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Contamination of soil and vegetation at a magnesite mining area in Jelšava-Lubeník (Slovakia)

References Act No. 220/2004 (2004). Coll. of laws on the protection and use of agricultural land. Bratislava: National Council of Slovak Republic. Adriano, D.C. (2001). Trace elements in the terrestrial environment. Springer: New York. Baluchová, B., Bačík, P., Fejdi, P. & Čaplovičová M. (2011). Mineralogical research of the mineral dust fallout from the years 2006−2008 in the area of Jelšava (Slovak Republic). Mineralia Slovaca , 43, 327−334. Banásová, V. (2004). The unique vegetation on old mining dumps (in Slovak). Chránené Územia

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The Effect of Cd, Zn and Fe on Seed Germination and Early Seedling Growth of Wheat and Bean

References Acharya, S. & Sharma D.K. (2014). Study on the effect of heavy metals on seed germination and plant growth on Jatropha curcas . International Journal of Agricultural Science Research , 3(3), 031−034. Araujo, A.S.F. & Monteiro R.T.R. (2005). Plant bioassays to assess toxicity of textile sludge compost. Sci. Agric. (Piracicaba Braz .), 62(3), 286−290. DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162005000300013. Arora, A., Sairam, R.K. & Srivastava G.C. (2002). Oxidative stress and antioxidative system in

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Transfer of Risk elements in soil–bilberry system

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Impact of Water-Induced Processes on the Development of Tarns and Their Basins in the High Tatras

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