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Jamie Shaw

-xxviii, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. Kitcher, P., 1993, Function and Design, Midwest Studies in Philosophy , 379-397. Kitcher, P., 2012, Preludes to Pragmatism: Towards a Reconstruction of Philosophy , Oxford University Press, Oxford. Kondrashov, A., 2005, Evolutionary Biology: Fruitfly Genome is Not Junk, Nature , 1106. Millikan, R. G., 1984, Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories , MIT Press, Cambridge. Mitchell, S., 2002, Integrative pluralism, Biology and Philosophy , 55-70. Mitchell, S., 2004, Why Integrative

Open access

Cécilia Bognon-Küss, Bohang Chen and Charles T. Wolfe

scientific issue?, Leopoldina Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften (ms.) Gayon, J., 2013, Biologie de synthèse ou biotechnologie synthétique?, Forum “La biologie de synthèse existe-t-elle?”, CNAM, April 25. Gibson, D.G. et al., 2010, Creation of a Bacterial Cell controlled by a synthesized genome. Science , 329(5987), 52–56. Gilbert, S. and Sarkar, S., 2000, Embracing complexity: organicism for the 21 st century. Developmental Dynamics, 219, 1–9. Gurwitsch, A., 1915, On Practical Vitalism, American Naturalist , 49, 763–770. Hempel, C