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Sorption Kinetics Of Selected Heavy Metals Adsorption To Natural And Fe(III) Modified Zeolite Tuff Containing Clinoptilolite Mineral

References: 1. WANG, L. K. HUNG, Y. T, LO, H. H and YAPIJAKIS, C. 2004. Handbook of Industrial and Hazardous Wastes Treatment . Vol. 1 Marcel Dekker Inc. 1329 p. ISBN: 0-8247-4114-5 2. AHMARUZZAMAN, M. 2011. Industrial wastes as low-cost potential adsorbents for the treatment of wastewater laden with heavy metals. In: Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 166 (1–2), pp. 36 – 59. 3. KURNIAWAN, T. A., CHAN, G. Z. S., LO, W and BABEL, S. 2006 Comparisons of low-cost adsorbents for treating wastewaters laden with heavy metals. Science of

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Formation of Acid Mine Drainage Water at Sb (Au) Deposit Pezinok

Biohydrometalurgia - III. Košice: ÚGt SAV, 1994, pp. 19-25. LUPTÁKOVÁ, A. Bioakumulácia ťažkých kovov z kyslých banských vôd. In Acta Avionica , 2001, 4, pp. 104-107. MARTYČÁK, K., ZEMAN, J., VACEK-VESELÝ, M. Supergene processes on ore deposits - a source of heavy metals. In Environmental Geology , 1994, 23, pp. 156-165. MORION, P., MONROY, M., MUSTIN, C., BERTHELIN, J. Effect of auriferous sulfide minerals structure and composition on their bacterial weathering. In Source, transport and deposition

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The use of sodium polytungstate as an X-ray contrast agent to reduce the beam hardening artifact in hydrological laboratory experiments

polytungstate, a new non-toxic alternative to bromoform in heavy liquid separation. Rev. Palaeobot. Palynology, 91, 417-422. Skipp, G.L., Brownfield, I., 1993. Improved density gradient separation techniques using sodium polytungstate and a comparison to the use of other heavy liquids. US Geological Survey. Open-File Report, 92-386. Torresan, M., 1987. The use of sodium polytungstate in heavy mineral separations. US Geological Survey. Open-File Report, 87-590.

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Practical Model of Cement Based Grout Mix Design, for Use into Low Level Radiation Waste Management

Guidance Documentation WPS/903. (2007). Guidance on the Immobilisation of Radionuclides in Wasteforms. Number: 532508 [8]. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). (2012). Radioactive Wastes in the UK: A Summary of the 2010 Inventory. . [9]. International atomic energy agency. (2003). Radioactive Waste Management Glossary. Vienna [10]. Gheorghe, M., Saca, N. & Radu, L. (2014). Valorization of mineral waste with heavy metals content into silicate matrix. 14 th

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Synthesis of Polymer Inclusion Membranes based on Cellulose Triacetate for Recovery of Lanthanum(III) from Aqueous Solutions

References [1] Lister, T. E., Wang, P., Anderko, A. (2014). Recovery of critical and value metals from mobile electronic enabled by electrochemical processing. Hydrometallurgy 149, 228-237. [2] Jha, M. K., Kumari, A., Panda, R., Kumar J. R., Yoo, K., Lee, J. Y. (2016). Review on hydrometallurgical recovery of rare earth metals. Hydrometallurgy 165, 2-26. [3] Xie, F., Zhang, T. A., Dreisinger, D., Doyle, F. (2014). A critical review on solvent extraction of rare earths from aqueous solutions. Mineral Engineering, 56, 10-28. [4] Kujawski, W

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Determination of Toxic Metals Content in Iranian and Italian Flavoured Olive Oil

–342. WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. 2011. Arsenic in drinking-water: Background document for development of WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality. Switzerland, Geneva : World Health Organization, 24 pp. ZHANG, P. – XIE, H. L. – ZHU, Q. H. – NIE, X. D. 2014. Determination of heavy metal elements in edible olive oil by ICP-MS. In Modern Food Science and Technology, vol. 30, no. 3, pp. 206–209. ZIARATI, P. – GHASEMYNEZHAD-SHANDERMAN, S. S. 2014. Mineral contents in Pleurotus (Oyster Mushroom): Association of cooking method. In International Journal of Plant

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Numerical Simulation of Fly-Ash Transport in Three Sands of Different Particle-Size Distributions Using Hydrus-1d

: Modelling colloid attachment, straining, and exclusion in saturated porous media. Environ. Sci. Technik., 37 , 2242-2250. BRADFORD S. A., YATES S. R. BETTAHAR M., SIMUNEK J., 2002: Physical factors affecting the transport and fate of colloids in saturated porous media. Water Resour. Res., 38 , 1327, doi: 10.1029/2002WR001340. DELTA-T DEVICES LTD., 2005: User Manual for the Moisture Meter, type HH2, Cambridge. ELIMELECH M., NAHI M., KO C.-H., RYAN J. N., 2000: Relative insignificance of mineral

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The HPx software for multicomponent reactive transport during variably-saturated flow: Recent developments and applications

REFERENCES Aagaard, P., Helgeson, H.C., 1982. Thermodynamic and kinetic constraints on reaction rates among minerals and aqueous solutions, 1. Theoretical considerations. Am. J. Sci., 282, 237–285. Amos, R.T., Mayer, K.U., 2006. Investigating the role of gas bubble formation and entrapment in contaminated aquifers: Reactive transport modelling. J. Cont. Hydrol., 87, 123–154. Appelo, C.A.J., Parkhurst, D.L., Post, V.E.A., 2014. Equations for calculating hydrogeochemical reactions of minerals and gases such as CO 2 at high pressures and

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Prediction of Swelling Parameters of Two Clayey Soils from Algeria Using Artificial Neural Networks

soils. Clays and Minerals . 19, 251-261. [32] Weston, D.J. (1980). Expansive Roadbed Treatment for Southern Africa. In 4 th International Conference on Expansive Soils, June 16-18 (339-360). Denver, Colorado, United States. [33] Alayat H., El Badaoui H., Abdallaoui A., Abrid D. & El Hmaidi A. (2018). Development of mathematical models for predicting the iron concentrations of lake Oubeira waters (ne Algerian). J Fundam Appl Sci . 10(1), 83-96. DOI: 10.4314/jfas.v10i1.6. [34] Didier, G. (1972). Crystalline and macroscopic swelling of

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Applying profile- and catchment-based mathematical models for evaluating the run-off from a Nordic catchment

City, Canada, 20 p. Tiemeyer, B., Kahle, P., Lennartz, B., 2006. Nutrient losses from artificially drained catchments in North-East Germany at different scales. Agricultural Water Management, 85, 47-57. Turtola, E., Paajanen, A., 1995. Influence of improved subsurface drainage on phosphorus losses and nitrogen leaching from a heavy clay soil. Agricultural Water Management, 28, 4, 295-310. Uhlen, G., Bakken, L., Haugen, L.E., 1996. Nutrient and water balances in lysimeter experiments. II. Nitrogen and mineral leaching

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