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Clinical chemistry investigations in recumbent and healthy German Holstein cows after the fifth day in milk

as neural disorders caused by traumatic injuries ( e.g . rupture of muscles, contusions, luxations, pareses or paralyses), metabolic diseases due to regulatory disturbances or deficiencies of some minerals ( e.g . hypokalaemia or hypophosphataemia), and cattle with anxiety states in terms of psychogenic immobility. Hypomagnesaemia, hypocalcaemia, ketosis or hepatic coma can cause a disturbed sensorium. Possible reasons for disturbed general health are, for instance, severe intraabdominal disorders (such as gastrointestinal perforation, generalised peritonitis

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Response of the callus cells of fir (Abies nordmanniana) to in vitro heavy metal stress

in white lupin: uptake, root-to-shoot transfer and redistribution within the plant. New Phytologist, 171, 329-341. Patterson III W.A., Olson J.J. 1983. Effects of heavy metals on radicle growth of selected woody species germinated on filter paper, mineral and organic soil substrates. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 13, 233-238. Pospíšilová J., Tichá I., Kadleček P., Haisel D. 1999. Acclimatization of micropropagated plants to ex vitro conditions. Biologia Plantarum, 42, 481-497. Schenk R.U., Hildebrandt A.C. 1972

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Selenium, copper, and zinc concentrations in the raw and processed meat of edible land snails harvested in Poland

Biochem Phys C 1984, 79, 117-124. 6. Dębski B., Zachara B., Wąsowicz W.: Próby oceny poziomu selenu w Polsce oraz jego wpływ na zdrowotność ludzi i zwierząt. Folia Univ Agric Stetin Zootechnica 2001, 224, 31-38. 7. Gokoglu N., Yerlikaya P., Cengiz E.: Effects of cooking methods on the proximate composition and mineral contents of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Food Chem 2004, 84, 19-22. 8. Gomot A., Pihan F.: Comparison of the bioaccumulation capacities of copper and zinc in two snail subspecies (Helix). Ecotox

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Dietary organic trace minerals level influences eggshell quality and minerals retention in hens

References Abdallah A.G., Harms R.H., Wilson H.R., El - Husseiny O. (1994). Effect of removing trace minerals from the diet of hens laying eggs with heavy or light shell weight. Poultry Sci., 73: 295-301. Abdallah A.G., E 1 - Husseiny O.M., Abdel - Lati K.O. (2009). Influence of some dietary organic mineral supplementations on broiler performance. Int. J. Poultry Sci., 8: 291-298. Akagawa M., Wako Y., Suyama K. (1999). Lysyl oxidase coupled with catalase in egg shell membrane. Biochem. Biophys. Acta, 1434: 151

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Content of Chemical Elements in Wood-Destroying Fungi

( Lentinula edodes and Pleurotus species ) and an estimated approach to the volalite compounds. Food Chemistry , 105, 1188—1194. 4. Cocchi, L., Vescovi, L., Petrini L. E., Petrini, O., 2006: Heavy metals in edible mushrooms in Italy. Food Chemistry , 98, 277—284. 5. Falandysz, J., Borovička, J., 2013: Macro and trace mineral constituents and radionuclides in mushrooms: health benefits and risks. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. , 97, 477—501. 6. Ferreira, I. C. F. R., Barros, L., Abreu, R. M. V., 2009: Antioxidant in wild mushrooms. Current Medicinal

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Effectiveness of Selected Stages of Wastewater Treatment in Elimination of Eggs of Intestinal Parasites

and levels of heavy metals in municipal sewage sludge. Ann Agric Environ Med 2008, 15, 295–299. 9. Carrington E.G., Pike E.B., Auty D., Morris R.: Destruction of faecal bacteria, enteroviruses and ova of parasites in wasterwater sludge by aerobic thermophilic and anaerobic mesophilic digestion. Water Sci Technol 1991, 24, 377–380. 10. Report of the European Commission DG Environment under Study. Contract DG ENV.G.4/ETU/2008/0076r. Enviromental, economic and social impacts of the use of sewage sludge on land. Final Report. Milieu Ldt. Brussels (Belgium), 2008

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The Level of Arsenic in Water from Mineral Water Spring Gajdovka in Košice and the Associated Health Risks

REFERENCES 1. ATSDR — Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 2007: Toxicological profile for arsenic. U. S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service . Division of Toxicology and Environmental Medicine/Applied Toxicology Branch 1600, Clifton Road NE Mailstop F-32 Atlanta, Georgia, 30333. 2. Bodiš, D., Kordík, J., Slaninka, I., Malík, P., Liščák, P., Panák, D., et al., 2010: Mineral waters in Slovakia — evaluation of chemical composition stability using both historical records and the most recent data. Journal of

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Physicochemical Parameters of Selected Internal Organs of Fattening Pigs and Wild Boars

, Central Italy. It. J. Anim. Sci., 11: 354-362. Babicz M., Kamyk P., Stasiak A., Pastwa M. (2009). Opportunities to use Puławska pigs for heavy fattener production. Ann. Anim. Sci., 9: 259-268. Burlingame B., Nishida C., Uauy R., Weisell R. (2009). Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition (Report ofajoint FAO/WHO Export Consultation). Ann. Nutr. Met., 55: 1-3. Devine C., Dikeman M. (2014). Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences. 2nd ed., Academic Press, 1712 pp. Great Britain Cardiovascular Review Group (1994

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White Tea is More Effective in Preservation of Bone Loss in Adult Rats Co-Exposed to Lead and Cadmium Compared to Black, Red or Green Tea

brain. Neurotoxicol., 33: 280–289. Lattouf R., Younes R., Lutomski D., Naaman N., Godeau G., Senni K., Changotade S. (2015). Picrosirius red staining: a useful tool to appraise collagen networks in normal and pathological tissues. J. Histochem. Cytochem., 62: 751–758. Lim H.S., Lee H.H., Kim T.H., Lee B.R. (2016). Relationship between heavy metal exposure and bone mineral density in Korean adult. J. Bone Metab., 23: 223–231. Maeda-Yamamoto M. (2013). Human clinical studies of tea polyphenols in allergy or life style-related diseases. Curr. Pharm. Des

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Effect of light emitting diodes with different color temperatures on immune responses and growth performance of male broiler

lights promote growth and development of broilers via stimulating testosterone secretion and myofiber growth. J. Appl. Poultry Res., 17: 211-218. Gross W.B., Siegel H.S. (1983). Evaluation of the heterophil/lymphocyte ratio asameasure of stress in chickens. Avian Dis., 27: 972-979. Hassan M.R., Sultana S., Choe H.S., Ryu K.S. (2014). Acomparison of monochromatic and mixed LEDlight color on performance, bone mineral density, meat and blood properties, and immunity of broiler chicks. J. Poultry Sci., 51: 195-201. Huth J

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