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Application of Phytoremediation in Restoring Sustainable Development to the Environment: Economic and Soil Conditions

of soil-fertilizer factors on the accumulation of heavy metals inplants) , 10th National Scientific Symposium on the Effects of Using Fertilizer in Garden Farming, Cracow, 269-277 Sheorana V., Sheoranb A. S., and Pooniaa P. (2009), Phytomining: A Review , “Minerals Engineering”, 22 (12): 1007-1019 Shi G, and Cai Q. (2009), Cadmium Tolerance and Accumulation in Eight Potential EnergyCrops , “Biotechnology Advances”, 27: 555-561 Singh A., Kuhad R. C., and Ward O. P. (Editors) (2009), Advances in Applied

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Post-socialist Myanmar and the East Asian Development Model

decades, examples being Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China as well as Malaysia and Thailand; hence, the prospects for Myanmar are relatively good. In its report on the economic potential of Myanmar, ADB ( Findlay et al. 2015 ) showed a lot of optimism. In the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis, it considered strengths of the authorities and the society to carry out economic and political reforms; the richness of natural resources, including minerals, gas and also water resources and arable land; as well as a young society. Myanmar has 13 million

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Sources of PM10 Air Pollution in Rural Area in the Vicinity of a Highway In Žilina Selfgoverning Region, Slovakia

References [1] BALACHANDRAN, S. - BHARAT RAJ MEENA - KHILLARE, P. S.: 2000. Particle size distribution and its elemental composition in the ambient air of Delhi. In: Environment International [online]. 2000, vol. 26, issue 1-2, p. 49-54 [cit. 14. 04. 2014]. Available at: [2] CHEN, X. - XIA, X. - ZHAO, Y. - ZHANG, P.: 2010. Heavy metals concentrations in roadside soils and correlation with urban traffic in Beijing, China. In: Journal of Hazardous Materials

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Burden of industrial waste and potential for recycling: technological, economic and environmental aspects

, A. (2006). Red mud and fly ash for remediation of mine sites contaminated with As, Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 134 (1–3), 112 - 119. Bryan, C.G., Hallberg, K.B., Johnson, D.B. (2006). Mobilisation of metals in mineral tailings at the abandoned São Domingos copper mine (Portugal) by indigenous acidophilic bacteria. Hydrometallurgy. 83 (1–4), 184-194. Ciccu, R., Ghiani, M., Serci, A., Fadda, S., Peretti, R., Zucca, A. (2003). Heavy metal immobilization in the mining-contaminated soils using various industrial wastes. Minerals

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