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Identification of Cellulose Fibers Isolated from Reconstituted Tobacco

,:125,098 (:1964). : 11. Light, H.J., and R. J. Osborne: Reconstituted sheet manufacture; U.S. Patent No. 3,464,422 (:1969). 12. Christy, .M. G., and M. Samfield: The average degree of polymerization (D.P.) of cellulose in various tobacco types, Part1.: Experimental; Tobacco Science 4 (1.960) 33. 13. Image analysis data furnished through the courtesy of Image Analysing Computers, Inc. (Imanco), of Monsey, New York. 14. Richards, G. N.: A fiber analysis of tobacco stem and stalk; Tobacco Science 8 (1964) 27.

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Comparison of Mainstream Smoke Composition from CR20 Resin Filter and Empty-Cavity Filter Cigarettes by Headspace SPME Coupled with GC×GC TOFMS and Chemometric Analysis

Silica Optical Fibers; Anal. Chem. 62 (1990) 2145–2148. DOI: 10.1021/ac00218a019 27. Clark, T.J. and J.E. Bunch: Quantitative Determination of Phenols in Mainstream Smoke with Solid-Phase Microextraction-Gas Chromatography — Selected Ion Monitoring Mass Spectrometry; J. Chromatogr. Sci. 34 (1996) 272–275. DOI: 10.1093/chromsci/34.6.272 28. Clark, T.J. and J.E. Bunch: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Flavor Additives on Tobacco Products Using SPME-GC-Mass Spectroscopy; J. Agric. Food Chem. 45 (1997) 844–849. DOI: 10.1021/jf960522r 29. Stanfill

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Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins and Dibenzofurans in Cigarette Smoke - Polychlordibenzodioxine und Polychlordibenzofurane in Cigarettenrauch

References 1. Rappe, C.: WHO consultation on organohalogen compounds in human milk and related hazards; Bilthoven, 1985. 2. Fürst, P., H.-A. Meemken und W. Groebel: Bericht fiber die Untersuchung von Frauenmilch auf poly-chlorierte Dibenzodioxine und -furane 1984/85; Chemisches Landesuntersuchungsamt NW, Mfin-ster 1986. 3. Fürst, P., Chr. Krüger, H.-A. Meemken und W. Groebel: Bericht über die Untersuchung von Frauenmilch auf polychlorierte Dibenzodioxine und -furane; Chemisches

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Comparisons of the Composition of Tobacco Smoke and the Smokes from Various Tobacco Substitutes

.A. Vassallo. February 1, 1971, see 501620704 -0723. 63. Browne, C.L.: The design of cigarettes; Celanese Fibers Company, Technical Dept., Charlotte, NC, 1979, pp. 1–73: see pp. 33–34. 64. Lloyd, R.A. Jr. and C.W. Miller: A rapid comparison of the smoke composition of 50% J10 and Winston blend cigarettes; RDM, 1974, No. 12, May 2, see 510691792 -1806; Pyrolysis of J10. Identification of levoglucosenone; RDM, 1974, No. 18, August 8, see 500606631 -6645

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Degradation and detoxification of 2-chlorophenol aqueous solutions using ionizing gamma radiation

photolysis in wastewater effluent. Environ. Sci. Technol. , 47 (22), 13020–13030. DOI: 10.1021/es402472x. 15. Azbar, N., Yonar, T., & Kestioglu, K. (2004). Comparison of various advanced oxidation processes and chemical treatment methods for COD and color removal from a polyester and acetate fiber dyeing effluent. Chemosphere , 55 (1), 35–43. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2003.10.046. 16. Esplugas, S., Bila, D. M., Krause, L. G. T., & Dezotti, M. (2007). Ozonation and advanced oxidation technologies to remove endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and

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A Comparison between Integer and Fractional Order PD μ Controllers for Vibration Suppression

will always be kept at 0. The measured structural displacement is given to the controller, which computes the control signal u ( t ) which is the control force for the actuator. The controller will treat any excitation as a disturbance, continuously trying to reject it. In the subsequent paragraphs, the disturbance d in Fig. 1 will be considered as an impulse disturbance. Fig. 1 Active vibration attenuation in a smart beam. 3.1 Description of the practical stand and model identification The experimental setup has been entirely developed at

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Perfect phase-coded pulse trains generated by Talbot effect

identification with a sequence t of length q , referred to as the Talbot sequence. This also permits the restriction of p to values within the range 0 < p < 2 q , or within the non-zero residues mod 2 q , Z 2 q × . $\begin{array}{} \displaystyle 2q,\, \mathbb{Z}_{2q}^\times. \end{array}$ The following results lead to the solution of the Gauss sum as a DFT pair. Theorem 3 [ 31 ] Given two positive and coprime integers , p and q , with 0 < p < 2 q , there exists a unique positive integer s , in the range 0 < s < 2 q , such that : s is

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Some Studies of the Effects of Additives on Cigarette Mainstream Smoke Properties. I. Flavorants

-XVIII. 20. Curran, J.G.: Delivery of menthol from cigarettes containing either a mentholated filter or mentholated tobacco; Tob. Sci. 16 (1972) 40-42; Curran, J.G.: Effect of certain liquid filter additives on menthol deliver; 28th Tobacco Chemists’ Research Conference, Program Booklet and Abstracts, Vol. 28, Paper No. 08, 1974, p. 11; Mathis, D.E.: Migration and delivery of filter flavors; Beitr. Tabakforsch. Int. 12 (1983) 1-8; Wood, CE.: Cellulose acetate filter and fiber parameters affecting cigarette menthol delivery and menthol absorption by the filter tip; 37th

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The Full Bibliography of Dietrich Hoffmann

References 1. Hoffmann, D. and E. L. Wynder: Identification of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons; 136 th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (Am. Chem. Soc.), Atlantic City, NJ, 1959, No. 16U. 2. Wynder, E. L. and D. Hoffmann: A Study of Tobacco Carcinogenesis. VII. The role of higher polycyclic hydrocar-bons; Cancer 12 (1959) 1079–1086. 3. Wynder, E. L. and D. Hoffmann: The carcinogenicity of benzofluoranthenes; Cancer 12 (1959) 1194

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Cigarette Mainstream Smoke: The Evolution of Methods and Devices for Generation, Exposure and Collection

. International Organization for Standardization (ISO): International Standard ISO 4387:1987 – Cigarettes -- Determination of Total and Dry Particulate Matter Using a Routine Analytical Cigarette-Smoking Machine -- Glass Fibre Filter Smoke Trap Method; ISO, Geneva, Switzerland, 1987. 174. International Organization for Standardization (ISO): International Standard ISO 8453:1987 – Cigarettes -- Determination of Total and Dry Particulate Matter Using a Routine Analytical Cigarette-Smoking Machine. Electrostatic Smoke Trap Method; ISO, Geneva, Switzerland, 1987. 175

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