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Izabela Polowczyk, Anna Bastrzyk, Tomasz Koźlecki, Piotr Rudnicki, Wojciech Sawiński, Zygmunt Sadowski and Adam Sokołowski

References Leist M., Casey R. J., Caridi D.: The management of arsenic wastes: problems and prospects, J. Hazardous Mat , B67 ( 2000 )125 - 138. Deliyanni E. A, Nalbandian L., Matis K. A.: Adsorptive removal of arsenites by a nanocrystalline hybrid surfactant-akaganeite sorbent, J. Colloid Interface Sci. , 302 ( 2006 )458 - 466. Mohan D., Pittman C. U.: Arsenic removal from water/wastewater using adsorbents - A critical review, J. Hazardous Mat , 142 ( 2007 )1 - 53

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Maria Żygadło and Magdalena Woźniak

://, Mudd, G. M. & Kodikara, J. (2000). Field studies of the leachability of aged brown coal ash, J. Hazardous Materials , 159-192. Querol, X. et al., (1996). Mobility of trace elements from coal and combustion wastes, Fuel , 75, No 7, 821-838. Querol, X., et al. (2001), Extraction of soluble major and trace elements

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M. Prascakova, M. Kusnierova, V. Cablik and A. Jarosiński

References 1. Gregerova, M. (2007). Technolithology, present and future prospect. Acta Geologica Universitatis Comenianae, 1 (1), 7. 2. Gregerova, M., Fojt, B. & Vavra, V. (2002). Microscopy of rock-forming and technical minerals. Moravian museum, Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Science , 325, [in Czech]. 3. Mason, B. & Berry, L.G. (1968). Elements of mineralogy. W. H. Freeman and Company, San Francisco, 550. 4. Dana, K., Das, S. & Kumar, D.S. (2004). Effect of substitution of fly

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Mojtaba Taran, Mazyar Safari, Arina Monaza, Javad Zavar Reza and Salar Bakhtiyari

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Iwona Rypińska and Marta Biegańska

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