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Alexandros Mittos, Bradley Malin and Emiliano De Cristofaro

References [ABOS15] M. Akgün, A. O. Bayrak, B. Ozer, and M. Ş. Sağgıroğglu. Privacy Preserving Processing of Genomic Data: A Survey. Journal of Biomedical Informatics , 56:103–111, 2015. [ADHT15] E. Ayday, E. De Cristofaro, J.-P. Hubaux, and G. Tsudik. The Chills and Thrills of Whole Genome Sequencing. IEEE Computer , 2015. [AKSX04] R. Agrawal, J. Kiernan, R. Srikant, and Y. Xu. Order Preserving Encryption for Numeric Data. In ACM SIGMOD , pages 563–574, 2004. [AMH + 16] A. Aziz, M. Momin, M. Z. Hasan, N. Mohammed, and D. Alhadidi

Open access

Dominic Deuber, Christoph Egger, Katharina Fech, Giulio Malavolta, Dominique Schröder, Sri Aravinda Krishnan Thyagarajan, Florian Battke and Claudia Durand

References [1] Breast cancer risk factors - genetics. . [2] Python cryptography toolkit (pycrypto). . Accessed: 2017-05-18. [3] Research – 23andme. . [Online; accessed 28-May-2018]. [4] Researchkit. . [Online; accessed 28-May-2018]. [5] Initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome. Nature , 409(6822):860–921, 02 2001. [6] Gail-Joon Ahn, Moti Yung, and Ninghui Li

Open access

Mathias Humbert, Kévin Huguenin, Joachim Hugonot, Erman Ayday and Jean-Pierre Hubaux

. Ayday, E. De Cristofaro, J. Hubaux, and G. Tsudik. The chills and thrills of whole genome sequencing. IEEE Computer Magazine , 2015. [4] E. Ayday, J. L. Raisaro, U. Hengartner, A. Molyneaux, and J.-P. Hubaux. Privacy-preserving processing of raw genomic data. In DPM’13: Proc. of the 8th Int’l Workshop on Data Privacy Management , pages 133–147, 2013. [5] E. Ayday, J. L. Raisaro, J.-P. Hubaux, and J. Rougemont. Protecting and evaluating genomic privacy in medical tests and personalized medicine. In WPES’13: Proc. of the 12th ACM Workshop on Privacy in

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Gilad Asharov, Shai Halevi, Yehuda Lindell and Tal Rabin

and Communications Security , pages 535–548. ACM, 2013. [AO12] Alexandr Andoni and Krzysztof Onak. Approximating edit distance in near-linear time. SIAM J. Comput ., 41(6):1635–1648, 2012. [BBC + 11] Pierre Baldi, Roberta Baronio, Emiliano De Cristofaro, Paolo Gasti, and Gene Tsudik. Countering GATTACA: efficient and secure testing of fully-sequenced human genomes. In Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 17-21, 2011 , pages 691–702, 2011. [BI15] Arturs Backurs

Open access

Ahmed Salem, Pascal Berrang, Mathias Humbert and Michael Backes

References [1] Shirley E. Poduslo, Rong Huang, Jie Huang, and Sierra M. Smith. Genome screen of late-onset alzheimer’s extended pedigrees identifies trpc4ap by haplotype analysis. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics , 150B(1):50–55, 2009. [2] Andrew P Feinberg and M Daniele Fallin. Epigenetics at the crossroads of genes and the environment. JAMA , 314:1129–1130, 2015. [3] Peter A Jones and Stephen B Baylin. The epigenomics of cancer. Cell , 128:683–692, 2007. [4] Irfan A Qureshi and Mark F Mehler

Open access

Ehsan Hesamifard, Hassan Takabi, Mehdi Ghasemi and Rebecca N. Wright

, CCS ’17, 2017. Dallas, Texas, USA. [26] B. Karlik, A. V. Olgac. Performance analysis of various activation functions in generalized mlp architectures of neural networks. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 1, 4 (2011), 111-122. [27] M. Kim, K. E. Lauther. Private genome analysis through homomorphic encryption. IACR Cryptology ePrint Archive 2015 (2015), 965. [28] A. Krizhevsky, V. Nair, G. Hinton. CIFAR-10 (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research), http

Open access

Emmanuel Bello-Ogunu and Mohamed Shehab

, Robert Laubacher, and Chrysanthos Dellarocas. The collective intelligence genome. IEEE Engineering Management Review, 38(3):38, 2010. [13] Jialiu Lin Bin Liu Norman Sadeh and Jason I Hong. Modeling users’ mobile app privacy preferences: Restoring usability in a sea of permission settings. In Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS), 2014. [14] Bin Liu, Jialiu Lin, and Norman Sadeh. Reconciling mobile app privacy and usability on smartphones: could user privacy profiles help? In Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on

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Marina Blanton and Fattaneh Bayatbabolghani

. [10] E. Ayday, J. L. Raisaro, J.-P. Hubaux, and J. Rougemont. Protecting and evaluating genomic privacy in medical tests and personalized medicine. In WPES, pages 95-106, 2013. [11] E. Ayday, J. L. Raisaro, P. McLaren, J. Fellay, and J.-P. Hubaux. Privacy-preserving computation of disease risk by using genomic, clinical, and environmental data. In HealthTech, 2013. [12] P. Baldi, R. Baronio, E. De Cristofaro, P. Gasti, and G. Tsudik. Countering GATTACA: Efficient and secure testing of fullysequenced human genomes. In CCS, pages 691

Open access

Rinku Dewri, Toan Ong and Ramakrishna Thurimella

novel method for linking existing health-related data and maintaining participant confidentiality. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 15(46):open access, 2015. [39] R. Schnell, T. Bachteler, and J. Reiher. Privacy-preserving record linkage using bloom filters. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 9:41, 2009. [40] X. S. Wang et al. Efficient genome-wide, privacy-preserving similar patient query based on private edit distance. In 22nd ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security, pages 492-503, 2015

Open access

Samuel Grogan and Aleecia M. McDonald

. traffic overview, 2015. [Accessed: 15- Jul- 2015]. [63] N. Singer. Mapping, and sharing, the consumer genome, 2012. [Accessed: 17- Jun- 2015]. [64] O. Solon. How much data did Facebook have on one man? 1,200 pages of data in 57 categories, 2012. [Accessed: 25- Oct- 2015]. [65] D