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Lawrence Pervin

-2107. Hogan, R. (1982). On adding apples and oranges in personality psychology. Contemporary Psychology , 27, 851-852. Jones, M. (1962). Introduction. In M. Jones (Ed.), Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, (vol. 10). Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. Kimble, G. A. (1984). Psychology's two cultures. American Psychologist , 39, 833-839. Lewontin, R. (2001). It ain't necessarily so: The dream of the human genome and other illusions. New York: New York Review of Books

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Agnieszka Sorokowska, Marina Butovskaya and Elizaveta Veselovskaya

., & Haviland-Jones, J. (1999). Rapid mood change and human odors. Physiology & behavior, 68(1), 241-250. Doty, R. L., & Cameron, E. L. (2009). Sex differences and reproductive hormone influences on human odor perception. Physiology & Behavior, 97, 213-228. Ehlers, A., Beck, S., Forbes, S. A., Trowsdale, J., Volz, A., Younger, R., & Ziegler, A. (2000). MHC-linked olfactory receptor loci exhibit polymorphism and contribute to extended HLA/OR-haplotypes. Genome Research, 10(12), 1968-1978. Havlicek, J., & Roberts, S. C. (2009

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Marlena Bartczak

References Addis, D. R., & McAndrews, M. P. (2006). Prefrontal and hippocampal contributions to the generation and binding of semantic associations during successful encoding. NeuroImage , 33, 1194-1206. Andreasen N. C. (2003). Fascynujący mózg. Walka z chorobami psychicznymi w epoce genomu [Fascinating brain. Struggle with mental disorders in the era of the genome]. Lublin: Wydawnictwo CZELEJ. Atchley, R. A., Stringer, R., Mathias, E., Ilardi, S. S., & Minatrea, A. D. (2007

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Lara N. Schulze, Sandra Van der Auwera, Deborah Janowitz, Johannes Hertel, Katharina Wittfeld, René Walk, Nele Friedrich, Henry Völzke and Hans J. Grabe

Education and Research Grant Nos. 01ZZ9603, 01ZZ0103, and 01ZZ0403; the Ministry of Cultural Affairs; and the Social Ministry of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Genome-wide data were supported by the Federal Ministry of Education, Research Grant No. 03ZIK012 and a joint grant from Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany, and the Federal State of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The Greifswald Approach to Individualized Medicine (GANI_MED) was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Grant No. 03IS2061A and the German Research Foundation Grant No