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Using Network Metrics in Soccer: A Macro-Analysis

FM, Mendes R. An Online Tactical Metrics Applied to Football Game. Res J Appl Sci Eng Technol, 2013; 5: 1700-1719 Clemente FM, Couceiro MS, Martins FML, Mendes RS. Using network metrics to investigate football team players’ connections: A pilot study. Motriz, 2014; 20: 262-271 Cotta C, Mora AM, Merelo JJ, Merelo-Molina C. A network analysis of the 2010 FIFA World Cup champion team play. J Syst Sci Complex, 2013; 26: 21-42 Couceiro MS, Clemente FM, Martins FM. Towards the Evaluation of Research Groups based on

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Effects of the Sports Level, Format of the Game and Task Condition on Heart Rate Responses, Technical and Tactical Performance of Youth Basketball Players

individual participation of some players due to the fact that other players sometimes monopolize the game ( Piñar et al., 2009 ). Furthermore, smaller formats increase the time dedicated to offensive plays ( McCormick et al., 2012 ). The comparison between half-court and full-court showed that half-court games contained almost 20% more total technical elements and passing than games played on a full-court ( Kluseman et al., 2012 ). Most previous studies classically focused on changing the number of players (format) and/or the size of the court. Nevertheless, SSGs provide

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Variance In Prominence Levels and in Patterns of Passing Sequences in Elite and Youth Soccer Players: A Network Approach

Introduction Match analysis has used a variety of techniques and methods to characterize the dynamics of soccer ( Carling et al., 2005 ; Sarmento et al., 2014 ). Classical notational analysis is the most common approach to characterizing the game and quantifying the events that occur during matches ( Hughes and Bartlett, 2002 ; Hughes and Franks, 2004 ). Notational analysis commonly uses observation followed by the codification and quantification of events in the game ( Tenga and Sigmundstad, 2011 )., however, the outcomes of this process do not explain

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The Influence of X-Factor (Trunk Rotation) and Experience on the Quality of the Badminton Forehand Smash

technique in badminton ( El-Gizawy and Akl, 2014 ; Gowitzke and Waddell, 1991 ). In the stroke, the shuttle is hit toward the opponent’s court with high speed and at a steep downward angle ( Yap, 2012 ). The world’s fastest recorded badminton smash was 332 km/h (206 mph) hit by Chinese star Haifeng Fu in the Sudirman Cup in 2005 ( Xinhua News, 2005 ). Due to the high speeds generated by the stroke, the forehand smash is a shot that frequently determines winning of points during a game ( El-Gizawy and Akl , 2014; Osiński, 2003 ). Thus, from a competitive sports

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Postural Stability in Goalkeepers of the Polish National Junior Handball Team

reflexes, but also be able to predict the trajectory of the ball while engaging in cooperation with the defence ( Asker et al., 2018 ). The goalkeeper is exposed not only to hits by the ball, injuries during various interventions, bumps against the goal post construction, but also high-contact situations with opponents ( Bělka et al., 2017 ). A goalkeeper defending 50-60% of all throws is a strong asset to the team ( Maroto-Izquierdo et al., 2017 ), and the effectiveness of his/her game greatly impacts the attitude and efficiency of the whole team. It is often the case

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Successful and Unsuccessful Offensive Sequences Ending in a Shot in Professional and Elite Under-16 Basketball

Introduction The vast majority of studies of efficiency in basketball use conventional statistical techniques based on game-related statistics ( Ratgeber et al., 2013 ). As points in basketball are scored by putting the ball through the basket, shot success is a logical measure for analyzing efficiency ( Simovic et al., 2012 ). Technical-tactical aspects of shooting actions, however, are not easy to analyze ( Podmenik et al., 2012 ), as they are influenced by complex, interacting factors ( Courel et al., 2013 ; Maszczyk et al., 2014 ; Marmarinos et al

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Perceived Training Load, Muscle Soreness, Stress, Fatigue, and Sleep Quality in Professional Basketball: A Full Season Study

in a 40-min game and perform 700-1000 movements that change every 2 s (Abdelkrim et al., 2007; Erculj et al., 2008 ; Klusemann et al., 2013 ; Michalczyk et al., 2018 ). Lactate concentrations may vary between 4 and 6 mmol/L with a peak concentration of up to 12 mmol/L. The heart rate (HR) remains above 85% of the maximum during 75% of game time ( Boone and Bourgois, 2013 ; McInnes et al., 1995 ). These data suggest high external and internal loads during basketball play. Despite the well-known physical and physiological impact of basketball matches on

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Kinematic Analysis of Volleyball Attack in the Net Center with Various Types of Take-Off

Introduction Volleyball is one of the most popular team sports games in the world. Pass, set up, attack, block, etc., can be mentioned as examples of individual basic skills creating the game. All of them utilize various motor skills and abilities as jumps, swings or different ways of locomotion as well as power, agility, flexibility and speed of reaction ( Lehnert et al., 2017 ). Elite players are requested to possess a high level of the above mentioned skills and abilities; among them jumping ability that influences performance in some of volleyball

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Maximum Oxygen Uptake of Male Soccer Players According to their Competitive Level, Playing Position and Age Group: Implication from a Network Meta-Analysis

the most important aspects of physical fitness in soccer ( Da Silva et al., 2008 ; Nikolaidis, 2011 ; Stølen et al., 2005 ). In this context, well-developed aerobic fitness helps soccer players to maintain repetitive high-intensity actions within a soccer match, to accelerate the recovery process, and to maintain their physical condition at an optimum level during the entire game and season ( Stølen et al., 2005 ). In the extant scholarly literature, previous reviews dealing with physiological attributes and correlates of soccer players have been published

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