hazin, C. A. (2015). 226Ra, 228Ra and 40K in scales from boilers of industrial installations. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., 306(3), 667-672. 10. Milvy, P., & Cothern, R. (1990

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Defense manifestations of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants in Ricinus communis L. exposed to lead in hydroponics

References 1. Gupta DK, Huang HG, Corpas FJ. Lead tolerance in plants: strategies for phytoremediation. Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., 2013; 20: 2150–2161. 2. Obiora SC, Chukwu A, Toteu SF, Davies TC. Assessment of heavy metal contamination in soils around lead (Pb)-zinc (Zn) mining areas in Enyigba, south-eastern Nigeria. J. Geol. Soc., 2016; 87: 453–462. 3. Kumar A and Prasad MNV. Plant-lead interactions: Transport, toxicity, tolerance, and detoxification mechanisms. Ecotoxicol. Environ. Saf. 2018; 166, 401–418. 4. Mroczek-Zdyrska M

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