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Application of Multi-Valued Weighting Logical Functions in the Analysis of a Degree of Importance of Construction Parameters on the Example of Hydraulic Valves

References Deptuła A. (2014): Optimization of machine systems using logic equations and graph-structures. - Dissertation- Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Opole. Deptuła A. (2011): Weighted logic equations design guidelines in discrete optimization of machine systems. - XL Conference on Applications of Mathematics, Zakopane 2011, Institute of mathematics PAN, Warsaw. Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2010): Application of game graphs in optimization of dynamic system structures

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Path planning on satellite images for unmanned surface vehicles

References Bibuli, M., Bruzzone, G., Caccia, M. and Lapierre, L., 2009. Path-following algorithms and experiments for an unmanned surface vehicle. Journal of Field Robotics, 26, pp.669-688. Botea, A., Muller, M. and Schaeffer, J., 2004. Near optimal hierarchical path-finding. Journal of Game Development, 1, pp.1-22. Caccia, M., Bibuli, M., Bono, R. and Bruzzone, G., 2008. Basic navigation, guidance and control of an unmanned surface vehicle. Autonomous Robots, 25, pp.349-365. Choset, H., 2005

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Decision Optimization of Machine Sets Taking Into Consideration Logical Tree Minimization of Design Guidelines

References Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2010): Application of game graphs in optimization of dynamic system structures. - International Journal of Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol.15, No.3, pp.647-656. Deptuła A. and Partyka M.A. (2012): Solving weight multivalent logic equations describing the design guidelines in discrete optimization of machine systems. - XLI Conference on Applications of Mathematics, Zakopane 2010, Institute of Mathematics PAN, Warsaw 2010. Filla R. and Palmberg J.O. (2003): Using

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Inductive Decision Tree Analysis of the Validity Rank of Construction Parameters of Innovative Gear Pump after Tooth Root Undercutting

techniques and their application to diagnosis of acoustic condition of hydraulic machinery and equipment . – Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, vol.13, No.3, pp.313-321. [13] Osiński P., Kollek W. and Wilczyński A. (2010): The use of a series of Renard in the design of hydraulic and pneumatic components . – Hydraulic and Pneumatic, No.6, pp.16-18. [14] Śliwiński P. (2014): Flow of liquid in flat gaps of the satellite motor working mechanism . – Polish Maritime Research, 2(82), vol.21, pp.50-57. [15] Deptuła A. (2015): Application of game

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Evolutionary Stable Strategies In Networked Games: The Influence Of Topology

References [1] J. Von Neumann and O. Morgenstern, “Game theory and economic behavior,” 1944. [2] E. Rasmusen and B. Blackwell, Games and information . Cambridge, 1994, vol. 2. [3] J. M. Smith and G. Price, “lhe logic of animal conflict,” Nature , vol. 246, p. 15, 1973. [4] J. M. Smith, Evolution and the Theory of Games . Springer, 1993. [5] J. Bendor and P. Swistak, “Types of evolutionary stability and the problem of cooperation.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , vol. 92, no. 8, pp. 3596–3600, 1995. [6] A

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A MLMVN with Arbitrary Complex-Valued Inputs and a Hybrid Testability Approach for the Extraction of Lumped Models Using FRA

. Stenbakken, T. M. Souders, Test-point selection and testability measures via QR factorization of linear models, IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., vol. 36, pp. 406-410, 1987. [32] G. N. Stenbakken, T. M. Souders and G. W. Stewart, Ambiguity groups and testability, IEEE Trans. Instrum. and Meas., vol. 38, pp.941-947, 1989. [33] W. H. Huang and C. L. Wey, Diagnosability analysis of analogue circuits, Int. J. Circ. Theor. Appl., vol. 26, pp. 439–451, 1998. [34] J. A. Starzyk and M. A. El-Gamal, Diagnosability of analog circuits-a graph theoretical approach, Proc

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Problems of the Selection of Construction Technology for Structures in the Centres of Urban Agglomerations

. Jaśkowski “Methodology for enhancing reliability of predictive project schedules in construction” Eksploatacja I Niezawodnosc, 17(3), 470-479, 2015 21. P. Jaśkowski, A. Sobotka, A. Czarnigowska “Decision Model for Selecting Supply Sources of Road Construction Aggregates” INZINERINE EKONOMIKA-ENGINEERING ECONOMICS, 25(1), 13-20, 2014 22. K.M. Jaworski, A. Borowik „Planning Construction Works with Application of Disjunctive Graphs” Archives of Civil Engineering, 32, 649-661, 1986 23. K. Kähkönen “Multi-character model of the

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MCDM, operational research and sustainable development in the trans-border Lithuanian–German– Polish co-operation

centres were and are still invited to review promotional theses. The knowledge accumulated by the cooperating centres, namely, multiple criteria methods (Vilnius), the development and application of gaming theories (Leipzig), and the queueing and reliability theories (Poznań), was combined and created a synergy which gave rise to many original MCDM methods. The subject matter addressed by subsequent Colloquia kept evolving. First Colloquia were dominated by mathematical methods in the organisation of construction processes, planning instruments and, generally

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