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Olatunji M. Kolawole, Ajibola O. Ayodeji and Jeremiah I. Ogah


Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is a zoonotic virus classified as category A priority pathogen. Rift Valley fever (RVF) has been poorly investigated in Nigeria with the infection among Nigerians last reported in 1996. Two hundred (200) febrile subjects with symptoms of malaria attending local hospitals in Ilorin, Nigeria were investigated for malaria, malaria positive subjects were investigated for the presence of RVF. Malaria screening was done using Carestart TM malaria HRP2(pf), while RVF antibodies were tested for using anti-RVF IgM ELISA. Molecular identification of the viral genome was carried out using RNA extraction (QIAGEN) and quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR). Of the 200 subjects tested for malaria infection, 93 (46.5%) were positive, while 20 (21.5%) of the 93 subjects were seropositive for RVF. RVF virus genome was found in 5 (25%) of the 20 positive subjects. The high prevalence of RVF among malaria positive subjects show that there is a risk of a RVF outbreak if its prevalence remains unchecked.

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Vasilije Isajev, Vera Lavadinović, Aleksandar Lučić and Ljubinko Rakonjac

.) Purkyne) Genetika, 24(3), 209-217. Milovanović J., Isajev, V., Krajmerova, D. & Paule L. (2007): Allele polymorphism of Nad1 gene of the Serbian spruce mitochondrial genome. Genetika, 39(1), 79-91. Nei, M. (1973): Analysis of gene diversity in subdivided populations. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A., 70, 3321-3323. Nei, M. (1976): Mathematical models of speciation and genetic distance. In S. Karlin & E. Nevo (Eds.), Population genetics and ecology (pp. 723-764). New York, San Francisco, London: Academic Press Inc

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Alireza Pourmohammad

sequences of the spacer region between the atpF and atpA genes in the plastid genome allows discrimination among three varieties of medicinal Angelica. Planta Medica 66: 270-272. [19] Jana H., Eva C., (1997), RFLP analysis of Hypericum perforatum L. somaclones and their progenies. Euphytica 95: 229-235. [20] Kapteyn J., Goldsbrough B., Simon E. (2002), Genetic relationships and diversity of commercially relevant Echinacea species. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 105: 369-376. [21] Labra M., Mariangela M., Bernardetta L

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Kassahun Tesfaye

), Crops and Man. 2 nd Edition, Am. Soc. Agron. and Crop Soc. Am. , Madison, WI. [13] Huang, Y. (2004), Evaluation of genetic diversity in sorghum germplasm using molecular markers. International Plant & Animal Genome XII Conference , San Diego, CA, Poster 265. p.138. [14] Dahlberg, J. A., Zhag, X., Hart, G. E., Mullet, J. E. (2002), Comparative assessment of variation among sorghum germplasm accessions using seed morphology and RAPD measurements. Crop Science Journal 42(1), 291–296. [15] Jayarama Chandran, M., Kumaravadivel, N., Kandasamy, G