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Ovidiu Păniţă

XXII nd Edition. Vol. XL/2 2010. p. 39-43, ISSN 1841-8317. Editura Universitaria, Craiova, (2010). 3. Dubcovsky, J., Dvorak J., . Genome plasticity a key factor in the success of polyploidy wheat under domestication. Science;316:1862-1866 , (2007). 4. Dyke, G.V. John Lawes of Rothamsted. Pioneer of science farming and industry. Harpenden, UK: Hoos Press; (1993). 5. Feldman M. Origin of cultivated wheat. In: Bonjean AP, Angus WJ, editors. The world wheat book: a history of wheat breeding. Paris, France: Lavoisier Publishing;. p. 3-56. (2001