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Identification of Cellulose Fibers Isolated from Reconstituted Tobacco

,:125,098 (:1964). : 11. Light, H.J., and R. J. Osborne: Reconstituted sheet manufacture; U.S. Patent No. 3,464,422 (:1969). 12. Christy, .M. G., and M. Samfield: The average degree of polymerization (D.P.) of cellulose in various tobacco types, Part1.: Experimental; Tobacco Science 4 (1.960) 33. 13. Image analysis data furnished through the courtesy of Image Analysing Computers, Inc. (Imanco), of Monsey, New York. 14. Richards, G. N.: A fiber analysis of tobacco stem and stalk; Tobacco Science 8 (1964) 27.

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Production of Ligninolytic Enzymes by Coptotermes curvignathus Gut Bacteria

approach for the functionalisation of lignin and lignocellulosic fibers. Catalysis Today 2010:156(1–2):8–22. doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2010.03.057 [4] Pérez J., Muñoz-Dorado J., De La Rubia T., Martínez J. Biodegradation and biological treatments of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin: An overview. International Microbiology 2002:5(2):53–63. doi:10.1007/s10123-002-0062-3 [5] Paliwal R., Rawat A. P., Rawat M., Rai J. P. N. Bioligninolysis: Recent updates for biotechnological solution. Applied Biochemisrty and Biotechnology 2012:167(7):1865–1889. doi:10.1007/s

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Properties of pseudocereals, selected specialty cereals and legumes for food processing with special attention to gluten-free products / Verarbeitungseigenschaften von Pseudogetreide, ausgewählten Spezialitätengetreide und Leguminosen mit speziellem Fokuss auf glutenfreie Produkte

1 Introduction Cereal-based foods form the basis of human nutrition world-wide. Their main task is the supply of nutrition energy as they are rich in high polymer carbohydrates, mainly starch. Besides, cereals can and do contribute a significant amount of biologically active constituents that promote beneficial physiological effects like dietary fiber and their fractions, vitamins and polyphenols, to name only a few. There is a large variety of cereal species that has been and could be used for human nutrition, as well as starch-rich seeds that can be used

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Inclusion of NSP-hydrolysing enzymes in diets for broiler chicks containing increasing contents of distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) / Einsatz von NSP-spaltenden Enzymen in Futterrationen für Broiler mit unterschiedlichen Trockenschlempegehalten (DDGS)

a result, the consumption of natural feed resources such as grains by pig and poultry feed can be considerably reduced without impairing the animals’ health or performance ( Schedle, 2016 ). Above all, monogastric livestock or poultry directly compete with humans for feedstuffs/foodstuffs, because of their similar digestive physiology. Hence, the reduction of cereals in diets for monogastric livestock and poultry is very important from a sustainable point of view ( Schedle, 2016 ). The DDGS contains high amounts of fiber, mainly consisting of non

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Physical properties and structural features of common walnut (Juglans regia L.) wood: A case-study / Physikalische Eigenschaften und strukturelle Charakteristika des Holzes der Walnuß (Juglans regia L.): Eine Fallstudie

felling, diameters at breast height and total heights of these trees were measured. The north and east directions were marked on the bark of these trees. The five trees had diameters at breast height ranging between 15 and 20 cm and total heights between 15.7 and 19 m. After de-branching, the trees were transversally cut every 2 m. From each resulting section, a disc was extracted and identification data as well as north and east directions were marked. Along with the disc, two smaller samples were extracted from each stem section, one from the inner-wood and the other

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A simplified maturity index to quantify the development stage of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and its relationship with yield and nutritive value

1 Introduction Accurate and easy identification of the growth stage of a grass sward is critical to many forage breeding and management decisions. Quantity and quality of forage grasses are strongly affected by plant morphology ( Moore and Moser, 1995 ). Some forage quality traits, such as crude protein and fiber, change unfavorably with advancing maturity ( Simon and Park, 1983 ). Many previous studies have been conducted with the common goal to quantify the developmental stages of cool-season ( Haun, 1973 ; Simon and Park, 1983 ; Sweet et al., 1991

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Moulds in biodeterioration of technical materials

-63. Flannigan, B. & Miller, J.D. 1994. Health implications of fungi in indoor. In: Samson R.A., Flannigan B., Flannigan M.E., Verhoeff, A.P., Adan, O.C.G., Hoekstra, E.S. (Eds), Health implication of fungi in indoor environments. Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, pp. 3-28. Florian, M.L. 2004. Fungal Facts, Solving Fungal Problems in Heritage Collections. Archetype Publication Ltd, London. Florian, M.L. & Manning, L. 2000. SEM analysis of irregular fungal fox spots in an 1854 book: population dynamics and species identification. International

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Aeromycology: studies of fungi in aeroplankton

identification. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, 46: 205-220. Fojutowski, A. 2003. Aktualne problemy przeciwgrzybowej ochrony drewna. III konferencja Rozkład i Korozja mikrobiologiczna materiałów technicznych, Łódź: 355-366. Foksowicz-Flaczyk, J., Walentowska, J. & Bujnowicz, K. 2012. Odporność kompozytów naturalnych zabezpieczonych cieczą jonową na działanie grzybów pleśniowych. VI konferencja Rozkład i Korozja mikrobiologiczna materiałów technicznych, Łódź: 304-308. Górny, R., Ławniczek-Wałczyk, A., Cyprowski

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Electronic feeding behavioural data as indicators of health status in dairy calves

duration of visits to the MR feeder and decreased their milk consumption when sick, while calves on lower allowances decreased the duration of their visits at the MR feeder when sick ( Borderas et al ., 2009 ). Therefore, changes in net energy (Unité Fourragère Lait (UFL)) consumption, MR consumption, concentrate consumption, number of visits to the feeder and drinking speed may be related to the incidence of disease. Consequently, data from electronic calf feeders have the potential to highlight sick calves that require treatment. Through early identification of sick

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Aging concrete structures: a review of mechanics and concepts

topics and challenges associated with the analysis and design of aging concrete structures. As detailed in the introduction, the driving force behind research on concrete as an aging material stems from questions arising on the structural scale—assessing a structure’s current and predicting its future condition. This requires suitable numerical simulation techniques to capture the structural response at any point in time, which have to be calibrated and validated using measurement (monitoring) data. The identification of unknown material properties and boundary

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