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Rada G. Staneva, L. Balabanski, I. Dimova, B. Rukova, S. Hadjidekova, P. Dimitrov, V. Simeonov, S. Ivanov, R. Vagarova, M. Malinov, R. Cukuranovic, V. Stefanovic, M. Polenakovic, V. Djonov, A. Galabov and D. Toncheva

, HSPG2 and KCNK5 as candida te-genes for predisposition to Balkan Endemic Nephropathy. BioMed Res Int. 2014; 1-7, doi: 10.1155/2014/920723 19. Shen, L, et al. Genome-wide profiling of DNA methylation reveals a class of normally methylated CpG island promoters. PLoS Genet. 2007; 3(10): p. 2023-36. 20. Weinhold B. Epigenetics: the science of change. Environ Health Perspect. 2006; 114(3): p. A160-7. 21. Bjornsson H.T, et al. Intra-individual change over time in DNA methylation with familial clustering. JAMA, 2008; 299

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Snezana Jancevska, Mile Kitanovski, Nevenka Laban, Dragan Danilovski, Velibor Tasic and Zoran S. Gucev

(1): 46-51. 3. Liehr T, Claussen U, Starke H. Small supernumerary marker chromosomes (sSMC) in humans. Cytogenet Genome Res. 2004; 107: 55-67. 4. Fraccaro M, Lindsten J, Ford C. E, Iselius L. The 11q;22q translocation: a European collaborative analysis of 43 cases. Human Genetics.1980; 56(1): 21-51. 5. Zackai E. H, Emanuel B. S. Site-specific reciprocal translocation, t(11;22)(q23;q11), in several unrelated families with 3:1 meiotic disjunction. Am J Med Genet. 1980; 7: 507-21. 6. Medne L, Zackai E. H

Open access

Marko Kostovski, Velibor Tasic, Nevena Laban, Momir Polenakovic, Dragan Danilovski and Zoran Gucev

;2014(1):21. 33. Turan S, Bastepe M. GNAS spectrum of disorders. Curr Osteoporos Rep. 2015;13(3):146-158. 34. Levine MA. An update on the clinical and molecular characteristics of pseudohypoparathyroidism. Curr Opi Endocrinol Diabetes Obes. 2012;19(6):443-451. 35. Rivera-Brugues N, Albrecht B, Wieczorek D, et al. Cohen syndrome diagnosis using whole genome arrays. J Med Genet. 2011;48(2):136-140. 36. Kolehmainen J, Black GC, Saarinen A, et al. Cohen syndrome is caused by mutations in a novel gene, COH1, encoding a transmembrane protein with a presumed role in

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Dzengis Jasar, Snezana Smichkoska, Katerina Kubelka, Vanja Filipovski and Gordana Petrushevska

, Earp HS, Millikan RC. Race, breast cancer subtypes, and survival in the Carolina Breast cancer Study. JAMA. 2006; 295(21): 2492-2502. 15. Voduc KD, Cheang MC, Tyldesley S, Gelmon K, Nielsen TO, Kennecke H. Breast cancer subtypes and the risk of local and regional relapse. J Clin Oncol. 2010; 28(10): 1684-1691. 16. Carey LA. Molecular intrinsic subtypes of breast cancer. In: UpToDate. Hayes DF, Dizon DS, eds. Waltham, MA: UpToDate; 2012. p. 77-84. 17. Cancer Genome Atlas Network. Comprehensive molecular portraits of