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The Analysis of Heavy Metal Concentrations in Eggs of Collared Flycatchers, Ficedula Albicollis (Passeriformes, Muscicapidae), and Tits, Parus Major, Parus Caeruleus (Passeriformes, Paridae), in Different Areas of North-Eastern Ukraine

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Mineral Composition of Selected Serbian Propolis Samples

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Accumulation of Heavy Metals by Small Mammals the Background and Polluted Territories of the Urals

profylaxis. Medicine, Moscow, 1-359 [In Russian]. Meerson, F. Z., Pshennikova, M. G. 1988. Adaptation to stress situations and physical activities. Medicine, Moscow, 1-253 [In Russian]. Mikshevich, N. V., Kovalchuk, L. A. 1990. Infl uence of the competition on behavior of heavy metals in the “soilplant- animal” system. Animals in the conditions of an anthropogenous landscape. Ural Worker, Sverdlovsk, 114-118 [In Russian]. Moskalyov, Yu. I. 1985. Mineral metabolism. Medicine, Moscow, 1-288 [In Russian]. Mudry

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Consecutive repetition of lordosis-kyphosis in silverside Atherina boyeri Risso, 1810 collected from a wild population in Homa Lagoon, Izmir, Turkey

T., Breck O., Sandvik R., Waagbø R., Berg, A., Ørnsrud R. 2009 – Supplementation of dietary minerals during the early seawater phase increases vertebral strength and reduce the prevalence of vertebral deformities in fast-growing under-yearling Atlantic salmon ( Salmo salar L.) smolt – Aquacult. Nutr. 15: 366-378. Gavaia P.J., Domingues S., Engrola S., Drake P., Sarasquete C., Dinis M.T., Cancela M.L. 2009 – Comparing skeletal development of wild and hatchery-reared Senegalese sole ( Solea senegalensis , Kaup 1858): evaluation in larval and postlarval stages

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Tolerance of roach for modified water mineralization levels and temperatures expressed by biochemical indicators

- Meditsina, Moscow, 704 p. (in Russian). Boldyrev A.A. 1998 - Na+/K+ ATPase. Properties and biological role - Soros Educational Journal, Biology. 4: 2-10 (in Russian). Boldyrev A.A, Kaivarainen E.I., Ilykha V.A. 2006 - Biomembranology - Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, Petrozavodsk 226 p. (in Russian). Boiko N., Celevycz M., Sanagurski D. 2002 - The heavy metal ion influence on the Na+, K+-ATPase activity and the dynamic of transmembrane potential of loach embryos - Visnyk of L’viv Univ., Biology Series 29: 25-32 (in Ukrainian

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The role of biogeochemical barriers in protecting aquatic ecosystems against pollution in agricultural environment

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Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) lipid oxidation during cold storage

References Aidos I., Lourenco S., Van der Padt A., Luten J.B., Boom R.M. 2002 - Stability of crude herring oil produced from fresh byproducts: influence of temperature during storage - J. Food. Sci. 67: 3314-3320. Alvarez V., Medina I., Prego R., Aubourg S.P. 2009 - Lipid and mineral distribution in different zones of farmed and wild blackspot seabream (Pagellus bogaraveo) - Eur. J. Lipid. Sci Technol. 111: 957-966. Aranda M., Mendoza N., Villegas R. 2006 - Lipid damage during frozen storage of whole jack

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Soil Quality and Crop Yields, After Utilization of Sewage Sludge on Agricultural Land, in the Moldavian Plain, Romania

. Artemis, Volume 2, 1059-1063. Ailincăi C., Jităreanu G., Bucur D., Ailincai Despina, 2007 - Influence of sewage sludge on maize yield and quality and soil chemical characteristics, Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, Vol. 5 (1), 310-313. Alberici T. M., W. E. Sopper, G. L. Storm and R. H. Yahner, 1989 - Trace metal in soil, vegetation, and voles from mineland treated with sewage sludge, J. Environ. Qual. 18:115-120. Andersson A. Nilsson K. O., 1976 - Influence on the levels of heavy

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Essential Oil and Microelement Composition of Thymus citriodorus L. and Lippia citriodora H.B.K.

- Composition of lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla (L’Herit.) Britton) oil of Moroccan origin. J Essent Oil Res, 5, 523-526. Catalan C.A.N., De Lampasona M.E.P., 2002 - The chemistry of the genus Lippia (Verbenaceae). In: S.E. Kintzios, (Ed.) Oregano: The genera Origanum and Lippia, 1 st. edn. Taylor and Francis, London, 127-149. dos Reis P.S., Estevam I.H., dos Santos W.P.C., Korn M.D.G., David J.M., David J.P., Araújo R., Pimental M.H., Ferreira SLC, 2010 - Mineral composition of Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E. brown leaves. J Braz Chem Soc, 21

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Impact of Zinc Uptake on Morphology, Physiology and Yield Attributes of Wheat in Pakistan

.1080/00380768.2004.10408573 Cayton, M.T.C., Reyes, E.D. & Neue, H.U. (1985). Effect of zinc fertilization on the mineral nutrition of rice differing in tolerance to zinc deficiency. J. Plant Soil. , 87(3): 319-327. Choi, J.M., Pak, C.H. & Lee, C.W. (1996). Micronutrient toxicity in French Marigold. J. Plant Nutr. , 19: 901-916. Dang, Y.P., Dalal, R.C., Edwards, D.G. & Tiller, K.G., (1993). Understanding zinc reactions in vertisol to predict zinc responses by wheat. Plant and Soil , 155/156: 247-25. Englbrecht, C.C., Schoof, H

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