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The Effect of Various Nitrogen Fertilization Regimes on the Concentration of Thirty Three Elements in Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) Storage Roots

-41. Diatta J.B., Biber M., Chudzińska E. 2009. Calcium as a factor mitigating negative impact of heavy metals on soil and plant. I. Phytotest, transfer factors of heavy metals. Ochrona Środowiska i Zasobów Naturalnych 41: 77-88. Diatta J.B., Grzebisz W. 2006. Influence of mineral nitrogen forms on heavy metals mobility in two soils. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 15 (2a): 56-62. Diatta J.B., Grzebisz W. 2009. Calcium as a factor mitigating negative impact of heavy metals on soil and plant. I. Soil chemical

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The Effect of Foliar Nutrition with Nitrogen, Molybdenum, Sucrose and Benzyladenine on the Contents of Dry Weight, Cd, Cu and Zn in Carrot

References Adamec L. 2002. Leaf absorption of mineral nutrients in carnivorous plants stimulates root nutrient uptake. New Phytologist 155: 89-100. Borkowska B. 1997. Cytokininy. pp. 60-71. In: Regulatory wzrostu i rozwoju roślin. Właściwości i działanie (S. Jankiewicz ed.). PWN Warszawa, Poland. [in Polish] Chłopecka A. 1994. Wpływ różnych związków kadmu, miedzi, ołowiu i cynku na formy tych metali w glebie oraz na ich zawartość w roślinach. IUNG Seria R, Puławy. pp 65. [in Polish

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Determination of Selected Trace Elements in Dietary Supplements Containing Plant Materials

References Baranowska I., Srogi K., Włochowicz A., Szczepanik K., Determination of heavy metal contents in samples of medicinal herbs. Pol. J. Environ. Stud., 2002, 11, 467-471. Blicharska E., Kocjan R., Błażewicz A., Determination of the content of iron, manganese, zinc, copper, cadmium and lead in the herbal teas. Bromat. Chem. Toksykol., 2007, 40, 145-151 (in Polish; English abstract). Chan K., Some aspects of toxic contaminants in herbal medicines. Chemosphere, 2003, 52, 1361

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Vermicompost and NPK Fertilizer Effects on Morpho-Physiological Traits of Plants, Yield and Quality of Tomato Fruits: (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

. 2008. Effect of vermicompost, farm yard manure, biofertilizer and chemical fertilizers (NPK) on growth, yield and quality of Abelmoschus esculentus . Pollution Research 27 (1): 65-68. Hiscox J.D., Israelstam G.F. 1979. A method for extraction of chlorophyll from leaf tissue without maceration. Canadian Journal of Botany 57: 1332-1334. Jordao C.P., Nascentes C.C., Cecon P.R., Fontes R.L.F., Pereira J.L. 2006. Heavy metal availability in soil amended with composted urban solid wastes. Environmental Monitoring

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Physico-Chemical, Enzymatic, Mineral and Colour Characterization of Three Different Varieties of Honeys from Kashmir Valley of India with a Multivariate Approach

L.C., Azeredo M.A.A., Souza S.R., Dutra V.M.L., Protein contents and physicochemical properties in honey samples of Apis mellifera of different floral origins. Food Chem., 2003, 80, 249-254. 5. Beretta G., Granata P., Ferrero M., Orioli M., Facino R.M., Standardization of antioxidant properties of honey by a combination of spectrophotometric/ fluorimetric assays and chemometrics. Anal. Chim. Acta., 2005, 533, 185-191. 6. Bhat M.S., Shaheen M., Zaman R., Muhee A., Mineral Inter-Relationship among soil, forage and dairy cattle in

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Rapšu eļļas degvielas patēriņa un izmešu emisijas pētījumi, iesmidzinot ūdens–bioetanola maisījumu motora ieplūdes sistēmā / The Rapeseed Oil Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions Research Injecting a Water–Bioethanol Blend in the Engine Intake System

vegetable oil mixtures of rape and camelina as on farm fuels in agriculture. Biomass and Bioenergy , 35, 4015-4024. DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2011.06.031. 12. Sidibe, S.S., Blin, J., Vaitilingom, G., & Azoumah, Y. (2010). Use of crude filtered vegetable oil as a fuel in diesel engines state of the art: Literature review. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , 14, 2748-2759. DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2010.06.018. 13. Soltic, P., Edenhauser, D., Thurnheer, T., Schreiber, D., & Sankowski, A. (2009). Experimental investigation of mineral diesel

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The Effect of Cocoa Beans Heavy and Trace Elements on Safety and Stability of Confectionery Products

). Tolerable upper intake levels for vitamins and minerals. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from 4. European Food Safety Authority (2012). Scientific Opinion on the substantiation of a health claim related to cocoa flavonols and maintenance of normal endothelium-dependent vasodilatation pursuant to Article 13(5) of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006. Retrieved December 8, 2015, from 5. Erickson, M.C. (2002

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Impact of Grafting on Watermelon Growth, Fruit Yield and Quality

. 88: 1107-1114. Pulgar G., Villora G., Moreno D. A., Romero L. 2000. Improving the mineral nutrition in grafted watermelon plants: nitrogen metabolism. Biol. Plant. 43: 607-609. Qian Q. A., Liu H. Y., Zhu Z. J. 2004. Studies on sugar metabolism and related enzymes activity during watermelon fruit development as influenced by grafting. J. Zhejiang Univ. 30: 285-289. Ranganna S. 1977. Manual of analysis of fruit and vegetable products. Tata Mcagaw hill Publishing Company Limited. New Delhi

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Evaluation of Quercetin Content, Colour and Selected Physico-Chemical Quality Parameters of Croatian Blackberry Wines

REFERENCES 1. Amidžić Klarić D., Klarić I., Mornar A., Nigović B., Evaluation of volatile compound and food additive contents in blackberry wine. Food Control, 2015, 50, 714–721. 2. Amidžić Klarić D., Klarić I., Mornar A., Polyphenol content and antioxidant activity of commercial blackberry wines from Croatia: The application of multivariate analysis for the geographical origin differentiation. J. Food Nutr. Res., 2011a, 50, 199–209. 3. Amidžić Klarić D., Klarić I., Velić D., Vedrina Dragojević I., Evaluation of mineral and heavy metal content

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Changes of Some Biochemical Parameters in Rats Supplemented with High Doses of Zinc Lactate

plasma lactate and leptin levels of rats performing acute exercise. Biological Trace Element Research, 96, 227–236. doi: 10.1385/BTER:96:1-3:227. Berchová-Bímová K, Soltysiak J, Vach M (2014): Role of different taxa and cytotypes in heavy metals absorption in knotweeds ( Fallopia ). Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica, 45, 11–18. doi: 10.7160/sab.2014.450102. Bonakdaran S, Khajeh-Dalouie M, Jalili-Shahri J (2009): Correlation between serum zinc level with impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance in major thalassemic patients. Iranian Journal of

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