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Flora and Vegetation of a Copper Mine Heap in Richtárová (The Starohorské Vrchy Mts., Slovakia)

Slovenska 1. Veda, Bratislava 185 pp. 21. Prát, S., Komárek, K. 1934. Vegetace u měděných dolú. Sborn. Mas. Akad. Práce 8: 1-16. 22. Schubert, R. 1953. Die Schwermetall-Pflanzengesellschaften des östlichen Harzvorlandes. Math. Nat. 3: 51-70. 23. Ernst, W.H.O. 1974. Schwermetallvegetation der Erde. Gustav Fischer Verl. Stuttgart. 161 p. 24. Malaisse, F., Baker, A. J. M., Ruelle, S. 1999. Diversity of plant communities and leaf heavy metal content at Luiswishi copper/cobalt mineralization, Upper Katanga, Dem. Rep. Congo. Biotechnology, Agronomy, Society and

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Diversity of soil mites (Acari: Mesostigmata: Gamasina) in various deciduous forest ecosystems of Muntenia region (southern Romania)

. M., Mourik J. M., Schilder M. L. M. 2009. The relationship between N mineralization or microbial biomass N with micromorphological properties in beech forest soils with different texture and pH. Biol. Fertil. Soils 45: 449-459. Manu M. 2008. Structure and dynamics of the predatory mites (Acari: Mesostigmata-Gamasina) from Bucharest. In: Species Monitoring in the central parks of Bucharest (Crăciun I., Ed.), pp. 68-78, Editura Ars Docendi, Bucharest University. Manu M., Honciuc V. 2010a. Ecological research on the soil mite

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The effect of municipal sewage sludge on the content, use and mass ratios of some elements in spring barley biomass

–565. Fytili D., Zabaniotou A., 2008. Utilization of sewage sludge in EU application of old and new methods – a review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 12(1): 116–140. Gondek K., 2012. Effect of fertilization with farmyard manure, municipal sewage sludge and compost from biodegradable waste on yield and mineral composition of spring wheat grain. Journal of Elementology 2: 231–245. Gondek K., Kopeć M., Głąb T., 2012. The contents of microelements and exogenous amino acids in spring wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) grain after municipal sewage sludge

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Vertical distribution of Cu, Ni and Zn in Brunic Arenosols and Gleyic Podzols of the supra-flood terrace of the Słupia River as affected by litho-pedogenic factors

., Komisarek J., Bednarek R., Mocek A., Skiba S., Wiatrowska K. 2011. Systematyka Gleb Polski, wydanie V. Roczniki Gleboznawcze 62(3): pp. 193. Martin C.W. 2000. Heavy metal trends in floodplain sediments and valley fill, River Lahn, Germany. Catena, 39: 53-68. Martinez C.E., Motto H.L. 2000. Solubility of lead, zinc and copper added to mineral soils, Environmental Pollution, 170: 153-158. McAlister J.J., Smith B.J., Török A. 2006. Element partitioning and potential mobility within surface dusts on buildings in a polluted urban

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Use of biofuel ashes in forestry

Journal, 69, 114-119. Naylor, L. M., Schmidt, E. 1989. Paper mill wood ash as a fertilizer and liming material: field trials. - Tappi Journal, 72, 199-206. Nieminen, M., Piirainen, S., Moilanen, M. 2005. Release of mineral nutrients and heavy metals from wood and peat ash fertilizers: field studies in Finnish forest soils. - Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 20, 146-153. Nylen, T., Grip, H. 1997. The origin and dynamics of 137 Cs discharge from a coniferous forest catchment. - Journal

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Plankton communities in oxbow lakes of the River Vistula (Oświęcim Basin) with bottom sediments heterogeneously contaminated with heavy metals

Univ. Press, New York, p. 359. Helios-Rybicka E., 1986, Rola minerałow ilastych w wiązaniu metali ciężkich przez osady rzeczne gornej Wisły (Role of clay minerals in the fixation of heavy metals in bottom sediments of the Upper Vistula River system), Geologia 32: 1-123 (in Polish). Helios-Rybicka E., 1991, Akumulacja i mobilizacja metali ciężkich w osadach środowiska wodnego: osady datowane jako wskaźnik chronologiczny (Accumulation and mobilization of heavy metals in bottom sediments of the aqueous environment: dated sediments as a

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The Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Eggs of Collared Flycatchers, Ficedula Albicollis (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae), and Tits, Parus Major, Parus Caeruleus (Passeriformes, Paridae), in Different Areas of North-Eastern Ukraine

References Aronsson, K. A., Ekelund, N. G. 2004. A. Biological effects of wood ash application to forest and aquatic ecosystems. Journal Environ. Qual., 33, 1595-1605. Berglund Asa, M. M., Rainio Miia, J., Eeva, T. 2012. Decreased metal accumulation in passerines as a result of reduced emissions. Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 31 (6), 1317-1323. Burger, J. 2002. Food Chain differences affect heavy metals in bird eggs in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. Environmental Research Section A, 90, 33

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Mineral Composition of Selected Serbian Propolis Samples

References Arslan, S. & Arikan, A. (2013). Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Bee Products. Effect of Distance from Highway. Turkish Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and Technology, 1(2), 90-93. Bogdanov, S. (2006). Contaminants of bee products. Apidologie, 37(1), 1-18. Bogdanov, S. (2014). Propolis: Composition, Health, Medicine: A Review. Bee Product Science, 1-40. Bonvehi, J

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Responses of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) and Maize (Zea Mays L.) Plants to Cadmium Toxicity in Relation to Magnesium Nutrition

Soil 153, 79-84. Fodor, F., Gáspár, L., Morales, F., Gogorcena, Y., Lucena, J. J., Cseh, E., Kröpfl, K., Abadía, J., Sárvári, É., 2005: Effects of two iron sources on iron and cadmium alloca-tion in poplar ( Populus alba ) plants exposed to cadmium. Tree Physiology 25, 11731180. Fodor, F., Sárvári, É., Lang, F., Szigeti, Z., Cseh, E., 1996: Effects of Pb and Cd on cucumber depending on the Fe-complex in the culture solution. Journal of Plant Physiology 148, 434-439. Gomes, M. P., Marques, T. C. L. L. S. M., Soares, A. M., 2013: Cadmium effects on mineral

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Accumulation of Heavy Metals by Small Mammals the Background and Polluted Territories of the Urals

profylaxis. Medicine, Moscow, 1-359 [In Russian]. Meerson, F. Z., Pshennikova, M. G. 1988. Adaptation to stress situations and physical activities. Medicine, Moscow, 1-253 [In Russian]. Mikshevich, N. V., Kovalchuk, L. A. 1990. Infl uence of the competition on behavior of heavy metals in the “soilplant- animal” system. Animals in the conditions of an anthropogenous landscape. Ural Worker, Sverdlovsk, 114-118 [In Russian]. Moskalyov, Yu. I. 1985. Mineral metabolism. Medicine, Moscow, 1-288 [In Russian]. Mudry

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