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Fabien Schang

Football”, in The Road of Universal Logic , Studies in Universal Logic, Springer, 2015: 407-15. [6] Quine, W.V.O. (1982). Methods of Logic . Harvard University Press. [7] Schang, F. (2010). “Beyond the Fregean Myth: The Value of Logical Values”, in Stalmasczyk, P. (ed.), Philosophy of Language and Linguistics , Volume I: The Formal Turn. Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag: 245-60. [8] Schang, F. (2013). “A One-Valued Logic for Non-One-Sidedness”, International Journal of Jaina Studies , Vol. 9(1): 1-25. [9] Schang, F. (2017). “A Four-Valued Logic of

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Vlad I. Roșca

References Abell, J., Condor, S., Lowe, R.D., Gibson, S., & Stevenson, C. (2007). Who ate all the pride? Patriotic sentiment and English national football support. Nations and Nationalism, 13(1), 97-116. Andersen, P., & Nielsen, M. (2013). Inelastic sports pricing and risk. Economics Letters, 118(2), 262-264. Andersson, T., & Carlsson, B. (2011). A diagnosis of the commercial immaturity of Swedish club football. Soccer & Society, 12(6), 754-773. Andreff, W. (2012). Sport events, economic impact

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Vlad Roşca

and Society, 38(1), 25-43. Ghazian, A., Hossaini, M.H., Farsijani, H. (2016), “The Effect of Customer Relationship Management and its Significant Relationship by Customers’ Reactions in LG Company”, Procedia Economics and Finance, 36, 42-50. Gide, E., Riad Shams, S.M. (2011), “The use of e-CRM database to promote a value-breeding bond network: the case of Hawthorn football club of Australian rules”, Procedia Computer Science, 3(2011), 1083-1088. Karakostas, B., Kardaras, D., Papathanassiou, E. (2005), „The state of CRM adoption by the financial

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Sebastian Majewski and Agnieszka Majewska

References Boyle, P.P. (1977). Options: A Monte Carlo Approach. Journal of Financial Economics , 4 , 323–338. Buriamo, B., Frick, B., Hickfang, M., Simmons, R. (2015). The economics of long-term contracts in the footballers labour market. Scottish Journal of Political Economy , 1 (62), 8–24. Carmichael, F., Forrest, D., Simmons, R. (1999). The Labour Market in Association Football: Who Gets Transferred and For How Much? Bulletin of Economic Research , 51 , 125–150. FIFA/TMS (2015). Big 5 – Transfer Window Analysis Summer 2015

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Dijana Močnik and Karin Širec

level? Applied Economics Letters, 3 (9), 611-661. Rebernik, M., Širec, K., Tominc, P., Močnik, D., Bradač Hojnik, B., Korez-Vide, R., . . . Hauptman, L., 2012. Razvojni potenciali slovenskega podjetništva: Slovenski podjetniški observatorij 2011/12. In K. Širec and M. Rebernik (Eds.), Slovenski podjetniški observatorij . Maribor, Slovenia: Ekonomsko-poslovna fakulteta. Rishe, P. J., 1999. Of general interest – gender gaps and the presence and profitability of college football. Social Science Quarterly, 80 (4), 702-717. Robb, A. M., 2002

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David Procházka

Transparency of the Czech Professional Football Clubs. Prague Economic Papers, 21(4), 504-521. doi: Prochazka, D., 2016a. Financial Performance of Czech Subsidiaries under Control of the EU Listed Companies. European Financial Systems, 2016, 623-629. Prochazka, D., 2016b. Specifics of IFRS Adoption by Czech Private Companies. Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, 220, 363-372. doi: Prochazka, D., 2016c. Vynucené přijetí IFRS českými

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Gábor Kozma, János Pénzes and Ernő Molnár

Lloyd, M.G., 1992: Home or Away? Stadia Redevelopment and Relocation in Scotland. In: Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. 108(1), pp. 45-50. DOI: Chapin, T., 2000: The political economy of sports facility location: An end-of-the century review and assessment. In: Marquette Sports Law Journal, Vol. 10, pp. 361-382. European Commission, 2007: White Paper on Sport. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Filep, T., 1988: A football-tértől a

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Đana Luša

Political Tool: Case Study Beijing 2008. Bachelor thesis. Masaryk University, [online]. Available at: (Accessed 20 July 2017). Brannagan, P. M. and Giulianotti, R., 2015. Soft power and soft disempowerment: Qatar, global sport and football’s 2022 World Cup finals. Leisure Studies, 34(6): 703-719. Breslin. S., 2013. China and the global order: signaling threat or friendship?. International Affairs, 89(3): 615-634. Brownell, S., 2014. The Olympic

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Christian M. Rogerson

Research. DOI: 10: 1002/jtr.1936 Snowball, J.D. and Courtney, S., 2010: Cultural Heritage Routes in South Africa: Effective Tools for Heritage Conservation and Local Economic Development? In: Development Southern Africa, Vol. 27 (4), pp. 563- -576. Steinbrink, M., 2009: Urbanisation, Poverty and Translocality: Insights from South Africa. In: African Population Studies, Vol. 23 (Suppl.), pp. 220-252. Steinbrink, M., 2010: Football and Circular Migration Systems in South Africa. In: Africa Spectrum, 45 (2), pp. 35