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S. Pirzada, U. Samee and T. A. Naikoo

(1966), 231–246. [19] A. Holshouser, H. Reiter, Win sequences for round-robin tournaments, Pi Mu Eplison J ., 13 (2009), 37–44. [20] Antal Iványi, Jon E. Schoenfield, Deciding football sequences, Acta Univ. Sapientiae, Informatica , 4, 1 (2012), 130–183. [21] H. G. Landau, On dominance relations and the structure of animal societies: III, The condition for a score structure, Bull. Math. Biophysics , 15 (1953), 143–148. [22] Q. Li, Some results and problems in graph theory , pp 336-343 in Graph theory and its applications: East and

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Fabien Schang

Football”, in The Road of Universal Logic , Studies in Universal Logic, Springer, 2015: 407-15. [6] Quine, W.V.O. (1982). Methods of Logic . Harvard University Press. [7] Schang, F. (2010). “Beyond the Fregean Myth: The Value of Logical Values”, in Stalmasczyk, P. (ed.), Philosophy of Language and Linguistics , Volume I: The Formal Turn. Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag: 245-60. [8] Schang, F. (2013). “A One-Valued Logic for Non-One-Sidedness”, International Journal of Jaina Studies , Vol. 9(1): 1-25. [9] Schang, F. (2017). “A Four-Valued Logic of

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Dušan Munđar and Diana Šimić

References 1. Arabzad, A.C. (2014). Football Match Results Prediction Using Artificial eural Networks: The Case of Iran Pro League. International Journal of Applied Research on Industrial Engineering. Vol. 1, No. 3, pp 159-179. 2. Constantinou, A.C., Fenton, N.E., Neil, M. (2012). pi-football: A Bayesian network model for forecasting Association Football match outcomes. Knowledge-Based Systems, 36, pp. 322-339. 3. Dixon, M.J., Coles, S.G. (1997). Modelling Association Football Scores and Inefficiencies in the

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Diána Ivett Fürész

References 1. Dobson, S., Gerrard, B. (1999). The Determination of Player Transfer Fees in English Professional Soccer. Journal of Sport Management , Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 259-279. 2. Galambosné Tiszberger, M. (2015). A hálózatkutatás módszertani vizsgálati lehetőségei – szakirodalmi összefoglalás . Irodalomkutatás eredményei. Pécs, Pécsi Tudományegyetem. 3. Kapanova, K. (2012). Football transfers looked from a social network analyses perspective . Available at [10 May 2018

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Tomasz Górecki and Maciej Łuczak

:// Friedman, J. H. (1989). Regularized discriminant analysis, Journal of the American Statistical Association 84 (405): 165-175. Garcia, S. and Herrera, F. (2008). An extension on “Statistical comparisons of classifiers over multiple data sets” for all pairwise comparisons, Journal of Machine Learning Research 9 (12): 2677-2694. Gleim, G.W. (1984). The profiling of professional football players, Clinics in Sports Medicine 3 (1): 185-197. Hawkins, A.D. and Rasmussen, K.J. (1978). The calls of gadoid fish, Journal of the

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Gábor Rappai and Diána Ivett Fűrész


Based on previous research it can be stated that modelling sport economics related demand curves (e.g. demand for sport events and athletes) is different from other types of modelling. The difference lies in the fact that some parts of the demand curves are nearly horizontal in case of sport goods and nearly vertical in case of athletes, because the price of sport events is inflexible and at the same time, salaries of top athletes are extremely flexible. This study investigates parameter estimation methods appropriate for the relevant demand functions of sport economics. In this cases the generally used ordinary least squares estimator is less robust, so the weighted least squares estimators are able to handle heteroskedasticity. If the distribution of the variables is known, the Newey-West heteroscedasticity corrected estimates give even stronger results. The empirical study analyses footballer transfer fees in top European leagues and identifies a threshold at which the traditional supply-demand functions are not appropriate. According to the results, word class athletes, in a way, can be considered prestige goods for which demand may be irrational.

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Blagica Novkovska, Irena Palić and Sabina Hodžić

References 1. Bucevska,V., Mojanoski, G. (2018). Identifying the determinants that cause the value movements of currencies Denar, Kuna and Dinar. Croatian Review of Economics, Business and Social Statistics, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2018 – This issue. 2. Fürész, D. I. (2018). Correlation between profitability and transfer activity in European football. Croatian Review of Economics, Business and Social Statistics , Vol. 4, No. 2, 2018 – This issue. 3. Gheno, G. (2018). A new link function for the prediction of binary variables. Croatian Review of