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Cleaning the Muck of Ages from the Windows into the Soul of Tax

one to the other through the process of abstraction.” The reference to Marx 1904 is a reference to K ARL M ARX , A C ONTRIBUTION TO THE C RITIQUE OF P OLITICAL E CONOMY 293–294 (N. I. Stone trans., Int’l Library Publ’g 1904). help us do this. The dialectic and the windows of insight it opens into the soul of tax may aid our understanding of the Australian tax system and its positioning within capitalism in Australia. Understanding the methodology and approaches gives us the heavy-duty material to clean the windows of the years of neoliberal and Keynesian muck

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Missed Opportunities, Good Intentions: The Takings Decisions of Justice Antonin Scalia

its overall text, structure, and purpose. His originalist predilections made it difficult for Justice Scalia to understand that there is no necessary, or even implied, connection between originalism and judicial restraint. The simple observation here is that many constitutional provisions, including the Takings Clause, speak in sweeping terms. The phrase “private property,” for example, covers not only land, chattels and animals, but also a variety of partial interests in land, including mortgages, leases, mineral rights, and future interests, all of which have to

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Impact of Artisanal Gold Mining on Human Health and the Environment in the Batouri Gold District, East Cameroon

References Asaah, V. (2010). Lode gold mineralization in the neoproterozoic granitoids of Batouri, southeastern Cameroon. Doctoral Thesis. Cameroon: Technical University of Clausthal, Clausthal Zellerfield, Germany. Retrieved from Accessed 10/05/2012 Bernd, D., Jennifer, H., & Manfred, W. (2010). An Occupational Safety Health System For Small Scale Mines in Rwanda. . Rwanda : Projekt-Consult Gmbh . Borralho, C. (2013, August 2). Gold mining affects

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