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Peter Pristas, Anna Vandzurova and Peter Javorsky

References ACKERMANN, H.W., KROPINSKI, A.M.: Curated list of prokaryote viruses with fully sequenced genomes. Res. Microbiol., 158, 2007, 555-566. BICKLE, T.A., KRUGER, D.H.: Biology of DNA restriction. Microbiol. Rev., 57, 1993, 434-450. BREDE, D.A., SNIPEN, L.G., USSERY, D.W., NEDERBRAGT, A.J., NES, I.F.: Complete genome sequence of the commensal Enterococcus faecalis 62, isolated from a healthy Norwegian infant. J. Bacteriol., 193, 2011, 2377-2378. DERESINSKI, S.: Bacteriophage Therapy

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Lenka Maliničová, Peter Pristaš and Peter Javorský

Bioinformatic Analysis of Prophage Endolysins and Endolysin-Like Genes from the Order Lactobacillales

Endolysins belonging to the group of peptigoglycan hydrolases, which are able to cleave peptidoglycan in bacterial cell walls, become an extensively studied group of enzymes. Thanks to their narrow target specificity and low probability of resistance they are considered to be an appropriate alternative to conventional antibiotics. The present paper concerns the occurrence of endolysin and endolysin-like genes in genomes of bacteria belonging to the order Lactobacillales. Using bioinformatic programmes we compared and analysed protein sequences of catalytic and cell wall binding (CWB) domains of these enzymes, their preferred combinations, their phylogenetic relationship and potential occurence of natural "domain shuffling". The existence of this phenomenon in selected group of enzymes was confirmed only in limited range, so we assume that the natural trend is the distribution of "well-tried" combinations of catalytic and CWB domains of endolysin genes as a whole.

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Nikola Š Šipošová, Veronika Liptáková, Simona Kvasnová, Petra Kosorínová and Peter Pristaš

, Petrenko A, Kurakov A, Beletsky A, Mardanov A, Petrova M (2016) Resistance of permafrost and modern Acinetobacter lwoffii strains to heavy metals and arsenic revealed by genome analysis. BioMed Res. Int. Article ID 3970831. Nies DH (1999) Microbial heavy-metal resistance. Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 51: 730-750. Pailan S, Sengupta K, Ganguly U, Saha P (2016) Evidence of biodegradation of chlorpyrifos by a newly isolated heavy metal-tolerant bacterium Acinetobacter sp. strain MemCl4. Environ. Earth Sci. 75: 1019. Raja CE

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Peter Pristas, Jana Kiskova, Ivana Timkova, Lenka Malinicova, Alena Luptakova, Maria Kusnierova and Jana Sedlakova-Kadukova

MJ, Beaz-Hidalgo R, Hossain MJ, Liles MR (2014) Taxonomic affiliation of new genomes should be verified using average nucleotide identity and multilocus phylogenetic analysis. Genome Announc. 2: e00927-14. Gonzalez-Toril E, Llobet-Brossa E, Casamayor EO, Amann R, Amils R (2003) Microbial ecology of an extreme acidic environment, the Tinto River. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 69: 4853-4865. Jain C, Rodriguez RLM, Phillippy AM, Konstantinidis KT, Aluru S (2018) High throughput ANI analysis of 90K prokaryotic genomes reveals clear species

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Anna Mrazikova, Renata Marcincakova, Jana Kadukova, Oksana Velgosova and Magdalena Balintova

.S.: Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans metabolism: from genome sequence to industrial applications. BMC Genomics, 9, 2008, 597. WANG, J., BAI, J., XU, J., LIANG, B.: Bioleaching of metals from printed wire boards by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans and Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and their mixture. J. Hazard. Mater., 172, 2009, 1100-1105. XIANG, Y., WU, P., ZHU, N., ZHANG, T., L, W., W., J. AND LI, P: Bioleaching of copper from waste printed circuit boards by bacterial consortium enriched from acid mine drainage. J. Hazard. Mater., 184, 2010, 812-818. ZHAO, L., ZHU

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Matej Planý, Tomáš Kuchta, Katarína Šoltýs, Tomáš Szemes, Domenico Pangallo and Peter Siekel

..: Integrative analysis of environmental sequences using MEGAN 4, Genome Res., 21, 2011, 1552-1560. CHEBEŇOVÁ-TURCOVSKÁ, V., ŽENIŠOVÁ, K., KUCHTA, T., PANGALLO, D., BREŽNÁ, B.: Culture-independent detection of microorganisms in traditional Slovakian bryndza cheese. Int. J. Food Microbiol., 150, 2011, 73-78. CHEN, C., KHALEEL, SS., HUANG, H., WU, CH.: Software for pre-processing Illumina next-generation sequencing short read sequences. Source Code Biol. Med., 9, 2014, 1-11. ERCOLINI, D. : High-Throughput Sequencing and

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Jose Isagani B. Janairo, Patricia Isabel K. Bravo, Ninna Louise G. Morano and Derrick Ethelbhert C. Yu

(3), 1994, 199-228. PELOSI, P., TIRINDELLI, R.: Structure/activity studies and characterization of an odorant-binding protein. Receptor events and transduction in taste and olfaction. Chem. Senses, 1, 1989, 207-226. PEVSNER, J., REED, R.R., FEINSTEIN, P.G., SNYDER, S.H.: Molecular cloning of odorant-binding protein: member of a ligand carrier family. Science, 241, 1988, 336-339. RUND, S.S.C., HOU, T.Y., WARD, S.M., COLLINS, F.H., DUFFIELD, G.E.: Genome-wide profiling of diel and circadian gene expression in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae . Proc

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Oľga Šestinová, Lenka Findoráková, Jozef Hančuľák and Tomislav Špaldon

genome maintenance pathways. Mutat. Res. 554: 253-266. Rönnpagel K, Lib W, Ahlf W (1995) Microbial bioassays to assess the toxicity of solid-associated contaminants. Ecotox. Environ. Safe. 31: 99-103. Šestinová O, Findoráková L, Hančuľák J, Šestinová L (2015) Study of metal mobility and phytotoxicity in bottom sediments that have influenced by former mining activities in Eastern Slovakia. Environ. Earth. Sci. 74: 6017-6025. Šestinová O, Findoráková L (2017) Assessment of Eastern Slovakia sediments genotoxicity and phytotoxicity using screening tests

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Michaela Havrlentová, Ivana Pšenáková, Alžbeta Žofajová, Ľubomír Rückschloss and Ján Kraic

., NISAR, A., NODA, K.: Colour genes (R and Rc) for grain and coleoptile unregulate flavonoid biosynthesis genes in wheat. Genome, 48, 2005, 747-754. HIMI, E., NODA, K.: Red grain colour gene (R) of wheat is a Myb-type transcription factor. Euphytica, 143, 2005, 239-242. HODGSON, J.M., CROFT, K.D.: Dietary flavonoids: effects on endothelial function and blood pressure. J. Sci. Food Agric., 86, 2006, 2492-2498. HOSSEINIAN, F.S., LI, W., BETA, T.: Measurement of anthocyanins and other phytochemicals in purple wheat. Food Chem

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Peter Kaštier, Michaela Martinčová, Roderik Fiala and Alžbeta Blehová

) Analysis of metabolites in stem parasitic plant interactions: interaction of Cuscuta - Momordica versus Cassytha - Ipomoea. Plants 5: 43-57. García MA, Costea M, Kuzmina M, Stefanović S (2014) Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of Cuscuta (dodders; Convolvulaceae) inferred from coding plastid and nuclear sequences. Am. J. Bot. 101: 670-690. Gelvin SB (2012) Traversing the cell: Agrobacterium T-DNA´s journey to the host genome. Front Plant Sci. 3: 52-62. Gould J, Devey M, Hasegawa O, Ulian EC, Peterson G, Smith