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An approach to compare the environmental conditions of Acer in the Miocene and in the modern flora of Turkey, based on wood anatomy

Miocene of Turkey. IAWA Journal, 38(4): 561–570. ALVES E.S. & ALFONSO V.A. 2002. Ecological trends in the wood anatomy of some Brazilian species, 2. Axial Parenchyma, Rays and Fibres. IAWA Journal, 23(4): 391–418. BAAS P. & WHEELER E. 2011. Wood anatomy and climate change. In: Hodkinson T.R., Jones M.B., Waldren S. & Parnell J.A. (Ed.) Climate Change, Ecology and Systematics. Cambridge. BARAJAS-MORALES J. 1985. Wood structural differences between trees of two tropical forests in Mexico. IAWA Bull., 6: 355–364. BAYAM N.N.A., AKKEMIK Ü., POOLE I

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Determinants influencing the amount of asbestos-cement roofing in Poland

]. Ross M, Langer, AM, Nord, GL, Nolan, RP, Lee, RJ, Van Orden, D & Addison J, 2007, ʻThe mineral nature of asbestosʼ, Regulatory Toxicology And Pharmacology , vol. 52 (1 Suppl), pp. 26–30. StatSoft, Inc., 2011. STATISTICA (data analysis software system), version 10. Thompson, S & Mason, E 2002, ʻAsbestos: Mineral and fibersʼ, Chemical Health And Safety , vol. 9, pp. 21–23. Szabo, S, Burai, P, Kovacs, Z, Szabo, G, Kerenyi, A, Fazekas, I, Paladki, M, Buday, T & Szabo, G 2014, ‘Testing algorithms for the identification of asbestos

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Effect of randomly distributed polypropylene fiber reinforcement on the shear behavior of sandy soil

. Sheikhzadeh M. 2008 On the use of textile fibers to achieve mechanical soil stabilization 4th Inttex cloth des conf Dubrovnik, Croatia; 5 – 8 [2] Ahmad, F., Mujah, D., Hazarika, H., and Safari, A. (2012). Assessing the potential reuse of recycled glass fibre in problematic soil applications, Journal of Cleaner Production, 35, 102–107. Ahmad F. Mujah D. Hazarika H. Safari A. 2012 Assessing the potential reuse of recycled glass fibre in problematic soil applications, Journal of Cleaner Production 35 102 – 107 [3] Al Refeai, O

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An Anti-Collision Method of Slip Barrel for Automatic Ship Loading in Bulk Terminal

-193 (2014) 12. Mi Chao, Shen Yang, Mi Weijian, Huang Youfang. “Ship Identification Algorithm Based on 3D Point Cloud for Automated Ship Loaders,” Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 73, pp. 28-34 (2015). 13. Gang Zhou. “Automobile Anti-collision Millimeter-Wave Radar Signal Processing,” Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics (IHMSC), Vol. 2, pp. 484-486 (2015) 14. Frederic Maire. “Vision based anti-collision system for rail track maintenance vehicles,” Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance, pp. 170-175 (2007

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Shear strength of compacted Chlef sand: effect of water content, fines content and others parameters

CANOU J. DUPLA J.C. Structure initiale et propriétés de liquéfaction statique d’un sable Compte Rendus Mecanique 2004 332 887 894 [13] BENESSALAH I., ARAB A., VILLARD P., SADEK M., KADRI A., Laboratory study on shear strength behaviour of reinforced sandy soil: effect of glass fiber content and other parameters Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2016, 41, 13431353. BENESSALAH I. ARAB A. VILLARD P. SADEK M. KADRI A. Laboratory study on shear strength behaviour of reinforced sandy soil: effect of glass fiber content

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A Laboratory Investigation on Shear Strength Behavior of Sandy Soil: Effect of Glass Fiber and Clinker Residue Content

prefabricated vertical drains , Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 2006, 24(6), 339–348. [13] C onsoli N.C., C asagrande M.D., C oop M.R., Effect of fiber reinforcement on the isotropic compression behavior of sand , Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 2005, 131(11), 1434–1436. [14] C onsoli N.C., M ontardo J.P., D onato M., P rietto P.D.M., Effect of material properties on the behaviour of sand-cement-fibre composites , Ground Improvement, 2004, 8(2), 77–90. [15] C onsoli N.C., M ontardo J.P., P rietto P.D.M., P asa G

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Efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment with membrane bioreactor

REFERENCES A mann R.I., L udwig W, S chleifer K.H. 1995. Phylogenetic identification and in situ detection of individual microbial cells without cultivation. Microbiological Reviews. Vol. 59(1) p. 143–69. B arillon B., R uel S.M., L anglais C., L azarova V. 2013. Energy efficiency in membrane bioreactors. Water Science Technology. Vol. 67 p. 2685–2691. B odzek M. 2012. Separacja membranowa w inżynierii środowiska. Podstawy procesów. Cz. V [Membrane separation in environmental engineering: Background of the processes. P. V]. Technologia

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Treatment of a collapsible soil using a bentonite–cement mixture

, even without the addition of loads, saturation causes the intergranular bonds to fail, thus giving a denser structure and resulting in the collapse of the soil particles. These metastable soils are generally composed of a predominant percentage of silts and a small percentage of fine elements. Several studies [ 1 , 2 ] have been carried out in the field of identification of these types of soils. Indeed, several methods have been developed in this direction, from direct to empirical methods. Some researchers (e.g. Abbeche et al. [ 2 ] and Houston et al. [ 3

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Molecular Characterization of ESBL Gene in Citrobacter Spp and Antibacterial Activity of Omega-3 Against Resistant Isolates

). Study on molecular epidemiology of SHV type beta-lactamase encoding genes of multiple-drug - resistant Acinetobacter baumannii . Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi.,25: 425-427. I barguren M., L opez D. & E scriba P. 2014. The effect of natural and synthetic fatty acids on membrane structure, microdomain organization, cellular functions and human health. Biochi. et Bioph. Acta. 1838: 1518-1528. J anda J. M., A bbott S. L., C heung W. K. & H anson D. F. 1994. Biochemical identification of citrobacteria in the clinical laboratory. J of Clini Microbi

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Linear revitalization – problems and challenges. Discursive article

of technical infrastructure (sewage systems, energy supply systems), degraded roads, lack of access to fibre-optics, and weak accessibility to surrounding areas. They underline that overcoming such barriers „often determines the further course of the revitalization process”. The statements cited above, although referring only to a small amount of literature and being incomplete, are consistent with the idea of linear revitalization. A thesis may thereby be formulated, that overcoming the barriers of growing quantity and scale which occur in cities is becoming one

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