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L. Yaldo and L. Shamir

References Aha, D. W., Kibler, D., & Albert, M. K. (1991). Instance-based learning algorithms. Machine Learning , 6 (1):37–66. Aldous, D. (1993). The continuum random tree III. The Annals of Probability , 248–289. Arnedt, R. B. (1998). European union law and football nationality restrictions: the economics and politics of the bosman decision. Emory International Law Review , 12 , 1091. Atkeson, C. G., Moore, A. W., & Schaal, S. (1997). Locally weighted learning for control. In Lazy learning (pp. 75-113). Springer Netherlands

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C. A. Morales

humans: Evidence from diving behaviour in soccer players. PLoS ONE ; 6: e26017. Knutson, T. (2016) Explaining and training shot quality. (retrieved August 2018). Mackay, N. (2016) What is a possession-based model? (retrieved August 2018). Mirror (2017) (retrieved August 2018). Morales, C

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S. Mangan and K. Collins

References Advanced Satellite Consulting Ltd. (2015). The World Football Elo Rating System. Retrieved November 17, 2015, from Bandura, A. (1986). Social foundations of thought and action: A social cognitive theory. Prentice-Hall, Inc.. Bernard, A. B., & Busse, M. R. (2004). Who Wins the Olympic Games: Economic Resources and Medal Totals. Review of Economics and Statistics, 86(1), 413-417. Blake, C., Murphy, J. C., Gissane, C

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A. Vales-Vázquez, C. Casal-López, P. Gómez-Rodríguez and H. Blanco-Pita

References Agnew, G. A., & Carrow, A.V. (1994). Crowd effects and the home advantage. International Journal of Sports Psychology, 25 , 53-62. Armatas, V., Yiannakos, A., Seaton, M., & Rigas, G. (2013). Home advantage: Comparison between professional and amateur Greek football leagues. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 5 (1), 95-106. Bradley, P. S., Carling, C., Gomez-Diaz, A., Hood, P., Barnes, C., Ade, J., ... Mohr, M. (2013). Match performance and physical capacity of players in the top three competitive standards of English professional

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J. Kolbush and J. Sokol

. A., & Eid, Y. Y. (2016). Applying a Hybrid Model of Markov Chain and Logistic Regression to Identify Future Urban Sprawl in Abouelreesh, Aswan: A Case Study. Geosciences , 6 (4), 1-17. doi:10.3390/geosciences6040043 Kambour, E. (2003). PPT. Edward Kambour. Retrieved from Knottenbelt, W. J., Spanias, D., & Madurska, A. M. (2012). A common-opponent stochastic model for predicting the outcome of professional tennis matches. Computers & Mathematics with Applications , 64 (12), 3820-3827. Kvam, P. and J

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D. L. Carey, K. Ong, R. Whiteley, K. M. Crossley, J. Crow and M. E. Morris

Sports Medicine, 50(8), 471-475. Bourdon, P. C., Cardinale, M., Murray, A., Gastin, P., Kellmann, M., Varley, M. C., . . . Cable, N. T. (2017). Monitoring Athlete Training Loads: Consensus Statement. Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 12(Suppl 2), S2161-S2170. doi: 10.1123/IJSPP.2017-0208 Boyd, L. J., Ball, K., & Aughey, R. J. (2011). The reliability of MinimaxX accelerometers for measuring physical activity in Australian football. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 6(3), 311-321. Breiman, L. (2001

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F. M. Clemente and F. M. L. Martins

Performance . Book, London & New York: Taylor & Francis Group. Clemente, F. M., Couceiro, M. S., Martins, F. M. L., Mendes, R. S., & Figueiredo, A. J. (2014). Practical Implementation of Computational Tactical Metrics for the Football Game: Towards an Augmenting Perception of Coaches and Sport Analysts. In Murgante, Misra, Rocha, Torre, Falcão, Taniar, … Gervasi (Eds.), Computational Science and Its Applications (pp. 712–727). Springer. Clemente, F. M., Martins, F. M. L., Kalamaras, D., Wong, D. P., & Mendes, R. S. (2015). General network analysis of national

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D. L. Carey, K. Ong, M. E. Morris, J. Crow and K. M. Crossley

., Ball, K., & Aughey, R. J. (2011). The reliability of MinimaxX accelerometers for measuring physical activity in Australian football. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 6(3), 311-321. Clarke, N., Farthing, J. P., Norris, S. R., Arnold, B. E., & Lanovaz, J. L. (2013). Quantification of training load in Canadian football: application of session-RPE in collision-based team sports. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 27(8), 2198-2205. Cummins, C., Orr, R., O’Connor, H., & West, C. (2013). Global

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L. M. Hvattum

References Audas, R., Dobson, S., & Goddard, J. (2002). The impact of managerial change on team performance in professional sports. Journal of Economics and Business , 54 , 633–650. Cain, M., Law, D., & Peel, D. (2000). The favourite–longshot bias and market efficiency in UK football betting. Scottish Journal of Political Economy , 47 , 25–36. Dixon, M. & Pope, P. (2004). The value of statistical forecasts in the UK association football betting market. International Journal of Forecasting , 20 , 697–711. Dobson, S. & Goddard, J

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On partial sorting in restricted rounds

Dedicated to the memory of Antal Iványi

Antal Iványi and Norbert Fogarasi

Applications (ed. S. Iwata, Kyoto, May 31 - June 3, 2011), 114–123. )18 [40] A. Iványi, Deciding football sequences, Acta Univ. Sapientiae, Inform., 4, 1 (2012) 130|183. )18 [41] A. Iványi, Degree sequences of multigraphs. Annales Univ. Sci. Budapest., Sect. Comp. 37 (2012) 195–214. )18 [42] A. Iványi, Z. Kása, Parallel partial ranking, Appl. Discr. Math. and Heur. Alg., 1, 3 (2015) 57–76. )22, 24, 26 [43] A. Iványi, L. Lucz, T. F. Móri, P. Sótér, On the Erd}os-Gallai and Havel-Hakimi algorithms. Acta Univ