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Tine Tesovnik, Jernej Kovac, Tinka Hovnik, Primoz Kotnik, Tadej Battelino and Katarina Trebusak Podkrajsek

References 1. O’Sullivan RJ, Karlseder J. Telomeres: protecting chromosomes against genome instability. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2010; 11: 171-81. 2. Fleming AM, Burrows CJ. G-quadruplex folds of the human telomere sequence alter the site reactivity and reaction pathway of Guanine oxidation compared to duplex DNA. Chem Res Toxicol 2013; 26: 593-607. 3. O’Callaghan NJ, Fenech M. A quantitative PCR method for measuring absolute telomere length. Biol Proced Online 2011; 13: 3. 4. Von Zglinicki T

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Tamara Vatovec, Mojca Bizjak and Zala Pražnikar

o nacionalnem programu prehranske politike 2005-2010 (ReNPPP). Ur.l. RS št. 39-1392/05. Breslow JL. Genetics of lipoprotein abnormalities associated with coronary artery disease susceptibility. Annu Rev Genet 2000; 34: 233-254. Lusis AJ, Mar R, Pajukanta P. Genetics of atherosclerosis. Annu rev Genomics Hum Genet 2004; 5:189-218. Ordovas JM. HDL genetics: Candidate genes, genome wide scans and gene-environment interactions. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther 2002; 16: 273

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Karl Andriessen and Alja Videtic-Paska

. Genome-wide association studies of suicidal behaviors: a review. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 2014; 24: 1567-77. 83. Marušič A, Swapp R. Suicide genes floating in a glass of sparkling wine. Arch Suicide Res 2004; 8: 1-5. 84. Statham D, Heath A, Madden P, Bucholz K, Bierut L, Dinwiddie S. et al. Suicidal behaviour: an epidemiological and genetic study. Psychol Med 1998; 28: 839-55. 85. Leenaars A. Psychotherapy with suicidal people. Chichester: Wiley & Sons 2004: 1.

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Xenia Elena Bacinschi

eye lens and operator hands during endovascular procedures in hybrid operating rooms. J Vasc Surg 2016;63:198-203. 15.Zeegers D, Venkatesan S, Koh SW. Biomarkers of Ionizing Radiation Exposure: A Multiparametric Approach. Genome Integr 2017;8:6. 16.Rapport de l’ASN sur l’état de la sûreté nucléaire et de la radioprotection en France en 2017. Available: [Accessed 22 10 2018].