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Curtis Fogel

References Bernstein, M.F. (2001). Football: The Ivy League origins of an American obsession. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Constantineau, B. (2011). Four-day event deemed a success: About 100,000 football fans attended soggy Grey Cup parade. Vancouver Sun. Accessed online at: Consentino, F. (1969). Canadian football: The Grey Cup years. Toronto: Musson Book Company. Currie, G. (1968). 100 years

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Boris Blumenstein and Iris Orbach

. (2009). Periodization: Theory and methodology of training (5th ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Boyko, R., Boyko, A., & Boyko, M. (2007). Referee bias contributes to home advantage in English Premiership Football. Journal of Sport Sciences, 25(11), pp. 1185-1194. Carrera, M., & Bompa, T. (2007). Theory and methodology of training: General perspectives. In B. Blumenstein, R. Lidor, & G. Tenenbaum (Eds.), Psychology of sport training (pp. 19-39). Oxford, UK: Meyer & Meyer Sport. Frick, B. (2012). Career duration in

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Paweł Cięszczyk, Agata Leońska-Duniec, Agnieszka Maciejewska-Skrendo, Marek Sawczuk, Katarzyna Leźnicka, Valentina Contrò, Grzegorz Trybek and Ewelina Lulińska-Kuklik

., Zmijewski P., Klusiewicz A., Kaliszewski P., Malczewska-Lenczowska J., Gajewski J., et al., The association between ACE gene variation and aerobic capacity in winter endurance disciplines. Biol Sport, 2013, 30 (4), 249-253, doi: 10.5604/20831862.1077549. 21. Gineviciene V., Jakaitiene A., Tubelis L., Kucinskas V., Variation in the ACE, PPARGC1A and PPARA genes in Lithuanian football players. Eur J Sport Sci, 2014, 14, S289-S295, doi: 10.1080/17461391.2012.691117. 22. Juffer P., Furrer R., Gonzalez-Freire M., Santiago C., Verde Z

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Wojciech Wiliński

contradicts my gender role, I'll stop!" Introducing survival analysis to study the effects of gender typing in the time of withdrawal from sport practice: a 3-year study. Eur Rev Appl Psychol , 2000, 50 (4), 417-421. Giuliano T. A., Popp K. E., Knight J. L., Footballs vs. Barbies: Childhood play activities as predictors of sport participation by women. Sex Roles , 2000, 42 (3-4), 159-181, doi: 10.1023/A:1007035122089. Bailey J. M., Bechtold K. T., Berenbaum S. A., Who are tomboys and why should we study them? Arch Sex

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Andrzej Soroka and Józef Bergier

References Barros RML, Misuta MS, Menezes RP, Figueroa PJ, Moura FA, Cunha SA, Anido R, Leite NJ. Analysis of the distances covered by First Division Brazilian soccer players obtained with an automatic tracking method. J Sport Sci Med, 2007; 66: 233-242 Bauer G. Erkenntisse der EM 1996 - Rückschlusse für Training und Spiel. Fussballtraining, 1996; 11/12: 57-61 Bergier J. The structure of the game in the final women's football match during the Olympic Games - Atlanta'96 (In:) Woman

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Ramon Llopis-Goig

References Back, L., Crabbe, T., Solomos, J. (1998). Racism in Football: Patterns of Continuity and Change. In Brown, A. (Ed.) Fanatics! Power, Identity and Fandom in Football. London: Routledge, pp. 71-87. Back, L., Crabbe, T., Solomos, J. (1999). Beyond the racist/hooligan couplet: race, social theory and football culture. British Journal of Sociology , 50 (3), pp. 419-442. Chiba, N. (2004). Pacific Professional Baseball Leagues and Migratory Patterns and Trends: 1995

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Mark Nesti, Martin Littlewood, Lisa O’Halloran, Martin Eubank and David Richardson

disruption in elite level youth football. Soccer & Society, 10(2), 143-159. Corlett, J. (1996). Virtues lost: courage in sport. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 23, 45-57. Crust, L. (2007). Mental toughness in sport: A review. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 5, 270-290. Crust, L., Nesti, M., & Littlewood, M. (2010). A cross sectional analysis of mental toughness in a professional footballacademy. Athletic Insight Journal, 2(2). Dale, G.A. (1996). Existential phenomenology

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Jiří Zákravský

:// (last accessed on March 5 th 2015). La Vanguardia (1971). Hoy, homenaje nacional póstumo a Juan Gardeazábal, en San Mamés, 21 th February, p. 39. Retrieved from (accessed on March 5 th 2016). Lecours, A. (2007). Basque Nationalism and the Spanish State. Reno – Las Vegas, NV: University of Nevada Press. MacClancy, J. (2007). Football. In J. MacClancy, Expressing Identities in the Basque Arena (pp. 44–67). Suffolk, UK: James Currey. Mansvelt Beck

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Tomasz Sahaj

-35. Piotrowski P., "Szalikowcy". On Deviant Behaviour Among Sport Fans [in Polish]. Wydawnictwo "Adam Marszałek", Toruń 2000, 9-11. Sahaj T., Football fans. Socio-historical Study of the Phenomenon of Supporting in Sport [in Polish]. AWF, Poznań 2007, 81-97, 124-128. Dudała J., The Phenomenon of Rooting on the Threshold of the 21 st Century. The Symptoms of Mutual Tolerance Among Sports Fans. In: Rosół A., Szczepański M.S. (eds.), Tolerance. Studies and Sketches [in Polish]. Wydawnictwo WSP, Częstochowa 1999, 6, 157

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Małgorzata Grabara

References Kapera R., Śledziewski D., Football: the unification process of training children and youth [in Polish]. PZPN, Warszawa 1997. Dompier T. P., Powell J. W., Barron M. J., Moore M. T., Time-loss and non-time-loss injuries in youth football players. J Athl Train , 2007, 42 (3), 395-402. Ciorsac A., Isvoran A., Ostafe V., The anthropometric and fitness characteristics of the football players competing in the Romanian juniors championship. Papers on Anthropology , 2010, 19